Saturday, February 4, 2012

6.15 - A Little Trouble

The first thing Kenzie did when they got back to sim nation was fix Derrick’s hair. His messy look was hot... but this is better.

“Welcome home.” She whispers as they pull apart. 
“Where’s Paris?”
“It’s 2 in the morning, Derrick. She’d better be in bed or else.”

He smiles. “I’m going to just peek in and see her, and then I’ll meet you in bed, alright?” 
She nods. “Of course, I’m just going to go check something in dad’s garden that’s been bugging me.”
Used to her neurotic tendencies he doesn’t ask any questions.

She grabs only one perfect life fruit from Jacob’s garden. He won’t miss it, and even if he does Kenzie isn’t sure what to tell him. She’s not even sure if her meeting with the blue haired fae man was real or a result of the strange mist in the pyramid. 

D’aaaaaw. He fell asleep.

No point in waking him up. She’ll give him the fruit in the morning.

She does so, and the change in him is almost instantaneous. He has more energy than he’s had in months and he just feels happier. He even makes an early brunch for the family!

That said, he’s not back at 100% just yet. His mind is still a little foggy so Sabina helps him sharpen up a bit.

Paris isn’t quite sure what to think of her father now that he’s finally home. Everyone seems so happy, even grandpa Jacob (which is weird) but she just can’t buy it.

All in all, she’s not impressed.

“So who were you on the phone with?”
Paris resists the urge to roll her eyes. What’s with his constant questioning of everything she does? “Just Teddy. He wanted to ask me out to prom but I shot him down.”
“How come?”
“Cause his current girlfriend won’t let him into her pants so he’s trying to make he jealous.”
Derrick’s face sets into a frown. “I don’t know if I like you hanging out with that boy. He sounds like trouble.”

Paris loses her temper. “Okay listen, I know mom said I should be nice to you since you’re sick and all that but you seriously need to lay off. You’re not my father, you’re my genetic donor. And I want nothing to do with you, so just leave me alone. I’m old enough to make my own decisions in life.” 

Derrick just sighs and heads back upstairs. As soon as he’s out of sight Paris has her phone back in her hand. 
“The Grind. 1 hour. You in?”

Teddy of course agreed to meet her, but he’s not impressed with her reason behind partying... or her outfit. “What in the Watcher’s name are you wearing?”

“A dress.” 
“Paris, I can see all the way down to your naval.”

“Mom’s hosting an art gallery in town tonight and grandma and grandpa are having date night. Which means my father was supposed to watch me tonight but he fell asleep on the couch so I’m going to get him in a little trouble.”
“You’re nuts.”
“I prefer genius. It’s the same thing, really.”

“No.” He tries to explain. “It’s not. I don’t know what you’ve got against your dad, Paris, but I want no part of it. Count me out, I’m heading home.”

Bah. Who needs him? She’ll party all on her own.

And drink underage. 

It wasn’t too big a shock when she was finally rounded up by the cops around 1 in the morning. 

Everyone's asleep but Derrick's waiting for her inside. Perfect. 
“Alright then, lets hear the rant. I don’t care about how mad you are.”
Derrick just shakes his head. “But I’m not mad. I’m just... very disappointed.” 

Wait. What? Disappointed?
Paris deflates completely. He was supposed to be mad! Not disappointed! This just ruins everything. Now she actually feels... bad. What the heck?


Okay so I won't kill him off. But did anyone really expect Paris to just welcome him back into her life with open arms? Heck no!

Teddy likes skipping school, playing pranks, getting laid and slacking off. But as soon as you bring in the family drama he's out. Smart boy. 

Originally I was going to have Paris get in trouble for flirting with an adult but only Brent Sperie-Archer and Chad Starr showed up at the Grind and I like them both too much to make them into perverts. Plus, y'know, they're boys. Eew.


  1. Her reaction was very.... well Paris.

  2. Very realistic. I really liked him not getting mad but disappointed. That worked very well. Nicely done!

  3. I'm sorry, what did you say? I was distracted by the electric guitar solos I hear every time you include a picture of Teddy.

  4. I glad you decided not to kill Derrick off. But I'm also glad Paris to welcome him home like her hero. It's very Paris to give him attitude.

    Lol at Teddy, smart indeed!

  5. I liked Paris' reaction, also Derrick being disappointed rather than mad. Loved Teddy's reaction to her plot too!

  6. YAY Derrick!! I guess he didn't like the old hairstyle Kenzie gave back to him??? :P

    And I love how he just blew Paris her plans :D I think Teddy did the right thing, blowing her off, someone should tell her.

    I hope Derrick and Kenzie can be happy together now, even though Paris is not accepting him (but who can blame her, really, not even a phonecall??)

  7. And enter the daddy issues! Seems extremely reasonable to me. Honestly, what can Derrick expect? He made his choices long ago and now he has to live with them. Maybe one day he can earn her forgiveness but ultimately, whatever happens, lies with him.