Sunday, January 22, 2012

6.3 - Lucky

Kenzie was hired by local politician, Angelita Smith to deliver 15 paintings to decorate the new wing of city hall. She decides to dress in green, her lucky color to see if it’ll speed up her painting any. 

She also needs the luck for tonight’s party. The babies are becoming children, and both Brandon and Derrick are attending the event. Kenzie just hopes everyone behaves themselves.

Derrick arrives early to help Kenzie set up for the party. 

He even took the day off work and shut off his pager so he could attend the whole thing. Kenzie really appreciates it.

“Okay everyone’s here.” She smiles. “I have to go mingle. Promise to behave yourself?”
“Of course.” He promises. “But uh... after the party I want to talk to your about something. Promise you’ll make time?”
She nods, suddenly nervous. “Uh... sure.”

True to his word, Derrick behaves himself and he and Brandon spend the entire party pretending the other doesn’t exist. Derrick isn’t jealous of his cousin in the least. Brandon’s a toddler sports coach and still lives with his dad. Derrick has his own house with a view of the beach and already works in a private wing of the hospital. There’s no possible reason for Kenzie to ever go back to Brandon so why would Derrick make a fuss?

At last its time to blow out the candles.

Dublin gains the adorable trait- I mean Neurotic. 

All the guys in his immediate family tree are pretty adorable.

Next is Madrid.

<3 (Loves the Outdoors trait)

The twins will be sharing the downstairs spare bedroom.

Time to talk. Kenzie’s terrified.

“Gosh its nothing bad.” He laughs.
“Oh gee you couldn’t tell me that before my nails were all gone?”

Derrick tells her she’s being silly. And that he loves her. Kenzie makes sure he knows she feels the same way (minus the silly part).

“But y’know, there is something I wanted to talk to you about.”
Shit. “Oh? And what did you want to talk about?”

“Well... about our future.”

“Mackenzie Sabo, Will you marry me?”

Of course she says yes.

Looks like green really is her lucky color. 


Yes yes. I haven't forgotten her roll. Have some faith in me. 

I've decided to treat Madrid as tentative heir until baby #3 is born. But Madrid looks a lot like her mom and while I LOVE her aesthetically, I do want some genetic difference in my legacy from time to time. 

Dublin's traits: Clumsy, Friendly, Neurotic
Madrid's traits: Brave, Genius, Loves the Outdoors

Thanks to Giga for reminding me about that adorable twin braid hair. I'd forgotten I had it.

Maddie fans will be happy to know that Ryan and Madeline are FINALLY expecting a child in game. Although this is while I'm writing 6.5 so... yeah. You guys've got a whole to go before you see the baby. (Heck, I haven't even seen the baby yet!)


  1. We're all about to get super depressed about why Derrick and Kenzie can't actually live together or get married or die or whatever your crazy reason is, aren't we? :(

  2. Naw, you made a happy chapter again....
    Right *gives Cece an Axe* I know your about to tear it apart LOL

  3. Dublin is adorable!!! I like him better then Madrid tbh *ducks to avoid the punch*

    I thought kenzie being nervous was cute! aparently "talking" makes her just as nervous as us :D thinking she did something wrong :D

  4. Derrick is going to be abducted by aliens, right? =D
    The kids are both adorable.

  5. I'm with ya' on the genetic variety. *high five* I've been trying my hardest to make sure every generation has something different aesthetically.

    Haha! And I LOVE braids. LOVE.THEM. They look adorable on Madrid.

    Having said that, I'm waiting for the dramz to unfold. This is far too happy.

  6. I love how nervous Kenzie is about the "talk"

  7. Whew. Finally caught up on your legacy over the last couple of days. I want to say thank you so much for a great read! So much drama. Love it! I can't wait for the next chapter.