Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5.6 - Admittance of Guilt

Sabina used to consider herself a natural at chess... so why does Clark keep kicking her ass at it?

She’s making every effort to get to know Jacob’s family better, and maybe make friends with them. 

So she plays with Clark whenever he wants her to, and gives Catherine a makeover.

(Watcher note: I never realized how pretty Catherine’s features were until her hair got glitched and disappeared. Seriously. Look at those eyes!)

The only person Sabina hasn’t made an effort to know is Jacob’s father. And thats because he scares her. Unfortunately for her, he decides that they do need to talk.
“So you’re a von Hagen, eh? Funny, I thought your mother’s strain of children were all bat shit crazy with the exception of Tacia.”

Sabina feels a shiver of panic when she realizes she probably won't be able to lie herself out of this situation. 
“I... I’m not crazy. No one in my family is. We’re just... different.”
“Uh huh. And would a sane person kill their half-sister after she takes them in?”
Sabina’s face falls. “Don’t say that. You don’t have any idea what happened the night Tacee died.”

“Tacee? Don’t bother trying to win my sympathy through cutesy nicknames, Sabina. The office has hard DNA evidence of you at the scene the night Tacia and Cho were killed, and a witness testimony saying that you were living with them for a while before they died. Even if you didn’t pull the trigger, you were there, and you saw something. I’m sorry, but I need to take you in for questioning.”

“You don’t know what happened.” She repeats. 
He caves in. “Alright. Then tell me what happened.”
“I killed them both.” She admits immediately. “I didn’t have much choice in the matter.”
“Everyone has a choice-”
“I didn’t.” She knows she shouldn’t be telling anyone this (especially not a cop) but right now the words won’t stop coming out. “The only reason my brother and I were born was so mom could have her perfect little assassins. She tried with my older sisters but failed because Tacia had them removed from my mother’s custody, but she couldn’t do that with me and my brother because mom took us away, hid us in her booby trapped house while we grew up. I didn’t see another sim until I was a teenager, and mother would leave me on the far side of town, hungry and with no money. I did a lot of stuff I wasn’t proud of, and on one of those instances Tacia found me, and she took me in.”

“And you thanked her by killing her?”
“I didn’t want to! But when mother found out I’d managed to gain access to their home... she ordered me to kill Tacia first chance I got. I tried to postpone it but then mother threatened to send Santiago, my brother, in to get the job done and... well... he’s an idiot, and too soft for his own good. If he tried to kill Tacia he’d be dead himself within minutes. So I did it myself. Four shots. Three in her chest, and the last in her head. I didn’t intend for her to suffer... but I was shaking so much. I couldn’t shoot straight.” 
“And Cho?”
Sabina hesitates. “Cho was never supposed to get hurt. Mother wanted to use her to gain a hand in the political world. But Cho came home from work early and I didn’t hear the door open. When she came into the room... I just acted on instinct.”
“Cho was my cousin. Her father was my mother’s half brother.”
Her face falls. “I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. Every time I close my eyes I just can’t help but...”

“See their faces?” He finishes for her. “You regret it more than anything, but no matter how you much you punish yourself, it won’t bring them back.”
She looks at him curiously. “How do you know?”
“You’re not the only one who’s killed someone close to you.”
She can’t help herself. “Who did you hurt?”
“My twin brother.” Raindrop responds. “When we were just children, I got jealous when I saw him playing with my best friend. He told me that she liked him better and I believed him. So when he turned his back to me I pushed him. He hit his head and fell unconscious, and then I pushed him into the pool and let him drown.” 

She can’t believe his words. “And you’re still going to turn me in?”
“Did Cho suffer?”
Sabina shakes her head. “No. I reacted on instinct, perfect shot to her head. She was gone before she hit the ground.”
Her words match the evidence he’s memorized perfectly. “Oh Watcher... you really did do it.”
“I’m sorry.” She whispers again. “I’ll leave immediately, and I won’t darken your door step again. Just... please tell Jacob I’m sorry. I love him, but I can’t ask your family to protect me any longer. It’s not fair to any of you.”
Raindrop sighs. “No one ever asks this family for protection... but you’re one of us now, and we keep each other safe.”

She doesn’t smile. “Mr. Sabo I can’t accept-”
“Sabina there’s only one way to make the guilt stop. It’s to find someone who makes you happy, and then to never let them go. I couldn’t accept happiness, and I forced my only love to leave. I’m not going to let you hurt my son the way I hurt his mother.”

At last she smiles, and throws her arms around him. “Thank you, Mr. Sabo. I don’t know what to say.”
“Say nothing.” He tells her. “This won’t be the first time this family has covered up murder.”

Jacob comes in behind them, smiling. “Oh! You’re bonding. I’ll uh... I’ll come back later.”

Raindrop mutters an excuse about needing to make dinner while Sabina grabs Jacob’s hand to stop him from leaving. 
“There’s something I need to tell you.” She whispers.
She can’t hold back her smile. “I love you. I don’t think I love you. I just... do. And I’m not going anywhere.”

He smiles and pulls her in for an embrace. “Good. Because I love you too. And I'm not about to let you go.”

Jacob’s a bit of an eco-nut. He loathes taxis and would rather walk across hot coals than use one of his dad’s gas guzzlers... so he uses his mom’s old pink bike to get around town. 

Sabina’s a fast learner, and the handiness skill comes naturally to her. So when the TV breaks down she doesn’t even consider calling for a repair man. She just does it herself.

Clark’s birthday arrives. 

He ages into a handsome young man with dreams of becoming an officer like his father.

Raindrop couldn’t be prouder of his baby boy. He wishes Clark would stay, but Clark already has a house in mind and his eye on a certain girl. 

Her name is Shannon Sperie-Archer, and she had absolutely no influence on why Clark wants to join the police force. 

Raindrop runs into Ana at the park. He tries to avoid her but that girl’s faster than a cheetah when she senses fear. 
“Well? Why haven’t you brought miss von Hagen in for questioning yet?”

“Cause she didn’t do it.” He lies.
Ana gives him a look that shows she doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. “Rainy... we’ve talked about this. Wether or not you want to believe she’s done anything, we need to hand her over to the Neverglade police force. It’s their investigation and we need to cooperate.”
He shrugs. “It’ll be fine.”
Ana almost groans in annoyance. “Even your Chad can’t cover this murder up. Too many people know about it already.”
“I don’t need Chad. I can handle it myself.”

She smiles at him, in a way that makes him very uncomfortable. “Listen. I need her in the office by your next work shift. Or I’ll be at your door with two pairs of handcuffs, and a confession letter signed by you with detailed directions to miss Adalyn Sperie’s body. Understood?”

He looks at her in shock. “... You wouldn’t.”
She gives him her sweetest smile. “I believe the phrase is: try me.”

Raindrop walks home, trying to get his mind off of Ana’s words. Walking through a shortcut he feels a sudden calmness around him. As if he’s in the arms of someone who cares for him. He stops, looking around but he sees no one. 

He recognizes the feeling, and knows that Sky is near, but he can’t sense exactly where. The butterflies gather around him, but he can’t tell which one is her, or if thats even the form she’s currently occupying, but he decides to take his chances. 
“Sky... if you’re listening, I need your help. I need to find a way to get Sabina acquitted, but the evidence against her is solid. Is there any way at all to do this aside from giving her and Jacob a car and telling them to run for the hills?”
He’s about to turn back around when he hears her voice by his ear. “Aarun.” 
It hits him like a light switch.

“Hellooooo grandpa. Let’s take a look at your old journals, shall we?”


OKAY. SO. BEFORE YOU START YELLING. Someone WILL be getting a comeuppance for Tacia and Cho's deaths, but it probably won't be Sabina (I say probably because the little details of one certain scene are still up in the air).

Also: The only reasons Sabina wasn't glowing up in those first photos was cause my computer hates me and my CC was bitching so I had to turn off advanced rendering and fool around until they started working again. 

I've sort of been abusing Sabina's vampire abilities to get her to skill handiness, but I have NOT been skilling her at anything else (besides the times Clark rolls a wish to play chess with her) so I think that makes up it. The worst part about the "no stranger"roll for me is when things break. Especially the TV and computer. I've had so many sims die from fixing those things... < / 3

I love the bright blue Sperie eyes. Clark if you don't marry Shannon and have a dozen blue-eyed babies I will hurt you.


  1. Shannon is cute :D She looks gorgeous......

    I can't wait to see where this is going!

    At first my sims died while fixing stuff as well, but haven't had that in quite some time now!

  2. Damn...I did not see that coming. Can we get rid of the crazy Cynthia once and for all? She has been screwing with the Sabos for far too long! *still doesn't forgive her for Malinda

  3. I had an inkling that Sabina had been up to no good, but hadn't connected her to Cho & Tacia's deaths.

    I'm not sure what to think of her at the moment...

  4. Savannah's eyes <3 I'm happy they will be continuing somewhere! It's all chance now if they will make it back into my legacy or not... Shannon spam, yes?

  5. IF Shannon and Clark do as they're told, get married, and have babies... then there will be loads of spam photos of them. So far they've only had one "holding hands" pop-up so I may need to use my Watcher powers.