Friday, January 20, 2012

6.1 - Loveless

Kenzie has to go to school for her final exams and face the music. To her surprise she receives a note from Brandon during homeroom asking about the babies. She confirms that they’re his and invites him over after school. To her surprise, he accept the invitation.

Jacob left as soon as Maddie got home to meet Sabina for dinner at the Bistro, so Kenzie and Brandon have some time alone while Maddie practice her guitar outside. 
“Can I see them now?” He asks, not looking at her. 
She shrugs and then motions towards the stairs. “They should’ve aged up while we were at school. Go ahead.”

Dublin has the Xun hair inherited from Brandon’s father and Sabina’s white eyes. 

Madrid’s the opposite with Sabina’s hair and Brandon’s eyes. (Also his lips, unfortunately.)

Brandon can’t stop staring at his children with the biggest smile on his face, and for a moment Kenzie has hope that he’ll forgive her for not telling him. 

But instead:
“You know there’s no future for us, right Kenzie? You don’t love me, and frankly I don’t want to wonder if the baby is mine each time you get pregnant.”

She feels her heart break but doesn’t let it show. His words sting harder than Derrick’s when he insulted her art. 
“Brandon you were the only possible father for my children. I didn’t sleep with anyone else.”
“What about Derrick?”
She falls silent. How did he know about that? “Derrick isn’t here-”
“But he will be tomorrow for graduation.” Brandon shoots back. “I’m sorry Kenzie, but I can’t be in a loveless marriage like my parents are. It’s over between us.”
“Please, Brandon...”

He leaves the way he came while Kenzie watches their children play, holding back her tears.

Their marriage wouldn’t have been completely loveless, she thinks to herself. Not with children to keep them together, but he’s made his decision, and although it hurts she knows she should respect it.

... Watcher wants to show off Jacob’s garden. It’s quite spectacular.

Finally, Kenzie and Maddie reach their birthday. 

Maddie goes first.

She’s going to be a rockstar. Mark her words.

And then, Mackenzie.

All things considered, she really is her mother’s daughter, although the slightly slanted Sabo eyes are still going strong. 

She has no idea what she wants to do with her life besides painting, and doesn’t know how she’ll raise her twins without Brandon... but she’ll manage. After all, not having a husband doesn’t mean she’s really alone. 

The next day is Graduation Day!

Also graduating: 
Derrick Xun-Crist

Ryan Xun-Crist

And Jeremie McKinley-Mossier (Who I THOUGHT had aged up a while ago. O_o)

Jeremie’s two daughters by his slightly older wife, Elise (nee McKinley. Ana’s youngest daughter).

After the ceremony ends, Kenzie takes Madrid to the park. 

Madrid’s a brave lil genius. She loves the rocket spring rider. 

While Madrid continues to play, Kenzie hears a familiar voice coming from behind her. She turns to face him, swallowing nervously. 
“There you are Kenzie, I tried to talk to you at Graduation but you bolted before I could get anywhere close.” 
Kenzie shrugs. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were calling me.”

“Maddie heard me, and she was sitting right next to you.”
“Maybe you should’ve tried my phone. Unlike you, I actually answer it.”
“Okay, yeah, I had that one coming.” Derrick admits with a cringe. “I’m sorry for not answering my phone when you called, But after I found out you were pregnant with someone else's kid I just... I was young, and stupid, and I know now that what I did was incredibly selfish. I was just hurt that you really did move on from me after you turned me down and I wanted to forget about you. But I’m back in town, and I can’t just can't take it anymore, Kenzie. You were my best friend and I hope you’ll give me a second chance.”

She considers his apology for a moment before nodding. “Okay. Um... I need to drop Madrid off at home for her bed time but maybe we can meet up at the Bistro for dinner? To catch up.”

He smiles. “Sounds like fun. I’ll see you there.”

And he does. And he looks hot. Kenzie wishes she hadn’t come.

It’s not until she’s back home later that night and he sends her a text that she finally has a freak out.
“Hey Kenzie. I had a great date. We should do it again sometime!”
Holy crap! Her first real date! Why didn't she put on a nicer dress or something?! UGH!


<3 Kenzie's face. (In case it wasn't obvious. Her adult trait is Neurotic)

And Gen 6 is a go! Reminder of the roll:

- Single Parent
- Three kids
- Primary Career: Artist
- Gen Goal: Perfectionist (Painting)
- Misc Fun: Runs in the Family (Artistic)

Y'know, Madrid is actually really adorable and while I didn't get to pick either of her traits she automatically got the traits I was going to give the heir (Genius and Brave). Hmm... I think next time I play I'll check her out through CAS to see if she'll be worthy of carrying on the Sabo line. I mean, I really wanted the Crist genes but Madrid has blue eyes! BLUE EYES, GUYS! 

I am not even joking. Black hair + blue eyes are my sims 2 turn ons. There's just something about that combination... (Okay its my real life turn on too. Shut up)

Keep an eye on Kenzie's outfits. They're going to change a lot as each pattern gives Watcher a headache.

Oh and I added some photos to the Sabo family tree. Glimmer and Angelo made some cute kids.


  1. Welp. I guess I'm going to be checking out that family tree. I'm excited to see what Glimmer and Angelo's chilluns look like! :D

    The twins are so adorable!!

  2. Those twins are cute! I wished for one of my xun descendants to get that hair, but no :( unless it skips a gen.

    I love how Derrick explained his behaviour and I thought it was very brave of Brandon to tell her off, that needs guts I think!