Thursday, January 19, 2012

5.21 - Heart Thieves

Mackenzie stays home from school pretending to be sick, and Madeline is sworn to secrecy (by pain of death at Kenzie’s hands). But still, Brandon calls constantly to ask if she’s feeling any better. He wants to come over but Kenzie always makes up some excuse or another. She knows its breaking his heart, but she still isn’t sure how to tell him that he’s going to be a father so young. She doesn’t want to rob him of whatever childhood freedom he has left.

She spends most of her time painting. Hoping it’ll distract from everything that’s going on, but instead her paintings just take on whatever is plaguing her mind. She can’t face her mother, her father tries to be kind but she can tell he’s hurting, and she can’t lean on either of her best friends for support. Derrick because he won't answer his phone, and Brandon because she can't tell him the truth.

She calls this painting “The Thieves”. Something compels her to hang it in the nursery rather than sell it.

Its late one night when Jacob finally catches his wife trying to sneak out of the house under the cover of darkness.

“Hurting that boy won’t make this go away.” He tells her as she walks down to meet him. “Whats done is done and the only one whose made a worse mistake than her is you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jacob.”
He sighs. “Sabina, I know you’re disappointed, so am I. I was furious too when she told me, but lashing out at her will only make things worse. She’s our daughter, and she needs us more than ever. She’s having a baby, but she’s still just a baby herself. She doesn’t know whats happening and she’s scared. She needs her parents. Not just me, but you too.”

“But I’m scared.” She tells him, speaking for the first time since she yelled at their daughter. “I’ve been trying so hard to be a good mother to our girls, give them their freedom and love them like my mother never did to me. And I just ruined all of that.”
He pulls her into a hug. “I know Sab, I know.”

She pulls away slightly. “What am I supposed to do? You’re so calm and level headed. I can’t even think straight right now, and I’m so embarrassed. How are you so strong?”
He shrugs. “I’m only strong because I need to be. This isn’t about us anymore. It’s about Kenzie, and she needs us.”
“What should I do?”
“The first thing you need to do is apologize.”

Kenzie’s worried, and with good reason. 

“I’m so sorry, mom.” Is the first thing Mackenzie says. 
Sabina’s heart breaks. “Kenzie please, I’m the one who should be apologizing. You made a mistake, and you’re paying for it. You don’t need more grief from me and I am so sorry for the things I said to you earlier. You didn’t deserve it.”
“I’m scared.”

“I know, hunny.” Sabina soothes. “But you don’t have to go through this alone. Your father and I are here for you, I promise.”

Kenzie’s face hints at a smile. “No more yelling?”
Sabina nods. “No more yelling, I promise. I am so sorry for what I said, can you ever forgive me?”

“I love you, mom.” She mutters, hugging her mother. 
Sabina pulls her in close, kissing her head softly. “I love you more.”

Somehow, someone found out about Kenzie’s pregnancy. Madeline would swear in court that it wasn’t her, and even Ryan claims he’s clean (although he admits Derrick called and told him). 

Madeline’s just happy they never slipped up. She loves her sister dearly, but she’s happy she and Ryan have never forgotten the rubbers. And they’ve both agreed to no more woo-hoo until they’re adults.

It isn’t until they’re heading to the bistro for lunch that Maddie sees Brandon talking to the class bitch, Gabriel Vasquez. He takes one look at her and then takes off while Gabby stands there smiling. 
Well, that’s going to be a problem.

“Bitch it was YOU!” Madeline says, putting the puzzle pieces together. Gabriel and her mother were the Sabo’s neighbors for a while, and it wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine Gabriel could’ve sneaked one peak at Mackenzie’s current form and told everyone.

“Oh whatever, Maddie. Your sister’s a slut, and can you believe Brandon didn’t even know? I mean, everyone thought they were together and now the baby isn’t even his? Poor kid’s totally heartbroken!”
“Brandon IS the father.” Maddie growls. “And don’t you dare call my sister a slut you whore!”

Fight scene!

Oh that’s humiliating.

Jacob’s furious when Maddie comes home in a cop car. “Fighting? In public? What’s gotten into you, Maddie?”

“... Gabby told everyone about Kenzie’s pregnancy. And she told Brandon he wasn’t the father. I just got so mad and I wanted her to hurt. I’m sorry dad, it won’t happen again.”
“I know it won’t.” He says with a smile, proud that his daughters look out for each other. “Now how about you go inside while I deal with these officers? I’m sure Kenzie would appreciate all the gory details of your fight.”

Kenzie’s expecting twins, and she’s worried, but Maddie calms her down. “Come on sis, look at how well we get along, and dad and aunt Jessica. Your babies will be best friends, trust me.”

Time to find out! 

Sabina takes Kenzie to the hospital herself. 

A few hours later, the twins are born. 

And Madrid.


It's not that I don't think the Sabos would be supportive of a teen pregnancy... I just think that when you consider Sabina's upbringing, it would be hard to see her be supportive right away, while for Jacob being supportive fits his personality well.

Although I got another set of twins I don't really count these towards my "curse" because I put a radio in Kenzie's room while she painted to get her mood up, and only realized AFTER the birth that it had been playing kids music. So I'm thinking that did it instead of just luck. (But if the heir comes out a twin as well then yes, my curse is still going strong)

(That said, Madrid came out ADORABLE so I may just make her my heir.)

The next heir hasn't been born but I will still post the Gen 7 rolls.

- Single Parent with Help 
- 2 children
- Primary Career: Freelance Scientist
- Secondary Career: Busker
- Gen goal: Fulfilled (Oh god...)
- Misc fun: Live Your Trait

Oh and the family tree has been fully updated... now I just need to get photos. Friggin Raindrop has like a BAJILLION grandkids! 


  1. ROFL at the family tree, I'm trying to get up to date as well, and hate the fact I'm not able to get all the pictures all the time!

    I can't wait to see the twins to grow up, and I think you were right about Sabina, it would be out of character....she made a great come back though! I just blame it on "she never learned how to deal with her emotions properly, so she just lashes out..."

  2. I love their names!

    And I'm glad that Sabina and Kenzie are back on marginally good terms. It's going to be tough for poor Kenzie!

    And Gabriel deserved what she got. Go Maddie! (even though you lost). ; )

  3. Yay, teen cat fight!
    It's too bad Maddie lost, though. Still, fun scene. And, Gabriel's shorts, lol.

  4. Love maddie there! Sticking up for her sister!

    Dublin and Madrid, lovely names!

  5. Oh, I love how Sabina redeemed herself.