Monday, January 16, 2012

5.18 - First Time (for Everything)

Sabina’s looking older.

But still has a body hot enough to melt ice.

Prom arrives and true to his word, Derrick is back in town and looking fine. 

“Gosh I missed you.” He mutters as they hug. “I mean, there are girls at school, but none of them are like you. They’re all so dull and boring. The best part of my day is when I get to call you.”
Something jumps in Kenzie’s chest when she hears his words, but she tries to brush it off.

She tries to pull away but he stops her. “I’m serious, y’know. I really care about you Kenzie, and I don’t think its just as a friend.”
She doesn’t know what to say, and thankfully she’s saved from answering by the arrival of the limo.

Mackenzie’s Prom dress (With her cousin Robin Sabo-Crist in the background):

And Madeline’s Prom dress:

At prom Ryan asks Maddie to go steady and they’re voted cutest couple, but neither win a crown. That honour falls to Mackenzie and Derrick. During their spotlight dance he kisses her in front of everyone and then asks her to go steady. She almost says yes before spotting Brandon leaving through the front door. She runs after him but its too late, he’s gone. She decides to just head home instead of going back inside.

Mackenzie really doesn’t want to go to school today. (So she fakes sick.)

Unfortunately for her, she forgot Derrick’s plane doesn’t leave until that evening, so when Maddie tells him Mackenzie was home sick he stops by. 
Kenzie wishes he hadn’t.

“So... you’re not sick?”
She shakes her head. “Listen I just... I wish you hadn’t put me on the spot like that at prom. I do really like you Derrick, but I just can’t go steady with you. You’re still in school, and if I was going to go steady with you I’d want you to be here with me. I just didn’t want to face anyone at school today after just leaving standing there last night.” The truth was there was only one person she couldn’t face today, but Derrick doesn’t need to know that.

His facial expression shows her that he think she’s talking out of her ass.

“Well I’ll be back in town to stay after graduation.” He reminds her. “Would you be willing to wait for me until then?”

She shrugs. “I dunno. I want to, but you know I have no patience.”
“You have lots of patience.”
“Not as much as you seem to think I do.”

He takes her hand, leaning forward to whisper into her ear. “I’m not so patient either, but I’m willing to wait for you to make up your mind. I just wish you’d tell me you feel the same way about me that I feel about you.”

She pulls back and then kisses him. 

“Thats nice.” He smiles. “But I dunno if thats what I was looking for exactly.”
She giggles. “Oh? Then what exactly are you looking for?”
“For you to tell me you love me.”
“Yeah, we both know that’s not happening. But maybe we can... do something else?”

Kenzie’s room is right next to Madeline’s. Sometimes Ryan comes over after school and they spend some time alone in it. Kenzie doesn’t need to be a genius to know what they do, she just needs good ears. 

She wants to see what woo-hoo is all about, and Derrick certainly doesn’t want to turn her request down.

Luckily Derrick has to leave for his plane before Kenzie’s parents get home. 

Not that they’d notice anything anyway. With two grown daughters, and both of them at the top of their respective careers... Jacob and Sabina have eyes (and time) only for each other.


Kenzie has a very wrong definition of what "making love" means. More on that later.

Dammit Derrick and Brandon are both SO cute... even Watcher can't make up her mind! D :


  1. Woohoo!!! (now, i get why that's the english term for it :P you don't want to know the dutch's the main reason why I always install my game in english!)

    Kenzie and Derrick, sitting in a tree, K-I-S....wait, no thats not right.....

    *on same tune*

    Kenzie and Derrick, homping in a bed, ma-king-woo-pie-so-much-fun :)

    Poor Brandon, I do feel for him you know, and I'm glad Kenzie did account for his feelings as well!

    As for my preference.....i'm not giving any :P cause I'm ehm, how do you call that in english?? I know there is a term for it.....well not able to make a objective choice cause derrick is mine and I love him to be in the story :)

  2. ^biased?

    I love both Derrick and Brandon. How is she going to choose?!?!

  3. Klev: Just to clarify- I was giving you the word, not calling you biased. :)

  4. lol I think that was indeed the word i was looking for, thanks Giga! and i got what you meant right away hihi :P

  5. Oh man. Poor Kenzie. I don't hate her, I rather pity her almost. She seems more interested in trying to make everyone (at least the boys) happy than worrying about what she really wants. Though she certainly seems to be leaning towards Brandon more, regardless of actions.

    Also, I know you post at night but I have decided on reading when I get up in the morning, with my first cup of coffee. Otherwise, I feel sad without a morning Sabo story. :)

  6. I'm awfully intrigued to know what Kenzie's definition of making love is

  7. Or does SHE even know what she wants??? I felt like that this year, its hard because you dont want to hurt other people but you dont know how you feel about it yourself. Or let them go.