Friday, December 30, 2011

5.2 - Assassination

Jacob transforms the garage into his own personal bachelor pad. It's very... him.

The next day is graduation.

Catherine knows she looks adorable. But doesn’t forgive her father from making her wearing a pumpkin for a dress.

Oh hey Jessica.

And Vivek Sabo-Dennis and his chin.

Jacob wins “Most Likely to never leave his house.” He wonders if his classmates are all jerks or if its supposed to be funny. You know... cause he’s a gardener.

And once graduation is over, life finds a routine. 
Jacob gardens. 

Sometimes, Sky helps him.

Catherine and daddy play chess. He sucks at it.

Clark photo spam for Buckley.

Oh his way home from lunch at the Bistro, Raindrop runs into Anastasia McKinley.

“Did you hear about last night’s assassination?”
“Last night’s... what? Where?”
“Our governor, Cho Dawn-von Hagen lives in Neverglade. Half a day’s drive from here. She and her wife were found murdered in their home! Can you believe it?”

For the first time Raindrop feels a shred of pain. Cho was always around in his youth, and he felt safe whenever he saw her. 
“Cho was my cousin.” He explains. “Her dad was my mom’s half brother. Is there any way I can help with this case? I know Neverglade isn’t in our jurisdiction, but I’m sure you must know something.”

Ana acts coy. “Well... I can't legally tell you anything about the case but all of Neverglade's surrounding cities are on the case. If you want to help you'll have to become a cop, so welcome back to the force, Rainy.”
Raindrop wonders if this is what getting conscripted feels like.

Determined to prove his classmates wrong, Jacob goes out at night to fish. He’s heard Angelfish can be found somewhere in the ponds on the edge of town, and he’s determined to catch some. Apparently they make fantastic fertilizer.

He’s so caught up in his own thoughts that he doesn’t see the young vampire until she’s almost upon him.

Unfortunately for Jacob, she’s been trained. He stands no chance once her glowing eyes have met his.

She asks him for sustenance. He knows what that means, and he’s afraid, but he doesn’t stop her.

Oh gosh that feels weird.

She was always trained to feed until his heart stops, but he’s done nothing to her, so she decides to spare his life. 
“I’m going to leave now.” She tells him. “And you’re not to follow me, understood?”
He can only nod.

Unfortunately for the young vampire, sustenance doesn’t heal all wounds, and she’s been traveling for too long. The fatigue will only wait for so long before affecting her.

She’s unconscious before she hits the ground.

Jacob hesitates. She’s a vampire and just forced him to give her blood and he should leave her to nature’s wrath. But sunrise is only a few hours away, and she’ll be killed if left out in the open like this.

So he takes her home and sets her down in his bed.

He’ll sleep on the couch for tonight, and maybe in the morning, if she hasn't already killed him, he can find out where she came from, and what her name is. 


Well, you may as well learn her name before Jacob does. 

Sabina <3 Gosh I love her. She was actually a born in game sim who aged up into a toddler right before I had Rainy and Sky leave Neverglade. You'll find out who her parents are later. But I'll tell you this much... I never expected her or her twin brother to be as amazingly beautiful as they turned out. 

You might or might not meet her twin brother later, depends on which story line I take. 

Also: Rainy's still a whore. He rolled a wish to flirt with Ana when he saw her. I cancelled the wish and smacked him. He hasn't changed at all.


  1. She looks great so far! I think I'm gonna love Jacob!

    *smacks Rainy as well*

  2. What a sweet kid. I know we all love your bitches but it is nice to see a good one every once in awhile. I agree with klevkin: am gonna like him. And Cho and Tacia? Oh no! I know you had said something awhile ago about not being sorry for what you would do to them but then I thought that it turned into happily ever after, after all. Guess I was wrong.

  3. Haha. That chin!

    Sabina is beautiful and I can't wait to read more of Jacob's story arch.

  4. Rainy you jerk. Keep it in your pants.

    Cue Team Jacob

  5. I'd actually been planning their deaths ever since I hooked them up, and I was so disappointed about having to leave them behind, but then I figured. What the hey! Let's kill 'em off anyway! It'll make more sense why THEY died in later chapter. ^^

    ZOKU DON'T EVEN START WITH THAT. *Glare* I mean, I thought about the chance for those jokes but come on. I HAD HOPE PEOPLE.

  6. Jacob is such a sweetie pie.

    Poor Cho, I hope we find out who killed her and they get their comeuppance

  7. "Jacob wins “Most Likely to never leave his house.”"
    LOL for that! XD

    And finally, after five fuckin' days, I catched up with this legacy, from the very first chapter of Starr Legacy. One word for you, Cece..


    Okay, that's two words. Count that as one..

  8. *Big claps* Congrats on finishing, Krisna! (honestly you deserve a metal for getting through those early Starr Legacy chapters... *Shudder*)

    And thank you so much for the compliment! I hope you enjoy the rest of the Sabo Legacy as much as you've enjoyed it so far.

  9. </3 Cho and Tacia. They were so perfect together! Now I am sad :(

    Jacob it H.O.T.T. Babies nao?

  10. cho and tacia = forever in my bossom.