Monday, January 23, 2012

6.4 - Tomb Raiding for Two

Kenzie has absolutely nothing against pre-martial sex. She just wishes Derrick would wait until she was actually clean. It’s grooosss first thing in the morning.

Neither of them want a large party, so they decide on a private ceremony on the beach for their wedding..

The vows are said, the rings exchanged.

And the whole thing is sealed with a kiss.

A very...

... very...

... long... kiss.

“So... France or Egypt for the honeymoon?”
Kenzie contemplates the decision. France has museums and romance... but Egypt has adventure and culture. 

“Egypt is supposed to be beautiful this time of year.” He hints.
She smiles. “Egypt it is.”

As soon as they’re out of the taxi, Kenzie regrets her decision. She wants to be lounging by a nice pool right now.

“Don’t worry, Kenzie. We’ll have lots of fun. I promise.”
She sighs as he pulls her close. “Well, as long as we’re together I don’t care what we do. Just try not to forget that this is our honeymoon.”

Oh don’t worry Kenzie, he won’t forget.

After all, the honeymoon was his idea.

Woo-hoo for flying public woo-hoo.

While Kenzie  buys some souveniers and takes some test shots with her new camera...

The locals gather to meet the promising young doctor who is visiting from Sim Nation. With some sucking up they even reveal that this small town was the ground zero for the mummy outbreak all those generations ago. Derrick’s interest is piqued. 

He even manages to convince Kenzie to enter some of the old tombs with him. A cure was never found for the so called “Mummy’s Curse” but many scientist and doctors spent years underground in the tombs researching and compiling notes. Many of them perished in those same tombs and their notes were never recovered. If Derrick could somehow find those notes he’d be able to find a cure... and then he’d be famous!

Kenzie’ll never admit it... but this tomb exploring is pretty damn boring. Hundreds of wanna-be explorers have searched these same tombs. What’re the chances they’ll find anything of value?

Oh hey. Secret doors. Awesome!

They spend dinner together out in the marketplace. 

Derrick actually found quite a few documents hidden underground and looks forward to reading through them tonight. Kenzie will join him later, after a bit more sight seeing around town.

When Kenzie wakes up the following morning Derrick is long gone. But she doesn’t mind, he left a love note. 

Many of the documents he found cited a place knows as the Pyramid of Fire. Where the mummy curse had originated and where many scientists believed a cure could be found. Derrick just wanted to get an early start on his research and see if he can convince the pyramid curator to pass over the key. 

There are two paths that meet at the centre of the pyramid. Kenzie takes one path.

Derrick takes the other.


This really isn’t what Kenzie was hoping to do on her honeymoon. Maybe she should’ve picked France instead.

Derrick is just trying to find the right switch to open up this hidden door he found.

Kenzie finds a strange room with a large sarcaphogus at the far side. She takes a step towards it before a feeling of utter dread fills her completely. Her fae blood is minimal at most, but it still warns her of danger, and she can’t bring herself to go any further into this tomb. She goes back the way she came and finds a way around the room. 

She meets Derrick in the centre of the pyramid, just as they’d planned. 
“So you find anything interesting, Kenzie?”
She thinks about the strange fear that hit her, and then shakes her head. “Not really, no. A couple of notebooks that are in my pack but nothing else. What’re you doing?”

He motions towards the bookshelves in front of them. “There are more in the rooms around us. I think this is where the medical experts stored most of their stuff. I could stay here for years and still not be able to absorb everything... its amazing.”

Kenzie feels her heart fall just from the look on Derrick’s face. “Hunny, we have to be on the plane in a few hours... I’m sorry but discovering the secret to the mummy curse will have to wait.”

“But does it really have to wait, Kenzie? I’ve already applied for a lengthened visa and it was accepted. I can stay for just a couple more days and then meet you back in Meadow Glenn when my research is done. It’s no big deal, right?” 
Kenzie feels sick. “But Derrick, what about our marriage? What about being a family?”
He shrugs. “It’s not like I’ll be gone forever. Just a while longer. The kids won’t even notice I’m gone and you’ll have time to focus on that big job for city hall. Everyone wins!”

Kenzie could punch him. But she doesn’t. “Well, if that’s what you want...” 
He nods, pulling her close. “It is. And I love you so much for being okay with this.”
She doesn’t let herself cry until she’s in the taxi to the airport.


Bad Derrick... 

Heir is on the way! Yes, I said the heir. Aged the kid through CAS for a sneak peak and no WAY could I have lucked out more. I am so happy right now. 



    -shakes fist at Single Parent roll-

  2. YAY!! HEIR!!! :D can't wait to see the heir!

    Oh gosh, and you changed their outfits! I Loved that!! (should have thought of that myself...*faceslap*

  3. Pyramids are great places to get abducted by aliens. Just sayin'....

  4. Derrick! How could you?!?

    Oh, poor Kenzie

  5. I won't lie. I changed their outfits so I could change their hair because my CC was acting up and they both arrived to Al Simhara bald.

    Yes Yang, I know : P. I'm still a bit heartbroken over no aliens in the next EP so now I'll be planning an alien abduction just for you... maybe. I dunno yet. I need to go look at my rolls because now -I- actually want that.

  6. Derrick! What you doin' fool?! D: