Saturday, January 21, 2012

6.2 - Gorgeous

Ryan aged up same as his brother and the Sabo twins, but he couldn’t hang out yesterday because he was busy at work. Unlike Derrick, Ryan is working as a roadie for the local band. He came over to inform Maddie that there’s a second opening at the studio and she thanks him. 

Sometimes Ryan wonders if Maddie likes him for his personality or just his fantastic bone structure. Maddie assures him that its neither. It’s his hair.

She giggles as he reaches out to stroke her cheek. “Yeah, well... I just like you for your eyes.”
“I do have fantastic eyes.” She admits. “We’d have gorgeous babies.”
“That we would.”

“How about we get started on that during the honeymoon?”

Maddie’s eyes have never been so big. She soooo can’t believe he’s proposing right now.

She says yes and they marry that same night and leave for France in the morning. They’ll move into a house of their own once they get back, they decide. They both want a big family and big careers. Let’s see which of those they pick first (Watcher is hoping its babies).

Kenzie thinks its so weird to not have to fight over the bathroom she and Maddie used to share.

But hey, its not like the house is empty or anything. Her babies are so sweet, and always so happy. It’s hard work teaching them to walk and talk, but Kenzie doesn’t mind in the least. She just loves spending time with them.

But as soon as Sabina is home from work, and Jacob is done his daily harvesting, the twins are “appropriated” by their grandparents and Kenzie heads up stairs for some painting. After high school she was asked to send some painting to the Bistro and ever since her paintings have been in high demand. She really is making a living from doing what she loves. How weird is that?

However the best part of her week is always the dinner dates with Derrick. He’s already working at the local hospital, getting in his work experience as a medical intern before finishing up his medical studies and becoming a real doctor.

But unlike when they were teens, he always makes time for Kenzie. 

He works mornings, but if Kenzie asks him to spend the night with her he never refuses. Life as an intern isn’t cheap so he lives in a pretty tiny house... and it sucks. Kenzie’s bed is much bigger than his normal one, and she’s much comfier to cuddle with than any of his older sister’s old teddy bears.

Plus, y’know, the woo-hoo is awesome. 

And with Brandon out of the picture Kenzie feels absolutely no guilt about spending time with Derrick. He loves her, and she loves him. That’s all that matters.

... Watcher had computer lag so please enjoy a montage of adorable toddler pics. 


Peanut is Madrid's bestest buddy. Watcher very rarely let her play with him.

Dolls rock

Can ah play?


Doin' it wrong.

Doin' it right.


I love these two <3. The babies, I mean. Although Kenzie and Derrick are pretty adorable too. 

Ryan and Maddie are seriously the cutest couple I've ever had in my games. Screw time loops. I've already uploaded them into my library. They'll be in my third legacy once I get there. At the time of this posting they have YET to get pregnant in game... *Eye twitch*


  1. I would have MCed the heck out of that if they hadn't spawned babies yet.

    I'm always so suspicious when your family starts to get normal, lol. I'm waiting for the zombie outbreak or mass vampire conversion or something.

  2. I am to waiting for the trouble to begin again hehe :P

    but those twins are awesome!! But I'm waiting for the derrick-kenzie spawn!! It's gotta go and outrank the hot scale imo!

  3. I agree with Zoku... something crazy must be about to happen! I'm excited to see the heir... where is s/he! Hurry up Derrick ;)

  4. The twins are so cute, I love them :)

    Hope Maddie & Ryan hurry up & start having babies too