Monday, January 2, 2012

5.5 - I Think I Love You

Ana’s pregnant with her fourth child (A girl named Elise). She invites Raindrop over to talk. 
“So I notice I still haven’t received any missing persons report on your wife...”
He ignores her and makes baby talk with her tummy. 
“Ana I’m not going to be filling out a missing persons report on Sky. She’s not missing.”

“So I’m guessing you know exactly where the body is?”
Raindrop glares at her before turning back to her belly. “She’s not dead. I’d know.”
“Right, that connection thing you have?”
He nods. “Yep. I can sense her on and off, particularly if she’s feeling a strong emotion, or if she’s close. But she isn’t dead. And she’s not my problem anymore.”
Ana just sighs. 

He notices the look on her face and straightens up. “Ana I’m serious. I’m fine. Sky leaving me... it was for the best. Things weren’t right between us anymore, and Jacob’s here to help me with the kids.”
She gives him the smallest of smiles. “Well... if you ever need anybody, I’m here for you, okay?”
He pulls her in for a hug. “Thanks Ana. I really appreciate it. Now come on, Neverglade’s police chief is waiting for us online. Lets go listen to the new evidence in the Dawn von Hagen deaths.”

Dedric Xun-Crist grows into a handsome young teen... with soft and bouncy haaaair.

Catherine came over to tease him about getting the second highest score on their math test but then she gets distracted.

It takes her a few minutes before she realizes he’s staring at her too. “Uh... what are you doing, Dedric?”
He shrugs. “I unno. I thought we were having a staring contest. You started it.”
“I did no such thing.”
“I’m sure you’ll find that you totally did.”

Danya’s calling it right now.

“So Prom’s coming up. Stupid Noe got prom king at his and he hasn’t shut up about it. I bet if we run as a couple we’ll win hands down. Everyone loves you, and by default, they’ll love me too.”

Catherine smiles. “You saying you only want me cause I’m popular?”
He matches her smile. “Hey you were the one staring at me earlier.”

He’s got her there. But she knows how to throw him off his game.

Winner: Catherine Sabo. 

 Sabina breaks the toilet. Jacob tells her to just call a repairman but she won’t have it, and decides to unclog it herself. Its not as hard as she imagined it would be...

Jacob’s room gets a makeover. 

The biggest change is the new bed.

Sabina has never let them get any farther then making out and maybe copping a feel every now and then, but Jacob’s hoping to change that tonight. 

“So I was thinking... if we’re going to start sharing a bed we may as well break it in on the first night, right?” 
Sabina feels a shred of panic, but there’s no malice in Jacob’s eyes. Just nervousness and a bit of hope. “I’d much rather not sleep with you Jacob... but if this is what you want in return for letting me stay with you...”

He laughs. “Don’t pull that card with me, Sab. You know I don’t want anything in exchange for letting you stay. It’s my pleasure to help.” 
She rolls her eyes. “Yeah, right.”
“Why can’t you just accept that I don’t have a hidden agenda for being nice to you?”

She feels herself losing her temper. “Because its not NORMAL. Nobody does things just to be nice!”
“Well, I do.”
“Well, you’re a freak.”
He smiles. “And I’m okay with that.”

Rolling her eyes, she sits up, back to him as she gets up from the bed. “Forget it. I’m going to go sleep on the couch.” 

She changes into her pyjamas, but before she can grab some shut eye Jacob appears. 

He takes a seat next to her,  not smiling. 
“Whatever you did... it must have been horrible.

“... What?”

He looks at her, eyes radiating anger for the first time since she’s met him. “You act the same way my dad does. He’s constantly hurting himself, won’t let himself be happy because of some stuff he did when he was younger, and for a while he was letting the guilt eat him alive. I see you falling into the same trap and I don’t want that. You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to, but please, I’m here for you.” He pauses momentarily, eyes softening. “Whenever I look at you, you seem sad. And I don’t like it. So please, let me in, and let me make you happy.”

She can’t look at him. “Why do you even care?”
He speaks without thinking. “Because I think I’m in falling in love with you.”

She looks up at him sharply. “... Excuse me?”

He hesitates. “I... I think I’m falling in love with you.” Her face doesn’t change and although he can’t hide his smile, his heart begins to sink. “Was that the wrong thing to say?”

To his surprise she smiles.

And then slinks under his arm.

“No.” She whispers, leaning in for a soft kiss. “That was the perfect thing to say.”


Okay so I'm not TERRIBLE at writing romance... I think... Was that at least passable?

Oh and some photos of next gen simmies.

Starla McKinley and her big brother Gonzalo McKinley.

Noel Xun-Crist. (Coincidentally, she WAS born on Christmas Day)

And Angelita Smith. Adamaris' daughter by Chad Starr.


  1. Dedric puts Fabio's hair to *shame*.

    Jacob the nice Sabo heir. Are you sure he wasn't switched at birth?

  2. You know maybe he WAS switched at birth. O_o Now that I think about it, that would make sense. I mean, Sky and Rainy were in the hospital for a looong time when the twins were born.

  3. That would explain the general lack of serial murders...

  4. That was so sweet, Jacob really is incredibly nice and adorable

  5. D'awwww. How cute!

    ...That deserves another: D'awwww! =D

  6. Cute is an understatement. I'm happy that Jacob is happy (at least for now). ; )

  7. D'aaaaaaaaaw

    you did great on writing the romance! On both parts! Catherine is a lovely witty young lady! And Jacob is very very sweet! I hope he can get Sabina to find some peace.

    It was fun to see Boy and Danya :D Derrick looks like he's pouting though :P

    I love it how their children look more like danya in your game. And how none of mine got Danya's haircolor *pouts*