Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4.15 - Meanwhile in Neverglade...

Happily married straight out of highschool, raised three beautiful children with his wife, inherited the family house, and still sane through it all. 
Out of all his siblings (both half and full), Fabio’s probably had the best life.

Janice, his oldest was recently promoted to head of her department at the local business offices, and is in an on and off relationship with Ronnie Dawn von Hagen. 

Younger than Janice (but only just) are the twins. Mitchell is older, and while still single he’s happily employed as a director at the local film studios. He moved out only days ago to work on a film in france. He’s shown here bidding his youngest nephew goodbye. Mitchell loves children, Fabio’s sure he’ll be getting a call any day now about a french girl who stole his son’s heart.

The baby of the family is Annie. 

She’s married to Devon Dalca, the world’s most beloved young actor. He was voted Sim Nation’s most eligible bachelor even after his marriage to this small town girl. No one expected them to last past their first date, but they are really and truly in love. 

Also keeping them together: Their two children. 
Linda (From Devon's first marriage).

and little Christopher.

Raindrop’s just happy that Fabio didn’t slap him the moment he opened the door. 

“I’m glad you finally decided to come visit.” Fabio tells him. “I was starting to think Glimmer was lying about you still being alive.”

“I never came by because I thought you’d be mad at me.” Raindrop admits. 
Fabio smiles at him. “Please, you’re my baby brother. And to be honest, I felt bad about never coming by after Temp’s death. I thought you’d hate ME.”

Raindrop smiles. “I never held anything against you. You deserved to live your own life with Spring, and I’m happy you managed to move on... although I do have more grandchildren than you.”

Fabio just chuckles, and then shows Raindrop to his room.

Raindrop’s heard of Devon Dalca and even seen a couple of his movies. It’s bizarre to watch a famous person in their own home.

Although it does Raindrop’s heart good to see that his brother’s family is so happy.

It does Raindrop’s heart even more when he realizes he was never as embarrassing a father as Devon is. 

Every night, right before midnight Raindrop gets out of bed and heads outside.

He hasn’t been to his brother’s grave in so long.

The guilt still eats at him almost constantly. He wasn’t lying when he told Sabina the pain never fully goes away.

Settling down, night after night, he waits.

On the fourth night someone finally appears, but its not who he was expecting. 
“He’s not going to appear.” She tells him. “He crossed on long ago.”

He struggles to control his anger. “Why are you here? I thought I asked you to stay away from me and my family.”
“I tried to help you...” She looks heart broken, and when he remembers her voice whispering Aarun’s name the guilt hits.

“Alright.” He decides. “Just, why are you here? I thought you wanted your freedom to go back to the fae realm.”

“I did go back to the fae realm.” She tells him, voice even. “I even managed to find the place where I came from, where the fairies one lived.”
“Once lived?”
She nods. “They’re all gone. One by one they chose to die with a bond mate. I’m the only one left. I always knew there was a chance I'd never find my sisters again, but I never imagined I'd really be so... alone.”

She falls into his arms and he holds her close. 
“I’m so sorry.” He whispers, not knowing what else to say. “But you’re not alone. I’m still here.”
She scoffs into his shoulder. 

“What’s that for?”
She pulls away. “Raindrop... you cast me away, abandoned me. I needed you, and I couldn’t go to you from fear that you would just hurt me more.”

Shit she’s right. 
He closes his eyes, hands clasped in front of him. “Please please forgive me, Sky. I never realized how much I was hurting you, and its been torture to not have you with me. Every time I went to bed it killed me to not be able to hold you close, and I wish you could see our grandchildren. Please come home with me, I’ll do anything.”

“Raindrop... open your eyes.”
He does so and gasps. “You’re-”
“The same age as you.” She interrupts. “Please don’t make me continue this loneliness. All I ever wanted was to be able to go home to you. Don't ask me to leave you alone again.”

"I could never." He smiles at her. “Come back to Meadow Glenn with me.” 
She hesitates, suddenly unsure now that he's putting up no fight. “Are you sure? I’ve been gone for so long, Jacob must-”

“Miss you like mad.” He pulls her in close. “And so do I. I love you... let’s go home.”


I played this family for about... three or four in game days to get all the shots I wanted. In that time I sort of fell in love with Devon and Annie. I think for my third legacy I'll be using them for my founders. (Step children, 3 children, artist, actor, Perfect Careers, Joker)

Originally I was planning on having Temp appear and have Sky convince him to forgive Raindrop... but the ghosts refused to appear for me. Dunno if it was a glitch or just bad timing on my end, but it didn't happen so I had to change my mind. Sky won't be an angel by any means, but she will be making a visible effort to act out less. 


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    He's so FUZZY.

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