Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5.20 - Made a Mistake

Yeah. Really the last thing you wanna see sneaking out of your daughter’s room at 4 a.m. in the morning is a boy. 

“Brandon, when Sabina and I gave you permission to spend nights at our home it was under the assumption that you and Mackenzie would be sleeping separately.”

His face twists into something cruel and almost sadistic. “Now, I have a wife who is a trained assassin and a garden in need of some new fertilizer... I suggest you leave and never ever return. Otherwise your face may replace your aunt Adalyn’s at the local police department.”
Brandon almost pisses himself then and there. “Y-yes sir. I'll be leaving right away sir.”

Santiago moves into the house across from the Sabos. Sabina stops by to see how her little brother is doing. 
It’s nothing but good news. A recent promotion to elementary school teacher.

A step-son.

And a beautiful, pregnant wife. (Rochelle Sabo-von Hagen. Glimmer and Angelo's oldest daughter)

Sabina’s thrilled for her brother, and she can’t wait to meet her new niece or nephew. You can’t take a step in this town without stepping on one of her daughter’s paternal cousins. It’ll be nice to finally have her baby brother’s blood in this town’s gene pool.

Mackenzie has no idea why but lately she’s been starving no matter how much she eats, plus cravings for the weirdest foods. (Anchovy sushi, anyone?)

Although maybe she should’ve picked the apple pancakes instead... cause 2 hours later, those little fishies are coming right back up.

After puking herself inside out (At least thats what it felt like), Mackenzie’s convinced something’s wrong. She has a sneaking suspicion of what it is, but she needs to be sure. Well, there’s one person she knows who’ll be able to help with that.

“Hey Derrick! I uh... I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and I dunno if I should go see a doctor or just wait it out. Care to help with that decision?”

She tells him her symptoms: Back ache, nausea, cravings, exhaustion. He mutters something about having to check his books before falling completely silent.
“Derrick? Is everything okay?”
“Uh...” He stops and then sighs. “Kenzie I’m not trying to pry or anything but you have slept with anyone since... well, the time we did it?”
She swallows nervously, not wanting to tell him about Brandon. “... Why exactly are you asking?”

“Because all your symptoms lead to one thing: pregnancy. And if you’d gotten pregnant from me you would’ve been pretty close to giving birth by now.”
She falls silent, thinking back to last night. She and Brandon had been too focused on keeping quite, trying to not let each other’s nervousness show. They hadn’t even thought about protection. “Oh my gosh, Derrick what do I do?”
“Well, if you’re not showing by now you will be soon. You’ve got to tell someone. And be sure to go to the hospital when the baby comes, you’re young and it’ll be dangerous.” He’s silent for a moment. “Listen I have to go. But uh... I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?”
She knows he won’t.

And only a couple of hours later, she gets confirmation that he was right.

Well, no sense in putting this off. They’ll figure it out sooner or later.

“Dad I need to tell you something, but can you promise not to be mad?”
His face falls instantly. “Uh oh... what’s going on?”
She decides to just say it. “I’m pregnant. It’s Brandon’s. He doesn’t know.”

Jacob has no idea what to say, and he can’t hide his disappointment, though he does try. “Kenzie-”
“I’m sorry.” Is all Mackenzie can say, wondering if she sounds like a broken record yet. “I made a stupid mistake and I don’t know what to do now.”

“It’s okay.” He manages at last. “We’ll get through this as a family, I promise you. Your mother and I will both be here for you but maybe you should let me talk to her first. She’ll be home soon so I suggest you run back upstairs and try to lock the door. We’ll be upstairs once she’s calm.”

Unfortunately, Jacob forgets sometimes that his wife still makes no noise when she walks. She’s already home, and she heard everything.

“You stupid slut!” Sabina yells before Jacob can stop her. “Do you have any idea what this will do to our family? To your sister? We trusted you to think like an adult, Kenzie and you’ve let me down in the worst way! What were you THINKING?”

Jacob can’t believe what he’s hearing. “Sabina, that’s enough.” 
She shakes her head. “Only for now. I don’t want to see your ever again, Mackenzie. You’re no daughter of mine.”

She marches upstairs and with a shake of his head Jacob gives his daughter a hug, muttering an excuse for her mother’s words and ordering her to stay put before leaving her to go outside. Mackenzie is left standing in the living room by herself and she’s never felt more alone or humiliated. She knew her mother would react badly... but this was something she never saw coming. Even in her worst fears.


Oh hey it looks like she's going to run away. No. No she's not. I worked too damn hard on this house to let it go so fast *Eye twitch*. Kenzie, the story is mine now. Deal with it. 

Kenzie smiles roughly... 80% of the time, and it is SO difficult to get her to look sad for scenes. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get to chose any of her baby's traits just because of all the mood lowering I had to do. Eh. She'll get over it.


  1. its a day for sad emotional stories..... I can stop crying.

  2. Oh my, that was an unexpected reaction from Sabina! Poor Kenzie

  3. oh dear, that was not what I expected from Sabina either!

    Derrick sure is forgiving :) either he doesn't really love Kenzie, or he loves her so much, and he knows her through and through and already decided to accept it :)(I'm hoping for the latter :P would still love to see a Derrick/Kenzie spawn :P)

  4. Oh did I mention? Kenzie, you can always come and live with me hun! We have a spare room at the attic :)

  5. Whoa! Sabina. D:

    Random side note: I'm so glad you included Rochelle! <3

  6. Well, at least she knows who the father is.
    But, is Brendan completely out of the picture now, just because her dad yelled at him?

  7. Man, oh man. It's rather nice (in a sadistic sort of way) to see a family that does NOT react well to a teen-pregnancy. I can't decide if I think Sabina will calm down and apologize or not. Also, glad to see Santiago again, and doing so well!