Friday, February 3, 2012

6.14 - There's a Way

Derrick’s temporary remedy comes in the form of strange plants that grow in the pyramid floor not far from their tent. They look similar to the flame fruit that Kenzie’s father grows in such abundance, but crossed with something that brings new life to Derrick’s features every time he takes a bite.

It will take a day or so for Derrick to harvest enough fruit to last him his final days, and then they’ll head back home. Kenzie takes the time they have to try and find the lore behind a cure. Popular theory is that kissing a cobra will impress the gods enough to cure you... but she doesn’t believe that for a second. 

Perhaps someone else will be able to inform her on a way to cure her husband.

Rahad is the local know-it-all when it comes to local mythology and legend... he's also the underground relics dealer.

“You know what’s funny? My mom’s a cop and she taught me all sorts of cool ways to check for contraband, and let me tell you, this shop is practically covered in illegal relics and remains. How funny would it be if your government found out about this little store of yours?”

“Stupid whore! Your husband will die for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. The gods do not approve of no good foreigners. Just leave this place!”
“Well I have a bone to pick with the gods. Where are they?”
“Don't be daft. They don’t exist!”
“Just humour me.” She sighs, ignoring his own contradictions. “It’ll be easier for everyone.”

Derrick’s getting sicker and spends most of his time resting now. Kenzie's worried he won't even be able to last the trip home so she makes a decision. The merchant eventually did give her the name of a far off and hidden temple, and she decides to go for it. What more harm could it bring?

Oh my. This place is beautiful. And she feels no fear whatsoever, nothing malevolent about this place at all.

Hunh. Looks like a change in wardrobe might be needed.

Much better.

This place... is incredible.

Never before has Kenzie felt so safe and at home, even in her own room. Every breath fills her with energy and wonder, a calmness like nothing she’s ever felt before fills her completely. It’s as if there’s something familiar about this place, although she’s sure she’s never been here before. 

Something pulls at her, and she follows the feeling to the furthest depths of the temple, into a giant room with a fountain, and a man perched on the edge reading a book. 

She’s never seen him before, but there is something strangely familiar about him, much the same way she feels about this temple. 

He’s directly in front of her suddenly, although she didn’t see him move. 
“Foolish mortal. This is the wrong tomb for you to desecrate with your stench. Leave the way you came and you might escape harm.”

“I-I’m not leaving.” She stutters, trying her hardest to resist the temptation to flee. “I was told a god resided here who could cure my husband. I won’t leave until I’ve had a chance to speak with him.” 

The man stops, looking at curiously. “You are not full human. I see that now. You would not have been able to resist my command without some fae in you.”

Kenzie nods. “My great-grandfather was a sprite. At least thats what my mother told me. She says thats why I can sense things other sims can’t, and why nature listens to my father’s every request. His mother was also fae, a fairy.”
The man frowns. “I see. Then I will grant you an audience, fae child, make your request.”
“My husband needs help.” Kenzie begs. “He’s a victim of the mummy’s curse and we haven’t been able to find a cure. We have a daughter who will have no memories of him, and you’re my last hope to give her a normal life. Are you the man who can help me?” 

“I am not a man.” He explains. “Nor do I wish to help you. I’ve listened to you request but I will not save a human from his own mistake.” 
“Why not?”
“Because I look out only for my kin. And I am busy.”
“Doing what?”
If he’s annoyed by her questions he isn’t showing it. “I am looking for my son. He chose mortalityly and fled the fae realm long ago to be with a human whore who fathered his sons. I ventured here to find his soul and return him home but my search has been fruitless.”

He turns to leave, but something about his story strikes Kenzie as familiar. And then it hits her. 
“My great grandfather was named Aquarius.” 
The man turns back to look at her. “What?”
“His name was Aquarius and he chose mortality with the woman he loved over eternal life in the fae realm. My grandfather Raindrop was the result of their union, along with his twin brother who died as a child.”

The man says nothing for a time before smiling. “Life fruit, grown and harvested by one of my kind. If your story is true you need only feed him one piece and the illness will flee your husband’s body.”
“That’s the cure?”
He nods. “That is the cure. Now please, leave me.”
She does so. She has what she came for.


Alternate title: Return to Egypt Part 2 of 2. 

Originally, Aquarius' decision to stay in the mortal realm and die with Yuki was supposed to have a lot more weight than it really had because of all my glitches and game issues at the time. Yeah, Aquarius was sort of a big deal back in the fae world (at least his daddy was) so he didn't tell Yuki the whole truth about him moving to stay with her full time. It took a lot more effort than just dropping out of school. 

Oh I totally didn't even give his dad a name did I? Let's call him... Neptune, shall we? : ) We may or may not see him again. 


  1. algksdhglkhsdgasdlgk!

    My back story for Estrella and Abbey was sooo so so similar to this. It will be explained eventually... but let's just say it has to do with the girls' eyes :)

    Neptune is haaaaandsome :) I hope Kenzie will make it in time to save Derrick!

  2. That was an AWESOME chapter! Wow. :D

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    And that temple is familiar "scratches head" :D

    You go girl!

  5. Woot! I'm glad Kenzie found a cure for Derrick. (I hope)

    I also hope that telling Neptune about his son (and by extension, her family) doesn't bite her in the ass later.

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  7. I agree with Giga. Neptune seems rather caught up in himself and a bit of fae doesn't seem like enough to command respect, regardless that she is related to him. Guess we'll see.

  8. Yeah you'll figure out why he changed his tune 100% as soon as he found out she's related to Aquarius later. Well, if my sims play right. He's sort of a childish ass in game. I leave him alone for 5 SECONDS and he's smacking someone in the face with a pillow.

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