Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4.8 - Side Job

“Yes Clark, daddy’s a night guard at the art gallery, that’s why he works so late. But don’t worry, he always comes home safe and sound.”

Sky wouldn’t exactly call herself childish... (although she totally is). She just loves spending time with her children. 

She could however do without the small home repairs. She never realized how annoying it was to have wet things being spurted onto her face.

Raindrop goes to work expecting to be the getaway driver for their latest hit. Instead Adamaris takes him to the side and tells him that some chick she knows is willing to pay him a lucrative amount of money for one night of work. With Sky staying at home to watch the kids, they really need the money, so Raindrop decides to go for it. 

... Not exactly what he was expecting.

Adalyn proceeds with the flirting. Raindrop is immediately repulsed by her behaviour.

“Well why not, Rainy?”
“Miss Sperie, I don’t know if you realize this... but I am MARRIED to your BEST FRIEND.”

Okay. Time to rethink her entire strategy.

“Okay listen. My new CD is hitting stores next week and I need to stay CLEAN and out of the paparazzi eye until then so my agent can make me look like a responsible young lady. Which means no partying... which means no boys. And I am going crazy here. I’m not asking for commitment. I just need a booty call and I know you’re the only guy I can trust to not go straight to the tabloids about this.”

He seems skeptical. “So you expect me to believe you’re totally cool with banging your best friend’s husband and have absolutely no ulterior motive?”

Adalyn pretends to be insulted. “Of course! What possible ulterior motive could I have?”

Finally Raindrop smiles and steps closer to her. “Well alright then.”

So easy. “So you’re totally fine with cheating on Sky?”
He shrugs. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides, this won’t be my first time.”
“Ana McKinley?”
“Ana McKinley.”

Well she wasn’t ACTUALLY going to sleep with him... but her cover story was completely true and she’s been going a little stir crazy. So she does him anyway. She’ll just leave that part out of her report to Sky.

In the morning, Raindrop calls in his resignation to the criminal warehouse. If Adamaris is moving into the woo-hoo industry he wants no part of it. The money is nothing to complain about, but the guilt has been steadily worsening and he doesn’t want to know what a third affair would lead to.

Jacob would just like everyone to know that as the oldest he is king of this house.

Jessica’s making an army of gingerbread men in order to stage a coup.

It’s half successful.

The twins decide to share the throne instead of fight each other for it. They don’t mind sharing, and they get along well. So unlike their father and his brother. 


I think Jacob and Jessica are my favourite set of twins so far. They get along so well together and are just so well behaved. I guess the reasoning is that Jacob is destined to become a gardener so he can't really do much skilling until he's a teen, and I'm just letting Jessica live her own life so they've got plenty of spare time and managed to use it to steal my heart. I'll be sad when Jessica has to move out. 

I've finally come to terms with the fact that every adult in my legacy is a horrible person and deserve lumps of coal for Christmas. Dammit Adalyn. You didn't have to SLEEP with him to make your point! (And Raindrop... you're in big shit now)


  1. The twins are so cute! Don't ya' love it when they actually get along? >>Mine aren't for some reason<<

    And Adalyn... 0_0 She was on the right track, at least.

  2. So at this rate the next heir is going to be a serial killer, right?

  3. Well SOMEONE in Gen 5 is going to be a killer. ^^

  4. Oh Adalyn you dirty girl! I'm happy you grew up with a pair, you'd make Lukas proud... well maybe not in the possibly breaking up a marriage part, but by being your own person. Thank you Cece for giving her a story when I didn't :)

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. RAINDROP! ADALYN! How could you guys DO THAT?!

    ...And yes I realize I was totally fine with him cheating when it involved my Anastasia. BUT STILL!!!

    Now I actually feel bad for poor Sky. (Girl, open your eyes and smell the lies!!)

  6. I just realized that I came across a bit... enthusiastic. Sorry, I'm just getting really into this story. =)

  7. when i saw what adalyn planned i thought :"0_o not sure i would have liked it if my best friend slept with my husband just to prove a point..." Then you wrote she wouldn't sleep with him...and then she did!! I nearly fell of my chair! I'd be pretty freaking pissed tbh...

    and ROFL at buckly!! " I was totally fine with him cheating when it involved my Anastasia. " Hilarious!! haha

    And seriously, those twins!! They are so cute!! :D