Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6.12 - What is Love

With Madrid out of the house and working on her own garden, the job of Grandpa’s lil helper falls to Paris. 

She doesn’t mind. Grandpa has the best garden in town and his back troubles stop him from being able to weed like he used to. She likes helping him.

But Grandpa’s getting old and slowly losing his mind. He says things out loud that he doesn’t always mean to. And some of those things make Paris worry and wonder. Mostly about the man in all the photos mom has around the house. 

Grandma seems like the right person to ask when the curiosity finally builds up too much. 
“I know he’s my father, and I know mom doesn’t like talking about what happened... but why isn’t here? He sent me a birthday card, so I know he’s alive. But how come I’ve never met him? Grandpa seems to really hate him.”

“Your father had different values than your grandfather has.” Sabina says carefully. ”From what I understand your father is in Egypt right now trying to find a cure for an ancient disease that once nearly wiped out all of Sim Nation. It’s a valiant mission, but Jacob could never accept that your father put work before his family, before you.”
“So he doesn’t care about me or mom?”
“No, Paris! That’s not what I was trying to say. Your father loves you so much, and I know he didn’t want to leave you. Decisions like the one he made are very hard, but he did what he believed he needed to.”

“But what about mom? Did they ever get a divorce?”
“No, sweetie. Your mother still loves him.”
“I thought you told me love is something earned. How’d me dad earn mom’s love when he isn’t even here?”

Sabina has no answer this time. It took her up until she drank the last cure to decide if she loved Jacob, and he’d done nothing but be there for her. She still can’t understand how her daughter fell in love with Derrick. 

Word on the street is Teddy’s dating Tammie, one of Paris’ many cousins and her older brother’s old best friend. Paris invited Teddy over to ask how its going.

“Man you sleep with a girl one time and suddenly everyone thinks you’re dating.”
Paris can’t believe her ears. “Oh my god you didn’t.”
“What’s the big deal? It was only one night and I did tell her up front I wasn’t interested in a serious relationship.” 

“I’m not lecturing you, stupid.” She laughs, whispering into his ear. “I just can’t believe you got with her so fast. I mean, isn’t she aging up tomorrow?”
“Mhhm.” He admits. “I totally tapped an older woman. How’s that for the record books?”

“You’re disgusting.” She laughs.
He smiles. “Admit it. You’re jealous.”
“Of you? Nah, Tammie’s not my type. Sides, I’ve got more important things to do.”

“Like figuring out my cure?”
Teddy can’t hide his smile. “You’re the best, you know that?”

“Damn right I am.”
“You’re also annoying.” 
“And don’t you forget it.”

Kenzie’s becoming more and more neurotic as the days go on. Her heart feels like its constantly running at 100 beats a second and nothing looks right unless lasers are involved. 

Something is wrong, she knows that much. But if something is wrong with her or if its something else entirely she isn’t sure. 

And then it hits her, a sudden sharp pain the same moment she looks at the old vases she bought in Egypt. With the feelings come the heat as if walking through fire and a pang of fear and then sadness. 

Dammit Derrick, what did you do this time? Whatever it is, she can’t ignore the signs anymore. She’ll catch the first plane to Egypt in the morning, and hopefully find a way to end this connection with her husband once and for all.


: D Back to Egypt we go! Yay! (Next update may be delayed. I'm only 3/4 of the way through the photos and only just started the writing) 

Teddy naturally inherited the personality I'd planned for his father, Angel. But then I started liking Angel so I made him a sweetie instead. Teddy's hooked up with two different girls already, gotten hot and heavy with them, and then broken up with them. I. Was. Amazed. Thank you SP, just thank you. 

My sims life span is set to 90. Jacob is 102 and Sabina is 100. Wow. Just. Wow.


  1. Awe. Poor Paris, I hope she get's to meet her father soon.

    Lol at Teddy. Like a boss!

    Oh Kenzie! I'm almost afraid to find out what she is about to discover in Egypt. But whatever it is I hope she finds peace.

  2. Eh girls don't need their Fathers lol.

    But what is she going to find in Egypt?

    Bewww boewwww

  3. This must be puzzling for Paris, I can understand why she doesn't understand what love is about like this, because Derrick says he loves them, yet no calls.......only a postcard....

    and ehm, not her type?? :D is she into girls?? That would be a blast!

    Of to egypt!! Can't wait :D

  4. I can't wait to find out what's happened to Derrick & why he's been ignoring his family so much