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5.10 - It's Over

The rest of Sabina’s pregnancy goes by uneventfully. 

She helps Catherine with her homework. (Or at least tries to)

At least until the first labour pains hit, and she’s headed to the hospital in a bike.

Hey Gonzalo. Sup? How’s that sunset?

Turns out the labour pains were false, so until the real labour begins, Jacob and Sabina just chill outside. Watching the stars and the wild horses.

Finally the babies are born. 

And Madeline.

Unfortunately the family doesn’t get much time to spend together as the very following day is Sabina and Jacob’s wedding. The babies will be staying at home with a babysitter and a couple guards (just in case) but Sabina can’t quite put her mind at ease. 

Salem Park is a favourite among couples for marriage party locations. Its the same place Jacob’s parents got married when he was still just a bun in the oven. 

Sabina really could’ve done without the two hours in the salon, but Ana insists she look the part of the happy blushing bride.
It really wasn’t hard to do.

Sadie doesn’t actually work for the police force, but she and her sister Shannon are both highly trained in athletics and fighting, so she’s here as a guard. 

Adamaris isn’t an officer either, but it was either attend the wedding with her eyes open or sit in a jail cell until nightfall. The choice was easy.

Her daughter Angelita is just here because she’s one of Catherine’s friend from school.

May as well throw a photo of Joseph in as well. He’s got some fascinating features. 

The premises has been secured, so far with no sign of Cynthia. Ana gives the go ahead for the wedding to continue as planned.

Sabina goes up to Jacob (who was exchanging pleasantries with Jessica). “So... you ready to do this?”
He smiles at her. “I’ve been ready since the moment I met you. I can’t wait.”

Shannon thinks this whole scene is so very romantic. Clark likes his chances with her right now.

The rings are exchanged. 

And their very real wedding is sealed with a kiss. 

Raindrop tries to tease his daughter about getting married. She tells him she’s been married for weeks.
“... And I wasn’t invited?”
“Nope. We eloped.”
“... Hurtful.”

As they pose for photos Sabina gets nervous. “Its getting late... do you think she’s coming?”
Jacob flashes a smile for the cameras and shrugs. “I dunno. But until she does, just smile and try to enjoy yourself. We only get married once, y’know.”

She decides he has a point.

Midnight passes and the party slowly breaks up. Ana tells Sabina to go home and rest. The Neverglade police force raided Cynthia’s home earlier and she’s not there, but things don’t seem too disturbed. She likely smelled a trap and ran for the hills. Their plan to lure her out may not have worked, but at least no one was hurt, and everyone had some fun. Ana figures that counts as a success. 
Sabina wishes she could be so sure. But running away doesn’t sound like something her mother would do.

“It’s over.” Jacob says in an attempt to soothe her once they’re home. “Your mom isn’t here, she’s not coming after you. The government has almost every officer in all the surrounding cities out looking for her. Even Clark and my dad are out tonight.”

She smiles at him, trying to calm him down instead. “Well... maybe you can do something else to take my mind off of things...”
He catches her hint instantly. “I’d be happy to, my love.”

It certainly calms her down... a lot. 

There’s a buzzing in the back of her mind, as if a bee got stuck in her skull, but there’s no fear or worry anymore. She doesn’t even find it odd when Jacob gets a glassy look in his eyes, turns around, and goes straight to seep. 

She hears a noise in the backyard and goes to investigate. 
As soon as she sees his face she wishes she’d stayed inside. 

“Santiago!” She breathes, pulling her brother in for a hug, not believing he’s really there. “What... what are you doing here?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” He chuckles. “Mom couldn’t believe it when her spies said you were human now, but she knew I’d still be able to find you. Our twin thing, remember?”

She steps back suddenly. Of course, the buzzing, its was vampire mental suggestions. No wonder she’d felt so calm. But Santiago's never had that kind of power...
“Is mom... near?” She asks delicately. 

“Of course!” He answers. “Mom found out you had babies and was thinking of taking one to replace you. She says you’re not worth anything to her now that you’re human but I don’t agree. You’re still stronger than I am, anyway.”
As soon as he mentions her children, Sabina feels her blood run cold. Her mother is here, probably upstairs in her own house. 
“Santiago... how could you bring her here?”
He doesn’t seem to understand her worry. “How couldn’t I? I missed you, sis.”

“Santiago, how can you not realize how bad mother is?”
“Mother isn’t bad, she let you stay here, didn’t she?”
“Only because she wanted to blame everything on me!” Sabina snaps. “I thought you had more sense than this!”

Suddenly the rest of his words really sink in and she feels her heart drop. Her babies!
She runs inside, getting to the living room just as Cynthia is coming down the stairs with a sleeping Mackenzie in her arms. 

Sabina’s heart almost stops then and there. 
“Mom... what are you doing here?”
“I thought you invited me to your wedding, sweetheart. What a shame you failed to mention that you also invited every cop in the city... I must say, I’m very disappointed.”

“You promised to keep me safe.” Sabina spits back, watching as her mom places Mackenzie on the floor behind her. “And then you tried to make me take the fall for the things you forced me to do. Of course I betrayed you, you were a horrible mother.”
Cynthia bites her tongue. 

And then strikes her daughter. 

Not the first time she’s been slapped, and Sabina touches her aching cheek silently, glaring daggers at her mother. 
“You shouldn’t have hurt Cho.” Cynthia spits. “She had so much promise, so much darkness in her that it would have been no problem for me to lure her to me. But she was weak, far weaker than even you and far more desperate for love. You could have made me so proud... instead you humiliate our family name by turning your back to your own heritage and becoming a human!”

Sabina can’t hold back her anger anymore. “You just can’t accept that you failed, mother! You failed Santiago when he lost his mind during that trip to the mountains, you failed your other daughters by being cruel to them, and you failed me when I needed your love and you couldn’t give me any. I’m not going to let you hurt anyone else, you bitch!”

At first Cynthia looks truly heartbroken. 

But then the anger returns. 

And she grabs her daughter by the throat. 

Behind Cynthia, Santiago stands by the baby watching as his sister fights for breath.

Mackenzie wakes up, whining for attention and Santiago heeds her call, taking her back up to the nursery. She doesn’t need to see what’s happening right now.

Cynthia’s hands tighten their hold on Sabina’s throat, slowly squeezing the life out of her.

The door to Sabina’s bedroom opens, and out steps a still half-asleep Jacob. Cynthia takes one look at the boy and smiles, showing her fangs as she throws her limp daughter to him.

He catches her before her head can hit the ground, holding her close as his heart almost stops in fear. “Sab? Sab please don’t do this to me! Come on hunny, wake up...”

He doesn’t notice as Cynthia pulls out her pistol and loads a couple bullets. 
“So you’re the little troll who stole my daughter’s heart, eh?”

She points her gun at the boy’s head when he stands up to block her from come near Sabina. 
“Oh please, its not her I’m going to shoot.”

“And it won’t be my son getting shot either.” 

Aim, click, kill. All in one fluid motion before Cynthia can react. 

He highly doubts anyone will wish him ill after this murder. 

Back upstairs Santiago hears the gunshot and has no reaction, just cradles his niece close. “Well Kenzie, either you’re going to be coming home with me, or I’ll be going to jail now. Either way I hope you have a very happy life. Sissy deserves to have happy babies.”


Woo okay. What a chapter. Lets see what needs watcher commentary... 

Originally Santiago's insanity was going to have a much larger role in this chapter, but I couldn't bear to make him hurt anyone... he's too sweet and stupid for that. I've also made him really family oriented so I may release him into the city to mate with someone. Y'know, after his trial. Hopefully I'll be able to expand on his relationship with Sabina in the story. 

Raindrop does whatever he needs to do to keep his babies safe. And Sabina will probably live. Probably.

Oh hey Gen 6.
- Single Parent
- 3 children (third is heir... tentative)
- Primary Career: Artist
- Gen Goal: Perfectionist (Painting skill)
- Misc Fun: Runs in the Family (Either artistic or insane... >_>)


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