Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6.6 - Something Special


Guys this game isn’t fun anymore. I hate it. This wasn’t planned.

Okay fine I’ll make it work.

“So what exactly are you?” Dublin asks, not in the least freaked out. 
“I’m your doll, silly!”
“You’re Ireland?”
“Uh huh.”
“Prove it.”
“You cheated off Madrid on the spelling test yesterday at school and last night you felt really really bad about it and almost squished me to pieces.”
Oh she’s good.

“Dublin... what’cha doin’?”
“Talking to Ireland. Can’t you see her?”
“Nuh uh.”
“Ireland says thats cause you’re not special enough.”

Oh no she di’in! Special her foot, Madrid is a child of science, and she’ll make that bitch visible if it takes all week!

... It she doesn’t blow herself up first, that is.

Weekends are spent with their dad. 

Dublin tells him all about his imaginary friend that no one else can see. And Madrid goes on about the latest explosion she caused and how it almost gave grandpa Jacob a heart attack when he saw her singed hair.

Brandon has no words. Just utter horror.

Kenzie’s baby becomes a toddler today. Kenzie hasn’t heard from her husband since she told him about the pregnancy. Its hard, but she’s holding her panic back as much as she can. 

Paris takes after her father a lot. She’s practically a clone of him. 

Sabina also has her birthday. Dublin’s just excited for the cake.

“Well... I could look worse.”

She works only a few days a week now, and spends much of her time playing with her grandchildren. Madrid doesn’t know how, but she knows grandma is cheating at chess. No way an old person can be this good! 

Paris is a natural born genius like her half sister and father. Sabina loves how easy it is to teacher this little girl all her life skills.

Dublin may not be a genius like his siblings, but he does have the baking bug. Maybe one day he’ll be a world class chef like his paternal grandfather and great-grandmother.

Madrid sees grandpa Jacob fish a lot. One night she decides to join him.
It’s pretty relaxing... she likes it.

One day Kenzie notices a change in her painting. The lines are sharper, the colours more vivid, the scene seems to come alive before her eyes... everything just looks so much better than any of her previous work. 
Could it have anything to do with these strange sparkles jumping from her fingers? Did she somehow get a head injury? Is she hallucinating?

Sabina sees her daughter’s magic taking form and is slightly taken aback. Jacob of course filled her in on his family’s history long ago, but they both agreed their daughters would be too diluted and wouldn’t need to know much more than the basics of what their blood contained.

“So you’re telling me that when I paint my magic changes the image to fit what my heart wants? But I’ve seen dad’s attempts at art. It sucks!”
“Your father’s magic was in nature.” Sabina tries to explain. “It’s why his garden grows so well and why he always catches the largest fish in the city.”
“Okay that is weird. Why tell me now?”

“Fae magics don’t show one at a time, if you have such skill in art you may have skill in other ways as well. Have you sensed certain things at all? A pull towards certain people or places? A repulsion towards others? In a way you can’t explain?”
Kenzie thinks back to the Tomb she and Derrick went to. The feeling of utter dread when she went into that one room. “Uh... no. Not really. Haven’t felt anything at all.”

It’s not till Sabina is back downstairs that Kenzie has her freak out. What if that’s why Derrick hasn’t been calling her back? What if she never sees him again? What if... what if... 


I love Kenzie's freak outs. Neurotic may just be my new favourite trait. 

PARIS WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE? OH MY GOSH. You'll see it more as she ages, but she's practically a female version of Derrick. But with Kenzie's nose I think... (I say that only because side-by-side pictures show that Paris and Madrid have the same nose. But seeing as Ryan's mom and Brandon's dad are clones of each other it may just be the Xun nose).

And yes... I named Dublin's IF doll Ireland. Madrid's is named Spain and Paris has France. It was just a lil joke I put in to amuse myself while I played and was never supposed to make it into the story. Woops. (I have a lot of these little private puns in my game. It's sad).


  1. I hope Derrick is okay :/ Kenzie is so cute when she spazzes!

    Did you figure out what hair color Paris has?

  2. NOOOOO UIAECMTUETIEITHEJXBJ IMAGINARY FRIEND. xD I feel so bad for ya'll ever time you get one these days. They sound miserable.

    Derrick, you stupidhead, you should've come home when you had the chance! D8<

  3. I love those little puns! It's not sad at all :P

    Paris is cute! that hair! gorgeous!

    Wouldn't it be fun to put Ryan and Kenzie in one house? Her freaking out all the time, and he fainting whenever he gets the chance?

  4. You can delete the IFs, you know. Shift click, then object>delete.
    I also use a mod that just stops my kids from getting them. I hate those things, seriously.

  5. I delete those suckers! Our PM convo makes me excited though. :D

    I hope Derrick is okay; although I am quite cross with him at the moment. Whadda' kumquat he has been so far.

  6. I'm starting to get a bit worried about Derrick now