Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5.13 - Making Friends

It’s time for the twins birthday. Madeline spends most of the morning hiding in the toy box. Birthday sparkles scare her!

Oh and for the record... yes. The twins are dressed exactly the same. 

At least until they become children. 

And Mackenzie:

The first thing the girls do is make use of the new art room their parents made for them. It used to be the nursery but Sabina and Jacob haven’t been able to have more children (despite numerous attempts) so they decided to make better use of the space.

“So....” Madeline begins hesitantly. “Do you think Grandpa is really going to come back home?” The both have some memories of their grandfather, all of them positive. 
Makenzie thinks about her sister’s words for a moment before shrugging. “I hope so.” And thats all she says on the matter.

With Raindrop out of town, no one is there to keep an eye on Sabina at work, and with her brother’s court date rapidly approaching she’s been spending more and more time at work, doing whatever Ana asks her to. 
Fishing always calms Jacob down, and occasionally he’ll insists his girls go with him. If Sabina’s at home she needs her sleep, and these two can be quite loud when they start playing. 

Mackenzie worries too. Her parents hope she doesn’t come out neurotic or insane.

All the extra hours Sabina’s been putting in mean lots of extra money in the bank. A treehouse is bought to keep the kids occupied. 

Sometimes the girls will sleep up there... or stay up the entire night just talking and giggling. 

They’re best friends, you see.

Oh you see that? All those buildings? Yeah. The Sabos own them. Apparently Raindrop’s been collecting buildings for a while. Jacob had no idea until he got a call from the bistro telling him the monday morning cash pickup was ready. 

On their first day of school the twins meet Meadow Glenn’s only other set of twins. The Xun-Crist boys, Derrick and Ryan. 

Derrick’s sort of a cutie.

So is Ryan but you’re only getting a back view of him cause Watcher still hadn’t actually downloaded Ryan at the time of this scene.

Derrick and Mackenzie are partners in the school buddy program. It’s sort of lame but whatever. At least they weren’t partnered up with the lame Sperie kids. They think they’re sooo cool just because they have pretty eyes. Whatever, totally lame. 
(Watcher will put up photos of Brent Sperie-Archer soon. He’s gorgeous)

The twins decide the Xun-Crist boys are fun to play with. Mackenzie just wishes they didn’t have like a bajillion siblings. It gets too busy for her tastes.

Sabina looks hot in her uniform.

Questioning people around the neighborhood is actually sort of fun. She likes having an excuse to meet people around town. She’s currently talking to Valerie Vasquez, local (evil) mad scientist.

Mackenzie is QUEEN of this house.

At least until Madeline calls Derrick over for a sleepover and he puts Mackenzie back in her place with a pillow to the head. 

“So is your mom REALLY having another baby?” Kenzie asks.
Derrick shrugs. “Yeah. It’s kind of annoying. But its not like mom and dad don’t love me. Mom’s home a lot now so she always helps me with my homework, and dad loves playing with me.”
Kenzie can’t imagine why his parents would have MORE kids. Their house is crowded enough as it is.

Kenzie promises that she’ll always be willing to hang out with him if he needs her. Derrick really appreciates it. 

It’s been almost 5 days since Raindrop left, and Jacob’s getting worried. He’s been working out more than ever and although Sabina isn’t exactly complaining about the new eye candy... overexerting himself can’t be healthy. 

When he gets up to head inside, she stops him. 
“I just want you to know I’m here for you if you want to talk about your dad.”

He pulls her in for an embrace, smiling. “Thank you, but I’m alright. I’m sad that dad just up and left, but I’m okay with it. He was never happy after mom left, and I’d rather he be out there living than here where everything still reminds him of her.”

Someone clears their throat behind him and the young couple turns around quickly. 
Raindrop glares at them. “So good to know I was missed.”
“We were going to give you a nice funeral.” Sabina comments before looking at the strange black haired woman. “Aren't you-”

Before she can even finish her question, Jacob has the woman in his arms. “Mom!”
She holds him tight as Raindrop and Sabina head back into the house. “Oh Jacob look at you... I’m so sorry I missed everything.”

He smiles, hugging her closer. “I don’t care mom, I’m just happy you’re home.”


What? It's not like I was just going to ditch her. I love Sky! But I don't want her popping back up constantly in later generations. : P Next chapter will be very different... we're going back to Neverglade, baby!

I really overuse Mackenzie's hair. But ah well. It's purdy.

Dammit Derrick why are you so adorable? D :

Oh and I updated the Meadow Glenn family blog again. Found here.


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