Thursday, January 5, 2012

5.7 - Normal

Jessica calls her brother. She’s pregnant with her husband’s baby. No big deal. Thought he should know.
Jacob didn't even know Jessica was married. He doesn’t remember getting a wedding invitation.

Lawl. Look at her face.

Sabina’s a night owl, and tends to have the whole house to herself from dusk until dawn. Sometimes Jacob gets out of bed after she has just to surprise her in the shower.

Watcher wonders if his constantly happy-go-lucky attitude is the result of drugs.

Oh yeah, Prom happens. 
Catherine wins prom queen, and Dedric wins king. It would have been so much funner if daddy hadn’t forced her into finishing her homework before heading out. She is MISSING HER PROM PHOTOS DAD. GOSH.

Raindrop’s been out of the house a lot lately, and late one night, Sabina finally figures out why.

He motions for her to take a seat across from him, and she she does, eyeing the strange red bottle between them nervously. 
“So um... what’s this?”
“The answer to keeping you out of jail.”

She raises an eye brow of disbelief and he explains. 
“I used to do a lot of reading when I was a kid. It kept me sane whenever I was grounded. One of my ancestors was a private investigator, and he kept detailed notes of every case he ever worked on. One of them was for your grandparents, Sabina. Your grandfather was born a vampire, but was framed for a crime against the government. He managed to take one of the remaining cures for vampirism and when the government finally caught up to him and your grandmother he had to be acquitted of all charges because the DNA didn’t match. The cure changed his biological make up. Made him into a completely different person.”

Sabina looks at the bottle again. “And this is the cure?”
Raindrop nods. “One of the last ones there are. No one's been able to recreate the recipe since. I had to call in a few favours, but luckily I’m not the only one in this city with skeletons in the closet. Take it and any biological evidence we have will be completely worthless. I’ve seen the evidence, everything else is just circumstantial.” 
“Circumstantial evidence can still carry a guilty verdict. What about the witness you mentioned before? This seems like a drastic measure with very little chance of success.”

He squirms in his seat. “Well... its all I’ve got right now. Take the cure, I’ll take you in for questioning, they’ll have to drop some of the charges, and then we’ll see where we go from there. It’s the best I can do with what I’ve got, Sabina. It’s either this or handing you my car keys and telling you and Jacob to run.”

Sabina makes up her mind quickly. “Running never solves any problems.”

The potion terrifies her... but she’ll do it.

Here goes nothing!

Ow ow ow.

The pain is intense, but its over quickly.

And for the first time ever, Sabina feels... 


Okay NEITHER of her parents had grey eyes. Where the heck did those come from?

(And if the heir doesn't inherit them I will scream)


  1. Oeh!! I love that you brought that back up :D the dna changing!! I love it anyway how your story always entails more then just loose comments and everything ties up to something else in the end!!

    She's a very gorgeous human being!

    and though rainy is still trying to save her, he's still trying to save his own ass as well! (I love that, staying in character :D)

    Oh, and now I love Sabina more...

  3. Sabina is Bea and Ethan's granddaughter, right? Cause Bea had grey eyes... =D

    She looks great as a human! I'm excited to see what Jacob thinks of her transformation, or if he'll become suspicious or whatever. He doesn't know about the murders though, does he? Hmm, I wonder if he'll ever find out and if the news will change his opinion of Sabina. I couldn't marry a murderer, and I'm not totally convinced Sabina is free of guilt. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  4. Well, not EVERYTHING ties up, Klevkin. But I do try my best xD. It's a lot easier to catch little plot threads when I'm not throwing in random "omg look what s/he's doing here!" pictures.

    Rainy's like the easiest character to write now. He tries to do the right thing... but really, we all know he's just being a selfish little twat. <3 him.

    Oh so THATS where the eyes came from. Cool. I kept Bea in the ponytail so I never really looked at her eyes much. Oops.

    And yes, Jacob knows about the murders, although I forgot to put that into the story I think. >_> I'll just go fix tomorrow's update thank you very much...

  5. Sabina is so pretty, I wonder what her mother's reaction to her turning human will be

    Love the way you referred back to previous events with the potion :)