Friday, January 6, 2012

5.9 - A Dangerous Proposal

Raindrop is ecstatic for more grandchildren, but he’s also worried about how Jacob will take the news of their plan when they finally give him the rest of the details. 

“Once we explain that the wedding is only for show I’m sure he’ll have no objections.” Sabina says, trying to soothe Raindrop’s worries. “Besides, Joseph is a highly trained operative who is sure to keep his hands to himself. Jacob isn’t some jealous little boy. He’ll understand. I mean, it is his child I’m pregnant with.”

Raindrop isn’t so convinced. Jacob is his son, and he cares for Sabina deeply. His issues with the fake wedding might not be as bad as they would be if he took after Raindrop more... but you never know. 

Finally the time comes to tell Jacob the plan...
“The only way to lure Cynthia out is to make her think Sabina’s getting out of things scot free, and then to let her know exactly where Sabina will be on a certain day.”
“Okay... but how do we know Cynthia will take the bait?”
“Sabina will be sending her an invitation.”
“To what? Come visit her at home?”
“No... to her wedding.”

Jacob smiles. “Okay, cool. I guess its a good thing I bought a ring then, eh?”
Raindrop sighs. Here comes the hard part. “The uh... the wedding will be fake, and you won’t be the groom.”
“... What?”

“Her groom will be Joseph Mossier. He’s been assigned as her partner until Cynthia’s in custody and he’s trained enough to keep her safe while everything is happening.”
“Are you kidding me?” Jacob yells. “I’m not about to let Sab do something like this without me being there to protect her!” 

“Jacob this isn’t about you! You haven’t had Joseph’s police training, and to be quite honest you just plain suck at Karate. This isn’t your fight! This discussion is over.”
“This isn’t over until I say it is, old man. I’m going to be standing at that alter with Sabina or I’ll tell Catherine all about her mom.” 
Raindrop is aghast. “You wouldn’t dare!”
“Oh I would and you know it.”

Raindrop leaves, storming out the front door muttering rude things under his breath. Jacob watches him leave with a satisfying thrill in his chest... at least until he hears a soft sigh coming from behind him. 
“You know he’s just trying to keep you safe, right?”
He’d forgotten Sabina was in the room. “I guess... but I hope you know I’m just trying to keep you safe too.”

She gets up from her chair awkwardly and walks towards him with a smile. “I know. And I appreciate it, really. But if anything ever happened to you I’d never forgive myself.”
He matches her smile. “So you know exactly how I feel right now. Turn around, let me help with those aches and pains.”

She does, groaning as his fingers work at the ache in her back. “Jacob... stop trying to distract me.”
“Do you want me to stop massaging you?”
“No no, you can keep going with that.” He chuckles, and continues his task as she organizes her thoughts. “Honestly... I’d prefer to have you near me as well. I’m trained, more trained than Joseph at least, and mother already knows you’re the boy I’m into. If she does show up for the wedding herself she might sniff out a trap when she sees you’re not my groom.” 

“So then you’d be okay with me marrying me?”
She shrugs him off, turning to face him. “Jacob, don’t force me into that decision. I don’t want to put you in harms way by asking you to play the part of my groom.” 

He smiles to himself. “Okay you totally didn’t get my question so maybe I should rephrase it.”

He gets down on one knee and Sabina’s hands fly to her face. “Oh my gosh-”
“Sabina, will you please marry me? For real, I mean.”

“Jacob, I can’t...”
His heart sinks but he pulls the ring out of the box anyway. “You sure? I mean, I’m sort of an awesome catch.”
She laughs, smiling at him. “Of course I’ll marry you, stupid! I was going to say I can’t believe you’re proposing!”
“Oh... I knew that.”

He slips the ring onto her finger, and then holds her close. 
“But of course this ring comes with the understanding that I will be your groom at the wedding, right?”
She sighs. “You would tell me that after I accept your proposal...”
He smiles. “Of course, I’m not as stupid as I look.”

She can’t help but smile. “Okay... I’ll talk to your dad.”

And she does, although not in the mature, level headed way Jacob was expecting. 
“Please please please let me marry Jacob. Please please please!”
Raindrop was expecting a fight. This catches him completely off guard. “I.. what?”

“I promise I’ll take good care of him!”
“You act like you’re asking me to let you adopt a puppy.”
“This is Jacob we’re talking about, Mr. Sabo, it’s practically the same thing.”
Raindrop chuckles and Sabina knows she has him. “Well... I guess... as long as you remember to clean up after him and make sure he doesn’t chew on any of the furniture.”
“Thank you so much!”

“And just when will this wedding be taking place? Before or after the fake one?”
“Um... same day... same place... same time...”
He puts the pieces together himself. “I’m assuming you went behind my back and talked to Ana already?”
“Mhhm.” She admits. “She agreed whole heartedly once I explained Cynthia already knows I was dating your son. Plus everything will feel more real if its actually real, and all the extra cops can be explained by the fact that they’re all friends and coworkers of the groom’s father.” 
He sighs and leans down to pat Sabina’s belly. “You’d better not come out like your mother, kiddo. She’s a conniving little bitch.”

Sabina laughs. “So is their dad! And you!”
He smiles. “I know. See what I meant about you already being part of the family?”
“My baby has no chance in heck of coming out normal, eh?”
“Yeah... no.”


My current household makes just the most amazing facial expressions. Dunno who makes my favourites though... Raindrop always looks like he expects someone to kill him, Catherine is constantly rolling her eyes, Jacob looks high, and Sabina has the biggest eyes I've ever seen on a sim. 


  1. I loved Sabina asking Raindrop for permission to marry Jacob, it was ever so cute & funny :)

  2. Awww, I love it when Sabina knew that there will be no chance that her baby will come out normal..
    Lol :D

  3. I'd insist just like Jacob... I don't think I'd handle seeing my boyfriend have a "fake" wedding with someone else very well. I'm excited to see how it turns out... especially considering you're so excited about the next chapter! Post it nao? Also, babies soon :(

  4. Jacob the puppy! So much fun!
    I want Sabina and Jacob in my town and I'm gonna give them a puppy named Jake!

    Can't wait to see the wedding!

  5. Wheeee caught up. Ahem.

    So much excitement in your legacy - your family barely gets a chance to breath!

    I love Jacob. He's proof you can be awesome without being an arsehole. Yes, I know I'm unusual in not adoring the bitchy characters :P I accept that they make for some fun plot lines though :)

  6. “My baby has no chance in heck of coming out normal, eh?”

    LOL love it!!!! Please don't break my heart again!

  7. I always did like Raindrop's looks.