Sunday, January 29, 2012

6.9 - I'm Not Okay

Madrid has been spending a lot of time with grandpa lately. Chemistry was fascinating, but biology is even more so, and she loves learning to fish.

“Look grandpa! It’s so big!”
“Oh yes... you should take that straight to the science laboratories. They’ll give you a medal for it!”
“... No need to take sarcasm so far.”

He also teaches her the delicate art of gardening, and the difference between a normal apple from the grocery store, and a perfectly cultivated organic Sabo apple.

Days after Derrick’s departure Paris’ birthday arrives. 

With it a birthday card from Egypt with only a generic happy birthday message on it. Kenzie places it in the nursery where Paris can look at it when she wants to.

Paris gains the hot-headed trait.

F-ing chess pieces. Why do you fail her so bad when she plays against Grandma?


Prom goes great for the teens. Dublin and Ireland decide to give romance a shot.

Madrid doesn’t get a boyfriend, but she does win the title of Prom Queen.

While her older siblings are partying away, Paris spends the day at the park by herself.

At least until she makes a new friend.

His name is Theodore Starr and he is amazing. His eyes match her shirt!
“I’m going to call you Teddy.” She decides. 
“But my name is Theordore.”
“Nope! Now its Teddy.”
‘Teddy’ decides he should have taken his dad’s advice and stayed home today. His cousins are messed up, man.

But eventually he decides he likes Paris and goes over to her house after school a lot.
His parents never let him play Vampire Hunters 4 and Paris’ mom is always locked up in her room painting. No one stops him from doing whatever he wants!

Well except for this pint sized genius. 
“Teddy your mom is the principal! If you keep missing homework you’re going to get in big trouble! School is really important, y’know.”

“Ugh, homework is only important if you want to get a dumb job.” He whines. “I’m just goanna be a musician and strum on my guitar all day long. Like my dad!”

Paris decides to just let him make his own mistakes. Obviously boys are stupid and should not be bothered with.

Plus he kicks her ass at pillow fighting.

Sabina calls in her resignation and stays home to watch after her grandchildren. She would have liked to keep working but Kenzie hasn’t talked to anyone since Derrick’s departure and Sabina knows her grandkids need a mother’s hand around the house.

Kenzie insists she’s fine. Really. Look! She’s even drawing pretty flowers!

Word around town is that Madeline is pregnant with her and Ryan’s second child so Kenzie decides to visit her sister and shut everyone up.

“There is nothing wrong with me!” Kenzie insists as soon as Maddie starts asking about how she’s doing without her husband. “In reality Derrick and I were married for only our honeymoon. As soon as he decided to put his work ahead of our family I knew it was over. But I raised the twins on my own, Paris and I will be fine, and I still have mom and dad to help me. Besides, Paris doesn’t even ask about her dad.”

“I’m didn’t ask about the kids.” Maddie points out. “I asked how you’re doing. Derrick was your first love. I’m your twin sister and you never could hide your feelings towards him. Brandon was your attempt to get over him and that turned into hell. I don’t believe for a second that you’re okay with losing Derrick like this all over again.” 

“I’m okay.” She insists. “Really. I don’t care that he told me he loved me and then just...” 

She falters and the tears well up in her eyes. “And then he just left... again... after he promised me he wouldn’t ever leave me.”

Maddie opens her arms, just holding her sister tight as she cries into her shoulder. 
“It’s okay Kenzie... you’ll be okay.”
“No...” Kenzie mutters, still sobbing. “It’s not okay. But whatever, it doesn’t matter.”
Maddie wishes she could make this pain go away, like she could when they were kids, but even Ryan can’t get in touch with Derrick anymore. And goodness knows they’ve tried. She just hopes her little sister will someday move on.


Maddie and Ryan have a daughter. Named Elvira. She's sort of beautiful.

TEDDY OH MAH GOSH. He's a teen in my game right now and woooooow. I literally cannot stop staring at him and Paris. F- glitches, f- lag. I WILL GET TO THEIR GENERATION. Oh and in case it wasn't obvious, his parents are Marie and Angel Starr.

Also: Poor Kenzie. < / 3 


  1. I love Paris so much. So much sassy-ness. And lol at that photo of Paris pillow fighting with Teddy. Hilarious.

    I feel so bad for Kenzie. Uggghhhh, so sad. I hope she gets over Derrick soon.

  2. Elvira is gorgeous! So is Paris too :) I can't wait to see her romance with Teddy blossom! And to see what crazy shit you have planned :P

  3. I hope Kenzie can get over Derrick eventually.

  4. Teddy and Paris are very, very, very distant relatives as your founder was Jakelene whose mother was also Marie, right? I think I'm right. And can't decide if the distant relations is distant enough or if it's kinda....eeeew. :P

    Also, poor Kenzie. Seems like she can't catch any kind of break with a guy.

  5. Poor kenzie, but i think its good of her to finally confess as to what is going on and what she is feeling. So i applaud for her confessing to herself and to her twin (which is sort of telling herself....)

    Paris is cute! I love her hotheadedness with those chess pieces :D

  6. Poor Kenzie *sends her lots of hugs*

    I wonder what's happened to Derrick (have a sneaking suspicion about that though)

  7. LOL Heaven.

    Im with everyone else, Poor Kenzie.