Thursday, February 2, 2012

6.13 - Where There's a Will

Well, she should have hit base camp an hour ago but after realizing that she'd be running into her husband... she finally decides to clean herself up and put a little make up on. She doesn’t look as beautiful as she used to, but its more effort than she’s put into herself in ages. 

Well, no point in putting this off any longer. She’s quite confident about where she’ll find Derrick so she may as well get going. 

She hates this tomb. Every inch of it feels like danger. 

(Case in point: Watcher missed a trap last time. Sorry Kenzie!)

She does NOT want to be here right now... but she needs to know. 

Oh. So that’s what she was sensing. 

Holy crap holy crap holy crap.

Door door door. Where the f- is that switch?

He’s coooooming. 

Kenzie’s sure she’s done right up until she hears the mummy grumble and turn back around. Someone more interesting just arrived for a fight. 

Derrick is not amused.



No reason to freak, Kenzie. He won. A little sore but no real harm done.  

Still, as soon as the mummy’s returned to its place of rest Derrick grabs the switch Kenzie missed and pulls her through the hidden door into safety. She falls into his arms immediately. 

“I thought I’d never see you again.” He whispers, arms holding her so tight she almost feels like he’s going to break her. “I thought you hated me.” 

“I’m mad at you, but I don’t hate you.” She explains. “When I sensed you were in danger I had to come see you again.” 
“Last night. I felt fire and pain, I thought something had happened to you.”

“Last night?” He thinks for a moment. “Last night I had an altercation with King Reynaldo back there. He had me on the run through some fire pits and I dropped my hat.”
Kenzie deflates. “That’s it? It was just your hat?”
“I had two photos in the lining on my hat for safe keeping. A picture of you on our wedding day, and the picture of Paris you sent me when she became a toddler. It’s what was keeping me sane down here.” 

Well, that makes her feel a little better, but it also reminds her of her reason for coming here. “Derrick I have to know... why did you leave? Why didn’t you ever come back? You know me better than anyone, I never would have turned you away if you’d just come back.”

He takes a breath, and then just says it. “Kenzie I was sick with the mummy curse.”
“You... what?”
“I had my suspicions when I was still in Egypt but didn’t want to admit it to myself so I went home to you and tried to pretend like life was perfect. But every day the symptoms got worse and eventually I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore...” He hesitates. “I know its stupid, but I was hoping that if you hated me you wouldn’t miss me.” 

“If you were sick when paris was just a toddler... how are you still alive?”
His face breaks out in a grin. “I found a way to slow the effects. It’s not a cure, but it gave me more time than I ever imagined I’d have.”

“How long do you have left now?”
He takes her hands in his. “A few days, five at the most.” 
She feels her heart break as if it were outside of her body. Everything goes numb and she can barely feel his hands as they squeeze her own. “... Oh.”
“Don’t be sad, Kenzie. At least we have now, right?”

“Right now is all we need.” She says, faking a smile as she finally feels the kisses that haunted her dreams. 
So much for coming to Egypt to end things between them.

He shows her his home sweet home. 
It’s not much, but its safe from mummies and at least she can be near him tonight, and every night until his passing.

At least thats what Derrick thinks. But Kenzie didn’t come all this way just to give up. She just got her husband back, she’s not about to let him die without a fight. 


Alternate title: Return to Egypt Part 1 of 2. 

Please ignore Derrick's hair. I totally forgot to give him back his CC hair after my glitches a couple days ago and then I realized I'd already taken the photos of the mummy fight with his EA hair so I kept it as is for the remainder of the chapter. Sexy bangs will be back later. 


  1. Awesome! I can't wait for more. :D

  2. I thought the hair was fitting! After all, since when do they have hairdressers down in the tomb??? You can have Kenzie cut his hair back to "normal" :P

    And now for the comment:

    I'm happy that Kenzie found Derrick and finally knows what is going on with him! But seriously, Kenzie can better find something to do about this, or I'll kick the watchers butt!


  4. I agree with Klevkin. No hairdressers in ancient tombs.

    I'm glad Kenzie found Derrick BUT he CANNOT die Cece. Nope, nope. Paris deserves to at least get to know him!

  5. I noticed the memory icns in a few of your pictures. Turning off memories in Master Controller can really help cut down on lag. With memories on, everyone in town starts collecting memories and it is a real strain on your resources.

    Anyway, I agree with the others, the hair change makes sense.

  6. You killed me posting so early last night. It was a struggle to wait until morning! However, it was a sweet chapter. I'm glad she found him and, I can completely understand being hurt, meaning to end things, and somehow saying all the wrong things that end up being so right. So go Kenzie. And save your man!!!

  7. Woo, I was right about him having the mummies' curse!

    I hope Kenzie can find a way to cure him so Paris can get to know her dad

  8. Paris is better off not getting to know him I think. It would be cruel