Friday, January 13, 2012

5.15 - With You In Heart

When the Xun-Crist boys invited the Sabo girls over for a play date only Madeline agreed to come over. Derrick swears he isn’t jealous. 

“The Sperie kids suck.” He mutters under his breath. What does Brandon Sperie have that he doesn’t?
“Oh totally.” Ryan says, agreeing wholeheartedly (Brandon kicked the ball into his net during the gr 4 soccer game) but Madeline stays silent. She doesn’t like to gossip.

Brandon isn't the school gossip, but nothing happens in this town without him knowing about it. “It’s a secret but I overheard Professor Starr saying that Derrick Xun-Crist was being moved into the advanced math class. Apparently he’s some sort of super genius or something. How weird is that?”

Mackenzie is distraught. She rarely gets to see Derrick anymore between his extra classes and her painting. If he got moved to a different math class she’d only ever see him on weekends! The only reason she isn’t hanging out with him today is cause Brandon’s mom has today off and Kenzie doesn’t want him to be over at his own house until someone else gets home too.
Brandon considers Mackenzie to be his best friend, and he’s determined to help her find a way to hang out with that nerdy Xun-Crist boy. He tells her there is ONE way to get them together more... but she won’t like it.

Mackenzie sucks at math, but Sky is pretty good at it. All of the kids in the math class are nerdy super geniuses, but Kenzie’s determined to make it in... or get in trouble trying.

Catherine and Dedric are expecting twins. Raindrop tells her Sky is back in town.

Catherine just shrugs. “As long as she doesn’t stop by for tea I think we’ll be fine. I managed to avoid her most of the time anyway when I was a kid and lived with her.”

It took a while, but Santiago has finally been cleared of all charges and was moved back into Meadow Glenn by request of the aging Ana McKinley. 

Sabina’s talked about this with Jacob and Raindrop already, and they agreed with her decision wholeheartedly. 
“If you don’t like living alone, I’m sure we can find room for you at my house. It’ll be a tight fit, but I don’t want you to be on your own anymore.” 

He smiles at her. “Sabby I’m fine. Sonya Vasquez stops by a lot to check up on me and she can hear the voices too! Plus Mrs Starr helped me get a part time job at the school as a gym teacher since kids love me and I think it’ll be good for me to be on my own. I mean, you spent all your time watching over me when we were growing up. Now that you’re human I don’t want you to spend whatever time you have left worrying over me. I’ll be fine!”

Sabina can’t believe how grown up her brother really is. He’s always been bigger, stronger and taller than her, but this is the first time she’s ever looked at him and seen a man instead of a scared little boy. Maybe he’s right... 
“Okay but first nightmare you get you have to call me, okay?”
“Right-o, sis-o.”

Jessica and Layton have had three children together. 


And Crystal.

Mackenzie meets Derrick’s big brother Noe at the park. He just got back from a tour in the interior mainland that he can’t tell her about. The Xun-Crist family is very big in the military, and most of their grown children have joined the military straight out of high school. Mackenzie wouldn’t like it if Derrick ever did that. What if he went on tour and something happened to him?

She catches him inside the main building and makes him promise never to become a soldier. 

He tells her he was thinking of becoming a doctor instead anyway and accepts her hug with a smile.

Damn this place gets busy at night.

Ana’s husband Derrick passed away in the night. Raindrop goes to make sure she’s alright. 
“I’m thinking of retiring now. Staying home with little Elise until she’s all grown up.”

“Thats a good idea.” He tells her, and promises to stop by tomorrow to check up on her. 

Well, it won’t be the only time he’s broken a promise. But this may be his best excuse to date.

RIP my dear. Watcher will miss you always. You may or may not have been her favourite.

Madeline is terrified right now! Grim disappeared right after taking her grandpa away, but what if he comes back? What if he takes mom or dad next? What if he takes Mackenzie!

She can’t take it!

The light! It’s fading! Aaaaah! (Watcher: She actually got stuck in a loop of about 5 faints and was starving so I had to reset her and then send her to bed. But at least it made for good photos! Damn cowards.)

Sky can already feel the pull of her soul to the hands of the reaper. Its terrifying really, knowing she’s dying, but she needs to say her goodbyes first. And right now its taking all her strength to keep her form from disappearing. 

Jacob really can’t believe his mom is leaving again so soon. 

“I’ll always be with you.” She promises. “And so will your father. Keep us close if thats what you need, or leave us in the cemetery. We both loved you and your siblings so much, and I hope you never forget that. Don’t mourn our passing, look to your future and watch over your daughters. They need you right now.”

“I don’t want you to go again, mom.”
She smiles as he hugs her close. “I know Jacob. And I’m sorry, but I need you be strong for me. Can you do that?”
He can only nod.

She fights him for as long as she can, but it only gives her enough time to get to where she wants to be. 

She’s surprised to feel every leave as death takes her. With the death of her mortal form, her soul is freed. And once again, its... clean. Looks like Grim has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

Sabina doesn’t know how to go about helping Jacob heal. He’s always been a wall when it comes to sadness, and now is no different. Both his parents just passed away and he acts as if nothing is wrong.

“So I bought the lot across the street.”
Sabina looks at him curiously. “Oh? Any reason why?”
“The girls are getting older and they’ll need more space... plus this house doesn’t feel like home. I mean, we sleep in the garage Sabs. I’m meeting with an architect tomorrow. Are you okay with that?”
She smiles. “Yes. I am. As long as you’re sure that’s what you want.” 
“It is.”


FINALLY another set of twins in the family. Catherine and Dedric had twin girls. Robin and Sharla. I'll showcase them once they're toddlers. But I expect cuteness and lots of it <3.

RIP Raindrop and Sky... Raindrop had 7 grandkids at the time of his death, 5 of which were also Sky's grandchildren.

Old -> Young
Jeremie (Jessica), Madeline (Jacob), Mackenzie (Jacob), Devin (Jessica), Crystal (Jessica), Sharla (Catherine) and Robin (Catherine). Silly Clark still can't get into his wife's pants apparently. 


  1. Santiago the gym teacher. <3 I'm glad he's okay.

    I love love love the coward trait so much. They make the best faces. And Madeline's little freak out was adorable.

    RIP Sky and Rainy. :( It's nice to see that Sky's soul is clean once again. Her saying goodbye before she passes = :,)

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    Glad to see Sky's soul cleansed by death though :)

  4. Oh, okay, in regards to my last comment, I think I figured it out. this one. I am happy that Sky became clean in her death. Though I was rather expecting some evil plot twist, it makes sense as I feel her choice to stay in her human form and age with Raindrop may have redeemed her when she could have just chosen whatever she wanted. So yay. Also, random question but are any of her fae traits passed on to her kids/grandkids? Hair color, yes but does it mean anything fae?

  5. Your fae question was answered by Raindrop in his conversation with Jacob back in chapter 4.13. Sky's body was human, so there was nothing passed on from her, and the only thing Jacob got from his father was the ability to sense other fae, a love of water, and the ability to lure aquatic creatures.

  6. Errr, right. Please forgive me my idiocies. I was only on cup 1 of the coffee earlier. Eeek.

  7. *cries* I didn't think that I'd be so sad to see them die, but I am. RIP Rainy and Sky. I'll miss you two!

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