Saturday, January 14, 2012

5.16 - The Move

So these two are basically identical as children in my game. So obviously Klevkin sold her soul to EA to make all the attractive Crist boys. Just saying.

With the new house being built so quickly the girls spend most of their time in the art room, planning on painting enough to decorate the house all on their own.

The day before the twins’ birthday, the Sabos finally move into their new house.

... It needs some work.

Ah. Much better.

With Ana McKinley’s retirement, the big town politicians have been trying to pull at her most skilled agents. Sabina being one of them. She doesn’t want to be a gun for hire ever again, even if this time it is the government who pays her bills. The worst part is that she has to miss her baby’s birthday, but she knows she isn’t allowed to say no.

Jacob makes sure the twins have a happy birthday anyway.

Madeline goes first.

She’ll always be an absent-minded free spirit.

And second is Mackenzie.

Artsy all the way, my dear.

“Daddy... we want cars.”
“The art gallery is so far and I’ll need to drive there if I’m going to be an artist.”
“And I want to get a part time job! It’s just practical.”
Jacob feels as if they just stabbed him in the heart. Cars KILL the earth!

Age has only intensified Kenzie’s desire to paint.

Whereas Madeline’s passion has developed into something more... musical.

The next day is Jacob’s birthday. He really doesn’t want to become old and wrinkly, but at least Sabina is back home in time to cheer him up (She actually ages up the following day but I forgot to get photos). 
They never did have that third child they both wanted so badly... but at least they have the twins and each other. And Jacob for one couldn’t be happier.

Although he still isn’t looking forward to getting wrinkles.

Aww crap. Here is comes... (Also: Fanservice!)

Okay so this isn’t SO bad. But he still ends up with a midlife crisis... to therapy!

Also getting older:
Brandon Sperie isn’t so sure puberty is a good thing...

With the house finally fully decorated and his garden well on its way back to its former glory, Jacob finally returns to Meadow Glenn’s cemetery to see his parents’ tombstones.

Originally he was going to bring them home with him, but now there’s no room on the lot, and with Madeline’s tendency to faint at the slightly problem... having ghosts in the house probably wouldn’t be a good thing.

Kenzie invites Derrick over to hang out for the first time since they became teens, only becoming nervous when she sees him for the first time. Stupid hormones. He’s her best friend!

When she finally looks back up he’s looking down at his hands with a smile. “So, uh, I got in.”
She’s confused. “Got in to what?”
“That pre-med high school I applied to! Only one percent of applicants get accepted and I made the cut. I’m leaving in the morning.”

Oh. She knows the right thing to would be to congratulate him and wish him luck, but she can’t do it. Why didn’t he tell her about it before? Tomorrow is too soon, and what if they stop being friends while he’s gone?

“I can’t believe you, Derrick!” She growls. “You’re so selfish! What about high school? I thought we were supposed to graduate together! Its not like public school sucks or anything. You can still be a doctor if you graduate here!”
Derrick seemed to be expecting that reaction as he just smiles throughout her rant, nodding at the appropriate places. His passive aggressive reaction just makes her angrier.

“Kenzie you’re an artist, you can’t understand what kind of an opportunity this is for me. I was born with the potential for genius, but I constantly need to train it if I want to be a World Renown Surgeon. Its not like your art skills. Ever since you were a kid, your art just speaks to people, moves them. You’ve got a natural talent that will make your life easy. I need to take every opportunity I can get if I ever want to be something.”

His words actually hurt her. She been practicing her painting ever since she was a child. Every single day, even when her fingers hurt so much she thought they’d break. It isn’t as easy as he seems to think. 

“Well, I hope this school is worth every penny.” She mutters. 
He smiles, pulling her in for a hug. “Of course! And I’ll be here for prom and for graduation.”
She can’t tell if she wants to kill him or knee him in the groin, but she promises to call when she can.

Shortly after Derrick heads home Maddie arrives and instantly starts teasing about Kenzie being home alone with a boy. 
Kenzie’s just happy to finally have a reason to smack someone with a pillow.

Unfortunately for Kenzie, Maddie fights back. Her coward trait only reveals itself when she’s out in the town. Home is a safe place... *Snort*

Yeah. Watcher couldn't finish that sentence without laughing.


So both twins inherited Bea's mouth. I make fun of it a lot, but quite honestly... I love it. It gives them SO many expressions. Plus they're just adorable. Although Zoku was right, Maddie has Yuki's eyes and face shape down almost to a clone. 

Photo evidence: 


  1. Awww... Derrick and Kenzie.

    I like the new house. It looks much more spacious.

    And the first picture: When I first saw it, it reminded me of a doppleganger effect; like one was looking at his evil twin. Or if one of them had a mustache, it could be a bizarro version. Sealab 2021 has ruined me. D:

  2. Cece! You promised you wouldn't tell!

    I never realised how much they were alike! I thought Ryan always had a rounder face! And Derrick....boy what are you doing you stupid! I bet that's not how your raised!

    I'm wondering now though were the story will take us, Kenzie if I were you I'd punch Derrick in the face, the nerve of not telling his friend!

  3. The first photo I actually have in my blooper folder with the title: "Bitch stole mah spring rider!" It's one of my favourite photos ever. <3

  4. Oh the twins are beautiful! While I think Derrick should have told his best friend about applying to the school I kind of feel sorry for him for Mackenzie's reaction

  5. yuki to a T. Also YAY for the move finally. You held onto that long enough :P

  6. I really like Kenzie's face in the second from last photo..