Thursday, January 12, 2012

5.14 - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Before the twins wake up for school, Raindrop makes sure to brief Sky on their traits and names. Sky feels slightly overwhelmed. What if they don’t like her? What if she doesn’t like them?

Sabina never did speak to Sky much before Sky left, but she tries to act like everything is normal.  She answers all of Sky’s questions truthfully (even all of the embarrassing ones) and tries to assure Sky that the girls are well behaved. 

Madeline isn’t too sure about this stranger in their house. 

She tells Makenzie as much. 

Makenzie is not a morning person. She doesn’t care about their apparent grandmother. She just wants to go back to bed. School on fridays should be illegal.

After school, the twins go home with Brandon Sperie. 

His mom, Adamina never wanted kids, and his dad pretends he doesn’t exist. Brandon always looks sad and tends to keep to himself a lot.

Mackenzie makes him smile and then promises to be his friend. She doesn’t like it when people aren’t happy.

A trip to the park with the twins and grandma reveals that Watcher finally downloaded Ryan.

Madeline may be a coward when it comes to real life, but stories are stories, and she can come up with some pretty terrifying ones.

Ryan wants to go home right now. Derrick wishes his brother wouldn’t be such a wuss sometimes.

And then Madeline introduces the ghost pirates sub plot.
“... Okay yeah lets go home.”

Mackenzie’s opinion of boys just went down about ten notches. Ugh.

Sky asks Sabina some very personal questions, mostly about wether or not she’d even considered marriage before the twins were born.

Sabina says she wouldn’t have married Jacob if he hadn’t knocked her up. Jacob feels like she just punched him in the gut before realizing both women were just testing to see if he was eavesdropping. 

Madeline asks her grandma why she left. Sky tells her the truth, that she was a danger to Madeline’s aunt Catherine.
“Are you dangerous to me and Kenzie too?”
Sky shrugs. “I’m trying not to be. I really am. You are both very dear to my son, and the last thing I’d ever want to do is cause him more pain than I already have.”
Madeline decides she can accept that answer. Confusing as it is.

And to her credit, Sky really does try her best to behave. 

Not that she’s always uh... successful. 
“No Grandma! NOT THE FACE!”
“Just one little pinch sweetie, you won’t even feel it.”


I swear the twins make the BEST terrified expressions whenever Sky is around. Its like they KNOW. And the dreaded cheek pinch was an autonomous interaction between Sky and poor Kenzie. 

All I did was give Brandon a hat to cover his dark blue Sperie hair. I was hoping he'd inherit Lee's hair and the Sperie eyes... but no dice. *Pout* Still. I think he's going to grow up into quite a looker. 

Madeline I <3 you.


  1. Brandon is a cutie :)
    The twins are hilarious, especially with Gramma Sky :P

  2. You know, between the hair and the general shape of the face, Madeline's got one hell of a throwback to Yuki going on there.

  3. Haha! Awww... Sky; you devilish woman. I love the grandparent interactions so, so much.

  4. my brothers name is brandon aka boom.... so i doubt i shall be calling him hot lol.

    lol pinchy >.<

  5. Erm, am I the only one confused how we went from 4.15 to 5.14? Was it explained/clear or is there some random legacy thing I am not getting? :P

    I really like the interactions between Sabina and Sky. It's good that Sky is fitting back in, if in fact she really is back to be good.

  6. I love that last picture! The cheek pinch interaction is hilarious.

    Heaven, I don't understand the chapter skip either. It's not a random legacy thing, but maybe a story thing? Lol.

  7. Hilarious! That face sky is making when she tries get best! And oh my gosh Ryan and Derrick are adorable Haha sorry can't stop drooling over them its so much fun to see them back! one must ask though, did you alter them? Not that I'd mind! But they look a bit different, perhaps its just resolution settings though....

    Ooh gosh I love Mackenzie and Madeline! The faces they make! Can I have them for my twins? Hehe or would that be sick......Hmm.......