Thursday, January 5, 2012

5.8 - Baby Talk

Morning comes, and Jacob and Sabina say their goodbyes to each other. Not knowing if Raindrop’s plan will work.

Jacob can tell she's scared. It's a lot easier to tell her emotions when her eyes aren't glowing.

“No matter what happens, this isn’t goodbye.” He reminds her. “Even if I have to break you out of prison myself, I’ll see you again soon. I promise.”

"I thought you'd be mad at me... I mean, Raindrop said you wouldn't care about the things I'd done, but I can't understand how you can still love me." 

He smiles, pulling her for an embrace. "Sabina, the people you killed, they're just names to me. I know its a horrible thing to say, but they don't matter to me. All that matters to me is my family, and you're part of it."

Once she and Raindrop are gone he gardens to take his mind off of things, but it can only help for so long before he starts pulling at healthy shoots instead of the weeds that surround them. 

He heads to the park to pick some fresh seeds and sees a familiar face. 

He fills her in on the latest family drama (leaving out the who killed who) and goes on and on about Sabina’s charm.

In turn, Jessica tells her twin brother about her husband’s charm, and the baby they’re bringing into the world. 
(The old guy in the background between them is Jessica’s father-in-law)

She’s due any minute so she says her goodbyes to head home and hugs him goodbye, reminding him that the local store is having a big sale on engagement rings. 
Jacob tells her she’s worse then their father.

But he goes to check out the rings anyway. The sale is pretty good... maybe... nah...
... weeelll...

Sabina’s been in interrogation for hours. The only time she was given a break was to go throw up in the bathroom. The nausea’s been with her all day, but she just put it up to her nerves. Then Ana let her hear the voice clip of their anonymous tipster and it had her running to the bathroom immediately. 

Its getting late when Raindrop finally walks through the door. 

Jacob is on him instantly. “Where’s Sabina? Is she free to go? What happened? Is everything okay?”

"One question at a time, son." Raindrop sighs. “She ran into your bedroom as soon as I parked the car. Ana let me take her home but she hasn’t been completely cleared just yet. And, well... I think you should ask her that last one yourself.”

He finds her curled up on their bed. Not sleeping, and eyes red from earlier tears. 

She’s in his arms instantly, and he holds her close just enjoying the feeling of having her near him. 

At last she moves to face him and speaks. “It was my mom.”
“The witness who placed me at the murder scene...” She whispers, voice breaking. “It was my mom. Thats why she told me to stay here with you. She was trying to get me to take the fall.”
His heart breaks for her. “Well that isn’t going to happen now. I’m not going to let anything happen to you, I promise. Please don’t be sad.” 

She pulls away, smiling at him. “I’m not sad... anymore. Why bother with tears when I can just get even instead? Ana McKinley wants to try and lure my mom out into the open using me as bait.”
He frowns, mouth setting nervously. “You sure thats a good idea? Can’t it wait a little? Maybe I can get my dad to train us a bit in martial arts. Just in case things blow up.”
“Well you have at least 3 days.”
“How come?”

“Because, Mrs. McKinley is over the top family oriented and doesn’t want me in harm’s way with a bun in the oven.”

Jacob blinks in confusion. “You mean-” She nods and he breaks out in a smile. 
“That’s right Jacob, we’re going to have a baby!” 


FINALLY we're getting the baby. You guys have no idea how insanely excited I am for this kid. His/Her roll is boring as f-, but I'm hoping (s)he'll be cute enough to get me excited for it. 

And is it just me or is the maternity wear in this chapter actually kind of pretty? Sabina's in particular is beautiful, but even Jessica's suits her personality. 

Oh and for the record, I know that Jacob and Cho are related... but he's never met her, and only ever heard of her in newspapers. 



    And yay Babehz.... but is a Vamp or human?

  2. I guess it depends on when it's determined, at the TFB, the first bump, or birth.

    And haha, so we were doubly right, she's pregnant AND not a vampire!

  3. Hurrah for babies! Can't wait to see the kiddo(s). ; )

    Also a little nervous about Sabina luring/confronting her mother. This will be innnnerestin'.

  4. YAY :D babies!! and indeed zoku! We were both correct gnagna :D and yes cece, that maternity wear is just delicious!! Where did you get it if I may ask??

    and I am very much into nailing her mum! :D

  5. The babies are human (... I think). The pregnancy happened right after Sabina's transformation but they haven't aged into toddlers yet so I'm not actually sure. *Ponders*

    I certainly hope the confrontation meets people's standards. I spent all yesterday downloading the things I need for that scene!

    Most of the new maternity wear I found can be found: . She's got some really nice stuff, and its all free. Don't think I can link you Sabina's because 1) Paysite and 2) ... can't remember which one.

    (Also Klevkin, look back at your very last sentence. Read it in your head. I burst out laughing)

  6. Oh please, please tell me Cynthia will be out of the way for good now. Also, as I was reading I was thinking how much I loved Jessica's maternity wear. Where is it from?

  7. Woo, babies! Love the maternity wear too!

    Hope Cynthia gets her comeuppance soon

  8. Lol, well me still no english person....

    But I can guess what I did wrong and what it say now *oops*