Thursday, December 29, 2011

5.1 - Do I Stay or Do I Go

Sky meets Boy Crist at the local bistro. He’s cute, but all he wants to talk about is his house full of babies (He has three: Noe, Dedric and Noel). Sky finds him dreadfully boring.

Raindrop is the exact opposite. He loves his children immensely. And always makes sure they know that he loves them. His job at the military keeps him busy, but he always has time to give Catherine a hug when she gets home from school.

Way too well behaved for their own good.

Starla McKinley is Catherine’s best friend, but most definitely not her only friend.

Dedric Xun-Crist may be a boy, but he’s fun enough. Catherine just hopes none of the girls at school get the wrong idea. Boys are supposed to be totally icky.

Sky and Raindrop are invited to a party hosted by the Xun-Crist family. 
Surprisingly enough, Sky behaves herself.

Anastasia McKinley is at the party, and by the end of the night she and Raindrop have made peace. Or at least peace enough for her to no longer want him dead.

Boy spends the whole party fantasizing about babies.

The twins become young adults today. Raindrop goes out for a run to come to terms with the idea of his babies starting their own families... and fails. Why did they have to grow up so fast?

No more time to whine. The cakes have arrived and the twins are all set to finally grow up and leave the nest.

Surprise surprise. Even Sky is here.

“... What the fuck am I wearing?”

Ah. Much better. 

Now it’s Jacob’s turn.

Um... yum. <3

 While their younger siblings head to bed and their parents clean up downstairs, the twins ascend the stairs to where no one will hear them. 
Jacob speaks first. “So dad filled you in on our messed up family?”

Jessica nods. “Yeah... one of us is going to have to stay I’m thinking. To make sure Clark and Catherine grow up alright.”
“I was thinking the same thing.” He responds. “But the question is... which of us?”
Jessica looks down nervously. “I don’t want to stay, but it won’t be the end of the world if you want me to. Layton will move in with me if I ask him too, and he’ll keep me sane.”
“You’d bring Layton here?”
“I don’t have much of a choice. I want to be with him.”

Jacob makes his decision. “Then you go and live with him and give dad some grandbabies. I don’t have a girlfriend, and all my plants are here. It would make more sense for me to stay.”
Jessica hesitates. “A-are you sure?”
He nods. “Of course.”

She throws her arms around him. “Thank you Jacob... and good luck.”
They both hope he won’t end up needing that luck.


And Gen 5 is a go! Half way through already. Wow. 

Remind of Gen 5's rolls:
- Couple
- 1 child
- Primary Career: Farmer
- Secondary Career: Law Enforcement (Super Spy)
- Gen Goal: Opportunist
- Misc Fun: No Strangers

Pretty basic, boring roll... now how to spice it up? Watcher's got a few ideas... >: D

Cali told me that it needs to be something that my sims could have done for my awesome so I'm just goanna buy a park or something. 


  1. I laughed so hard at Boy!!! :D "sky thinks he's boring" whahahahaha :D marvelous!!

    I am curious as to what happens with sky and rain though, now that the next gen is on! And the twins did get a good raising after everything, if they realize at least one of them has to stay for the other kids!

  2. oh man, Jessica's hair. So blue, so shiiiiny.

    I suddenly want to see screenshots of these giant-chinned babies of Glimmer's. When's the next Sabo family reunion?

  3. I think the twins are very sweet and I love Jessica's hair!

  4. Aw. That was nice of Jacob. I have some catching up to do on your legacy, lady! *cracks fingers* It's on!

  5. Jessica's hair is awesome, and Jacob came out well as an adult. I can't wait to see his future partner! =)