Monday, January 9, 2012

5.12 - Aging Well

Raindrop is invited to another of Boy and Danya’s parties (They throw them more often than any other household). Once there he recognizes his sister’s now very aged face. Oh gosh, he hadn’t realized how soon his own birthday was. 

“So uh... I know Fabio’s getting pretty old. Do you.. do you think it would be appropriate for me to visit him? I mean, I haven’t spoken to him since I was a teenager! Do you think he even cares about me anymore?”

Glimmer’s face softens, almost to the point of laughter. “You still don’t get what family is, do you Rainy? Fab and I... we still love you. Even with all the shitty stuff you put our family through. And Fabio already forgives you for stealing our mom and step dad when you moved here. I think going back to ask him for forgiveness would be the best thing you could do.” 

“Then maybe I will.” He smiles at her. “And uh, do you think you’ll ever be able to forgive me?”

She shakes her head softly. “You’re such a moron. I forgave you years ago. I just wish you’d been smart enough to ask your family for help when we tried to give it to you.” 

Oh and lookit who else is at the party. 

Jacob’s been growing some strange and fantastic plants in his garden lately. 

Including a couple plants that grow a single purple flower before becoming barren. How odd.

Sabina’s almost fully healed, which means more time with her babies.

Madeline’s a bit of a coward. 
“Mommy... mommy don’t let go. Please don’t let go mommy, I’ll fall!”

Mackenzie prefers to be left alone with her art books. They fascinate her. 

Sabina’s worried about her new job, but at least Raindrop is still there to keep an eye on her. That said, he’s getting older, and his new job requires a lot more time sitting at a desk than hers. She’s actually out on patrol. The best he can do is make sure she knows exactly what to do in any given situation. 

Speaking of getting older...

Oh hey Catherine.

Well... maybe age won’t be SUCH a bad thing... 

Catherine’s aging up tomorrow. Dedric’s parents already bought him a new house and she plans on moving in with him as soon as she’s old enough. Raindrop’s so proud of her. 

“Once Catherine moves out you’ll be the only one still living with your old man.” Raindrop points out with a smile to his oldest son. 
Jacob fakes a smile. “Guess its cause I just love you so much dad.”
Sabina faintly wonders if it would have been possible to raise the twins on their own while she’d been recovering. She decides they both would’ve died the night Cynthia attacked if they hadn’t been living with Raindrop.

Jacob loves his babies. “Your birthday is coming up in a few days, Kenzie. You excited?”

She smiles and giggles her answer but Jacob doesn’t hear her. It just hit him that his babies would be growing up. Where has the time gone?

Does he have wrinkles now? No... its just his imagination... it has to be.

Well... on the upside he’ll finally be able to take them fishing with him! 
That uh... that is an upside, right?

But there’s still one birthday to go through before the twins age up. 

Catherine knows exactly what she wants from life, and exactly how to get it. 

So as soon as she’s able to, she goes to sign up with the military. She wants to make a difference like her father, but the local police are too corrupted for her taste.

Dedric seems to have the exact same idea, as he exits from his own entrance exam only minutes after she does. They move in together that same night. 

Also moving that same night... 
“It’ll just be for a couple nights. I’ll be back before you even miss me!”

Jacob’s face falls. “But dad, the twins’ birthday is tomorrow...”
“Jacob I know, and I’m truly sorry for missing it, but if I don’t go now I’ll never do it. And I’ve been putting this trip off long enough as it is.” 
“Where are you going?”
“Neverglade. To visit my brother...s.”

Oh. That explains it. 
“Alright.” Jacob relents. “Just make sure you bring the girls back a gift or something. Okay?”
Raindrop smiles, hugging his son tight. “Of course. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”


When did toddlers get so cute?


  1. "Oh hey, Rainy looks really great as an Adult, I never noticed." *scrolls* "DARNIT."

    Between your plotlines and the psychopaths and the general hair flowiness I think the Sabos are probably my favorite legacy story ever. Even when I have a full day of classes, if I come home and see you've posted a chapter, I still read it immediately.

  2. I'm still expecting you to kill off one of the kids... any moment now... >>

  3. Am a bit worried about this chapter. It was too sweet and drama-free to be a Sabo chapter. You must be dulling our senses and then you'll strike with some awful tragedy when we are complacent. :P

  4. D'aaaw. Thanks for the compliment, Zoku. It means so much to me <3.

    You kidding, Tamlyn? I LOVE the twins. : P I swear that both will live to see their YA birthday.

    Hmm... well I can't write happy arcs, but I do promise to have less murder and tragedy from here on out. No promise on less heartbreak though.

  5. FINALLY caught up. It only took like three hours, haha, but then again I was still stuck way back with Jake.

    Catherine is forever proof that nerds are and always will be hot. Just saying.

  6. Yay, Raindrop's making up with his family :)

  7. "brother....s"

    Can't wait to see Temp again! =D

  8. Oh oh, was that Derrick? do they even have those names? Those toddlers are cute! Very very cute!

    Ok not sure what's up with boy and danya and parties, in my game they get invited all the time!

    And tamlyn...rofl! Seriously cece only ya? Wonders what will happen at their birthday Haha!