Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6.11 - Feeling Blue

Kenzie doesn’t even think anymore when she paints, she just lets her hands do whatever they want and pull their motive from her inner most subconscious. This one looks like a tent being beamed up by aliens. She doesn’t realize she’s thinking about Derrick until its done. She doesn’t sell the painting, she throws it in the trash.

She wins an award for her paintings but barely reacts or cleans herself up for the ceremony. She hasn’t even bothered changing her dress colour in days. 

She doesn’t feel pink like her daughters, or lively and green like Dublin and Ireland. But purple is too obvious so blue will have to do.

She thinks about him constantly. Every time she closes her eyes to sleep she sees him in her dreams.

Sometimes she wonders what life would have been like if he hadn’t been so intent on making a name for himself in the scientific community. It would have been nice to live with him, move into a new house with enough rooms for an even larger family. Paris would have had younger siblings to play with and who knows what else.

But thats not real life. This is. 

She’ll keep this painting, she decides. In case Paris ever wants to know what her father looks like and doesn’t have a mirror handy.

She celebrates her birthday into full adulthood all alone.

She’s raised three children into their teen years all by herself, and in only a few days her two eldest will be starting their own lives. Not a bad life really. At least in reference to the next generation of Sabos and what they might one day become. 

True to her word, Paris has been putting all her time and effort into research. 

She learns the cure was first developed in the Sunset Valley Science Laboratories under the supervision of local politician Matthew Starr. It was also Matthew who insisted the secret of the cure never leave the labs to keep it from being abused by those who saw vampirism as a curse instead of just another kind of human species. 
Faintly, Paris wonders if Teddy is related to Matthew at all. Same last name and all that.

Online research reveals the Labs were destroyed in a riot by rouge vampires who opposed the idea of a cure... almost eight generations after the cure had been created, perfected and begun distribution. The whole things smells like government coverup but her siblings are the neurotic ones, not her. She’ll leave conspiracy theories for them and try to see what else she can find out from more legitimate sites. 

Preliminary trials show nothing, not that she expected them to. She doesn’t know where to start, even with the leftover notes her sister “borrowed” to bring Ireland to life.

Paris is doing something to change lives. Homework takes a back seat to her current hobby and Madrid has a bad habit of always leaving her finished homework on the table. Paris feels no guilt what so ever.

Jacob’s been working day and night in order to get the most yield from his garden. He hasn’t been spending as much time with his wife as he would like.

Nonetheless, they’ve been together for yeas and Sabina understands his feelings without need for words or caress. They’re still very much in love.

The twins (plus Ireland’s) birthday arrives. 
Kenzie can’t believe her babies are so big already. Older than she was when they were born. 



And Madrid: 

That same night all three move out. Ireland and Dublin to a house across town with a few extra rooms, and Madrid just across the street to the house her grandfather grew up in. 


Cutting it short here because last night I actually worked on my novels. Haven't done that in a while. Finally realizing just how horrible I am at grammar. (Ugh) 

Happy to announce Jacob just reached the top of the Gardener career at age 98! Regular sim lifespan is set to 90. Sabina is at 96. Wtf Gen 5? Well, my plot for the end of Gen 6 works wether or not they're both alive and kicking so I don't mind. I'll be sad when they die. 

Also: It is REALLY hard to write as a depressed character. 

I refuse to accept Kenzie is a full adult now. In my mind she will always be young and beautiful ><. But on the upside... no midlife crisis!


  1. Yay, you worked in alien abduction. Even if it is imaginary!
    I swear in some pictures it looks like Paris has pointy ears. But then in the next pic they are regular, so it must be an illusion. Or you're screwing with us.
    Madrid grew up lovely.
    And grats to Jacob on reaching the top of the gardener career.

  2. Rofl, I wouldn't put it passed Cece to screw with us :D

    Madrid is gorgeous! And I feel bad for Kenzie...*hops on plain to egypt to kick Derrick in the butt*

  3. Awe, Poor Kenzie. =/

    Lol at Paris. I really do love her! Copying homework like a boss.

    I'm glad Jacob reached the top of his career. Yaaaayy!

  4. Madrid is very pretty, I agree. I think I shall be sad to see Jacob and Sabina go too. Will she get a chance to see Santiago before hand? :(

  5. The pointy ears are a result of her hair design when I take a picture from a slightly off-front angle (In other words the angle I almost always take photos from). I first noticed it when she was a toddler and I do have plans to poke fun at it when she's older.

    But yes. I am screwing with you guys cause thats one of the reasons I wanted to keep her in that hair and picked certain photos over others. I was wondering how many chapters it would take until someone pointed the ears out. Thank you Cali. ^^

  6. Oh my, how did I not notice the ears? *smacks self for being unobservant*

  7. I didn't notice them either. I would like an order of happy please!

  8. OH MY GAHHH... I love Madrid. She's so purrdddyyy.

    I'm excited to read about Paris' generation.