Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5.19 - Friends, or...

After Derrick’s departure the guilt is eating at Kenzie more than ever before. This may be the biggest mistake of her life, but Madeline already knows and she can’t keep a secret to save her life, so Kenzie wants to tell Brandon what happened before he can hear it from someone else. 
“So I hear you left prom after I did? I didn’t mean to ruin your night too, y’know.”
Oh great he blames himself, this just makes everything worse.

She burst into tears, soaking his shirt almost instantly as he holds her close, totally confused. “Um... did I say something wrong?”
“N-no.” She manages through her sobs. “I just... oh god I’m so STUPID.”
“Kenzie I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now what’s going on?”

She pulls away, drying her tears with her arm. “Brandon I... I cheated on you. I mean, I know we’re not going steady or anything but I shouldn’t have done what I did with Derrick.”

He shrugs. “Derrick was your best friend even when we were kids. I’ll admit that I was hurt when you kissed him but it was the heat of the moment. I can forgive you.”
She groans, holding her head. “Brandon, I’m not talking about what happened at prom...”

“I uh... I slept with him...” 
Brandon can’t believe what he’s hearing. “You WHAT?”
“He came over to say goodbye and I just...” She shakes her head. “I’m so sorry.”

“Get out.”
She looks up at him in shock. “Brandon, I-”
“I know. You’re sorry.” He almost mocks. “Well I’m sorry too, but I really can’t talk to you right now. I’ll forgive you tomorrow, if that’s what it’ll take to still be friends with you. But right now I just want to be alone. So please, get the fuck out.”

Oh... Okay. Fine.

True to his word, when she invites him over to her house the following day he accepts. 

She’s worried he’s still mad up until she turns to face him, only to be greeted by a pillow to the kisser.
Not what she was expecting.

“HAH! I got you good!” He laughs, holding his belly. “Oh man I’ve been wanting to do that since forever!”
She smiles. “Oh yes... you got me alright...”


And just like that, the tension is gone.

They stop a while later, completely worn out from laughing so hard, and Mackenzie leans against him for balance.
She considers her words carefully. “So... we’re cool?”

He nods. “We’re cool.”
“Oh thank goodness.”

Her parents and sister get home so they head outside to watch the stars.

Slowly, she slips her hand onto his. 
“Brandon... I know you forgave me as a friend... but do you think you can give me a second chance at romance too?”
“I thought you were with Derrick now.”
She shrugs. “But Derrick isn’t here when I need him. You are.”

He shrugs and then moves his arm so she can move closer. “I guess I can give us another chance. Although I don’t think we should go steady or anything like that.”
She nods. “I agree. We should just be lovers.”
He’s only half listening. “Lovers?”

Quick as a flash she’s on top of him, straddling his hips as he puts an arm behind her just to keep from falling over. “Kenzie what are you-”
“Well if we’re going to be lovers we may as well do it, right?”
He’s silent for a moment, contemplating an answer. “... Can I keep my hat on?”

She lets him keep the hat on. It's sexy.

I’m guessing the woo-hoo wasn’t that good as right after they popped back up they did this:

Lol. I wish I could make Brandon's hat into a meme. If only sims 3 legacy stories were more popular. 


  1. lol :D i'm not going to do my song again :P

    gosh kenzie sure has a complicated life!! Can't believe Brandon suggested to not go steady though! I'd have pinned her down and put all claims on her if I were him :)

  2. Kenzie, what are you doing?! At least Brandon is into it, I guess. :/

  3. Poor Brandon. The "he's not here for me when I need him" would have had me asking "well, what happens when he is here". That boy is in too deep and I'm afraid he's going to get hurt again because Kenzie can't make up her mind.

  4. Oh Kenzie... What are you going to do when Derrick comes home again?

    I don't know what it is about your sims, but I keep finding myself talking directly to them when I read your chapters!

  5. *which by the way is a good thing :)