Thursday, December 22, 2011

4.9 - How Could You?

Clark grows up.

Raindrop regrets the circumstances surrounding Clark’s conception, but never the fact that the little boy was born. Even if he looks so much like Ana.

The twins’ birthday comes and their parents mentally prepare themselves for the teen years.

Teen Jacob.

And Teen Jessica.

For the first time ever, Raindrop and Sky are home alone with all the kids at school.

Raindrop wants to take advantage of this free time together.

“I’d love that too, Rainy, but Adalyn’s waiting for me to come over. She says its super important and you know she never exaggerates.” 

Raindrop feels a sudden panic but he’s confident Adalyn will keep their secret. “Okay Sky, but just remember I love you.”
She smiles and takes his hands. “How could I ever forget? I love you too.”

Sky... can’t believe her eyes.

As soon as they’re inside Sky starts taking before Adalyn can. “I don’t want to know, okay? I just... there’s situations surrounding me and Raindrop that you don’t know about. I know you think I’m stupid for staying with him and... and I don’t care. I don’t want proof he’s cheating. Please just let me be happy.”

“Sky... he knocked me up. This isn’t just about proving he’s a cheater anymore. I only called you because you needed to know, but I’m leaving town as soon as my baby is born. Going back home and moving in with my sister Quetzal. I don’t like the idea of being a single mother but I don’t want to ever have to see Raindrop again. I’m only telling you because you need to know, and I really don’t think I’ll be his last girl on the side.”

Sky hesitates, but she knows there’s only one way to see if Adalyn’s story checks out. She places her hands of her friend’s belly and waits. After a moment she sees it. The trace is faint, but its there. 
Looks like she can’t deny things any longer.

“You stupid WHORE! Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” 
“Sky I just wanted-”
“I’m not human, Adalyn! The only thing keeping me human is Raindrop and our children! By leaving him, I have to give them up as well, and they’re still so young! I don’t care if people see me as stupid. I tricked myself to keep me happy, to keep myself satisfied with what I had but this... I can’t ignore it anymore and now I’ll just have to stick with him and be miserable... I hope at least you’re happy.”

Her rage is still going strong when she gets home, and for the first time she’s not going to swallow it. Thank goodness the kids are all still busy with after school activities. “Rainy I trusted you. I kept every secret you ever told me, I stopped your mother from ever learning that Temp’s death wasn’t an accident, and I gave you everything. How could you do this to me?”
He falls into a defensive position. “Who told you?”
“Does it matter? Because apparently I’m the only person in this entire town who didn’t know! Do you have any idea what this will do to our children mentally? They’re old enough now to understand that cheating is wrong!”

“I DON’T CARE.” He growls. “Just tell me who the hell told you!”

“... Adalyn.” She tells him at last. “You got her pregnant. She’s leaving town after the baby is born because she doesn’t want to have to deal with you anymore. I’m sort of jealous really... I want to leave too.”

“Well you can’t.” He reminds her. “What a darn shame, eh? I wish you could leave too. Sometimes I think you’re what makes me act out. It’s your fault Tempest is dead when you really think about it. If you’d just done what I asked and not talked to him he’d still be alive!”
She can feel her heart breaking. “Don’t say that, Raindrop. Don’t ever say that.”

“No.” He continues, ignoring her plea. “It’s always been your fault. Every time I get angry its because of you or something you did. And obviously that trend is going to be continuing.” 
“... Raindrop?” The look on his face scares her. She’s only seen it once before, when he asked her to go grab the shiny rock from down the hill the day Tempest died.
“Do me a favour Sky? Put the kids to bed early tonight. I’ll be back after dark.”


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  1. oh dear! I wonder what rainy is up to!! Go kick his ass though sky!!

    Rain does surprise me though, i thought he would have bolted and apologized, but apparently he is really is evil, does he even actually love her? or does he just possess her i wonder....

  2. Where is the good trait? I'm so confused, I mean, I know he's corrupted, but shouldn't there be a GLIMPSE of goodness in this douchebag?

  3. Raindrop you ****, he seriously needs to grow up and start taking responsibility for his own actions!

  4. Aw no, this isn't going to end well at all. Sky shouldn't have said it was Adalyn.

  5. "And that, children, is why another random abandoned baby moved in with Mommy and Daddy when their parents went missing."


    Fabio? Fabio, is that you?

  6. I hope he doesn't hurt Adalyn. =(