Monday, January 30, 2012

6.10 - A New Mission

Jacob’s getting old, and has reached the ninth level of the gardening career. There are whispers around town that he isn’t human but a creature of the earth or even a member of the fae. 
Ah, if only they knew.

But still, fishing is where his heart lies. 

At least Paris loves the garden. She doesn’t understand why but there’s just something about being outside in nature that calms her down and makes school work easier. Go figure!

She loves being outside, especially at the public pool. Unfortunately for Dublin, he always ends up babysitting.

Whatever, at least he gets home in time to make dinner. Perfect spaghetti. No big deal.

He also always makes it home in time to woo Ireland and make her melt.

They’re perfect for each other.

And they don’t care who knows it.

Paris doesn’t really enjoy chemistry like her older sister does, but she does like seeing the different effects and colours all these chemicals make. 
Don’t mind Sabina, she’s just trying to break through the locks Dublin put on his search history. He’s obviously up to something.

Gah! Porn!

And what about Madrid? Oh she’s been spending a lot of time helping Grandpa Jacob with the garden. 

Paris’ birthday arrives and she invites her best friend over for a double party. 

Teddy goes first.

Hello sexy.

Seriously, just sexy.

And Paris.

Oh she’s going to be trouble.

No body pays attention to them after the cake is gone so in a huff Paris insists she and Teddy go out. She doesn’t care where. 

They end up at the pool and Teddy hesitates before entering. “It’s goanna suck when I’m an adult.”
“How come?”
“You don’t know?” He seems surprised. “When I’m an adult I become a full vampire like my mom and dad. The sun’ll burn me if I stay out for too long. Mom and dad can handle it longer than most because they’ve been here for generations, but I could burn up and die if I ever wanted to stay out all day like we did as kids.”

Paris doesn’t like the sound of that. Like her, he has a love for the outdoors. She’d go crazy if she were stuck in doors all day. “Well... isn’t there anything you can do?”
“In case you haven’t noticed the cure to vampirism is sort of non-existent these days. No one’s been able to figure out how to manufacture a new version of the cure and mom says most laboratories have given up.”

“Hey I bet I could figure it out!”
Teddy tries to keep from rolling his eyes and fails horribly. “Please, Paris. You’re not as smart as you think you are.”
“Smarter then you.”
“That’s not saying much.”
“Oh come on Teddy bear. What’s the harm in trying?”

He doesn’t want to have hope, especially since both his parents have exhausted all their resources in trying to find a cure for him and found nothing. But hey... if he’s learned one thing in life its that Paris Sabo-Crist gets whatever the hell she wants. 
“Well... I guess you’re right.”
“Bitch, I’m always right.”
“Watch it Paris. I can still beat you up.”

To be honest, she has no idea if a cure is possible to be discovered in only one lifetime, but its worth a shot. Teddy is her best friend, and she doesn’t want to see him unhappy. She’ll try her best, and then see what happens.


Do not ask... about the horns... THEY SUIT HER, OKAY? They're not meant to look real in my story, they're just meant to be her trying to get attention. Which wasn't originally supposed to be an aspect of her personalty but now that I've written it in the post-chapter comment it must be so. Sorry, Paris.

They're also a free accessory from New Sea found here. So is her hair now that I think about it. Found here if you want it. It's pretty adorable. 

Sabina and Jacob are both over their 90 day lifespan. Sabina is at 94 and Jacob is at 96. They could go any day now and Jacob still has 10k to go before getting to the end of his gardener career. DAMMIT JACOB YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU'RE SO CLOSE. (At time of posting: 2.3 k left. And both are still alive. Don't do this to me Jacob you can do it!)


  1. I laughed when I saw the horns... I figured they weren't meant to be real. Paris just keeps getting more adorable each chapter!

  2. Lol at Sabina finding porn on the computer. That made me laugh. Her expression was great!

    Teddy is sexy indeed! Paris does look like she is going to be a handful. Watch out here comes trouble....

    I really hope Jacob gets to the end of the gardener career! I'm sure he will make it.

  3. The gardening career is the hardest to get to level 10. Good luck, Jacob!

  4. You go Jacob!! You're almost there!

    ROFL, porn on the computer! Bad bad bad bad Dublin! hehe wonder if she gave him a scolding about it :D

    Paris and Teddy both look great! I love Teddy, but you already knew that :D

  5. Yes, I think the porn on the computer was probably was favorite part. Also, I admit to not even noticing the horns. Was too busy trying to find out what happens. I read horns in the post-chapter comments and went "eerr, horns?" and had to scroll up.

    Is it just me that is really happy the Ireland is sweet and nice and everything those creepy things look like they -shouldn't- be? Am happy for Dublin. :)

  6. Oh heaven just said everything I was thinking...... get out of my head woman.

  7. I'm gonna be sad when Jacob kicks the bucket. :( I'm rooting for him to get to level 10 though.

    And I couldn't stop laughing at Teddy's chin strap - it's so... dashing? I don't know - but I love it.