Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4.7 - Leave it Alone

A/N: So after I patched last week my game glitched and a lot of my CC hair refused to work. It wasn't a corrupted file or issue with the patch, its a known glitch that sometimes happens to mac users. So I had to toggle my advanced rendering and luckily that fixed it. But I did have to play a bit with advanced rendering off and... well... trust me, you'll be able to tell the difference in the photos. 


Jessica really isn’t as good at fishing as she wishes she were. More practice may be needed.

Jacob on the other hand doesn’t fall half as much as his sister does. He’s “gifted” at all things outdoorsy.

Clark becomes a toddler and takes after his mother in looks.

Despite her fears, Sky doesn’t hold any of her suspicions against Clark. He’s only a baby and he needs a mother’s love.

Wilfredo and Adabella Sperie-Archer. Happily married with three kids and expecting a fourth. 

Sky takes the kids to the park while Raindrop is at work.
Gravity obviously has it out for Jessica.

Jacob tries to make friends with Sadie Sperie-Archer. 

But Sadie gets along better with Jessica.

Jacob doesn’t mind. At least he can use the spring rider without falling on his face. (Unlike someone he knows)

“Have you ever thought about just... never leaving a chair?”
“Shush up and let me off this thing.”

Sky’s about to head home with the kids when Adalyn stops her. 

“So I get you’re trying to be a good wife and whatever but... why are you still with Raindrop? I mean... Meadow Glenn has a population of, like, 40. Everyone knows he and Ana McKinley were screwing.”

Sky’s never wanted to punch someone so hard, but unlike her husband, she can hold the anger back. 
“Adalyn, Raindrop didn’t cheat. He loves me.” Even she can’t believe her own words.

Adalyn’s face sets into a frown. “You’re in denial aren’t you.”
Sky shakes her head. “I’m not going to believe Raindrop’s capable of cheating. I love him.”
“So what you’re saying is you need proof.”

Sky’s face falls, an uncomfortable feeling filling her completely. “Adalyn please. I don’t need proof and I don’t want it.”
“So then you agree he’s cheating.”
“I don’t want to know...  Why can’t you just leave well enough alone?”

But Adalyn isn’t the kind of girl to leave things alone when she wants to prove a point. Growing up with 6 siblings was tough, and you had to do drastic things if you wanted daddy’s love and attention. Sky would thank her once she could prove Raindrop was a no good cheater.
Now to call in a few favours...

Yuki aged into a fabulous elder. She and Aquarius married only a few days after moving into Meadow Glenn and remain happy and loyal to each other. Watcher is so happy <3.

And then I switched over to another family for a bit to get some plot photos and I see this happening at the local park:

GODDAMIT RAINDROP. I’ve spent the past WEEK working on not making people hate you that much! STOP MAKING ME REGRET- No. You know what? You’re on your own now kid. I’m done covering for you.


  1. I have to ask, did Yuki randomly roll those aviators when she aged up? Because if so, AWESOME.

  2. Yuki ages up exactly as she is shown. I did absolutely nothing to change her appearance. <3

    I miss her.

  3. Awwww xx... I can't wait for 4.9.....

  4. Watcher made a wise decision at the end, perhaps some simmies don't want to be covered for *nods*

    I do, however, feel for sky!! I am curious as to what favors adalyn is going to call in.

  5. Adalyn = causin' trouble. Although, I think she is in the right here, albeit a bit intrusive - I think - with her methods. *shrug* But who's judging? ; )

    You're making my heart hurt, Cece. Poor Sky!

  6. I feel so sorry for Sky *hugs her*

    Oh, and poor Jessica falling down all the time