Sunday, January 8, 2012

5.11 - Eye for an Eye

The twins become toddlers while their mother is still in the hospital. 
Madeline inherits her father’s hair colour and her maternal grandfather’s green eyes. 

Mackenzie inherits daddy’s eyes, and a fascinatingly dark hair colour. 

Raindrop tries to help out with the twins whenever he can, but its hard to keep a happy face whenever he plays with Mackenzie.

She looks so much like Sky that it hurts.

... Same attention span too. He can’t hold her attention for more than five minutes before she starts getting bored.

After a couple days, Sabina is allowed to return home but is ordered to stay in bed as much as she can. Her mother did more than just choke her, she fractured the bones in her neck, and any distress could cause them to heal wrong or even kill her. 

Not that those fears will keep her in bed. First chance she gets, she’s in the living room with her babies, trying to be the mom hers never was. Screw the pain, she’ll live.

Her injury doesn’t stop her from having some alone time with her husband either. 

Her kisses are softer than normal, but not as a result from her injury. He can see she’s distracted. 
“What’s wrong? Your mom is gone, our daughters are safe, you’re healing... I thought you’d be happy.”

She stands back, smiling at him. “I am happy... but I can’t get Santiago out of my mind. I know Ana McKinley said the insanity plea would work... but I haven’t spoken to him since the night our mom died. I’m just... I feel so guilty. He’s never hurt anyone, he doesn’t deserve to be in jail.” 

Jacob smiles back. “Well... I have an idea, but you won’t like it.” 
“What’s your idea?”
“Ana’s got her hands in all levels of the law... maybe if you give her a favour, she’ll give you one back.”
Sabina groans. “I don’t like that idea...”
“Told ya you wouldn’t...”

Nonetheless, Sabina decides its her best option. 

“Mrs. McKinley, I know you have the power to get Santiago von Hagen released into the public. He’s not dangerous, even when mother told us to hurt people he wouldn’t. He’s a darling and could never hurt a fly. I’ll take personal responsibility if you need me to, but please, I can’t stand the idea of him being locked up.”

Ana considers her plea. “I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to get your brother out... but I’d need more than just your promise for personal responsibility.”
“Anything.” Sabina promises.
Ana smiles. “Good... because Joseph Mossier needs a new partner after his last one quit. You start once your neck has healed.”

She’s a cop now? 
Tooootally not what she was expecting from life.


Okay shortest chapter EVER... but I really wanted to keep Santiago in the story (He's adorable!) so I had to pull some strings and make it believable in the story.

... The amount of corruption in the police force amazes me.


  1. Sabina a cop? This will be interesting.

    The twins are adorable. :D

  2. Man, my life would be so much easier if I could just go "Sup Ana, I hear you need cops..."

  3. The funny part is there are like... 8 cops in the city. And with a pop of like... 50, thats really slanted. But I've ALWAYS wanted a "Big Boss" type character who wasn't an emperor of evil. So why not a self-serving cop?

  4. Interesting way of getting your brother out of jail...

    The twins are very cute & I like the way Raindrop's having trouble with Mackenzie looking like Sky, it feels so realistic

  5. Hmmmmm. I dont even no how I feel about Sabina being a cop, exceot for we get to se my most fav character ever again!

  6. Hey, Cece, are you going to be doing the trouble in bridgeport legacy still or no? I haven't seen it around and I don't know if you already started it but I just can't find it.

  7. I keep meaning to, and even downloaded an empty version of Bridgeport that I wanted to use for it, but its just sooo much work. I do actually have most of the story planned out already, including some dialogue, so I may still work on it.

    For a while though it just seemed like no one was interested in reading Trouble in Bridgeport so I sort of lost hope in it.

  8. Ohhh, well I hope some hope is restored! I'd love to read it and I'm sure a lot of other people will too!

  9. A cop, eh? Put all that training to use for good.

    Nice thinking, Ana.

  10. Nice! The twins are gorgeous! Adorable and I'm glad we get to see more of Santiago, he's hot!

    Trouble in bridgeport Huh?