Sunday, February 5, 2012

6.16 - Consider this Plea

Still in love. Still old as heck. 

Kenzie can’t understand why her paintings tend to take such strange turns in appearance from what she intended to draw... but she does like this one.

She steps back to see if the painting is really done only to feel a strange pulse in the air, as if the entire room was just filled with electricity. 
Before she can turn to look, the stranger speaks. “Your taste in decor is very... pink.”

“What are you doing here?” She asks, ignoring his jab at her room. 
“I was bored. Egypt is so dull, and you are far more interesting. So I decided to come visit. You don’t mind, do you?” He doesn’t let her answer. “Good. Now how is your husband?”

“Uh... he’s healing well. Almost back to full health and thinking of taking up a job at the local hospital.” She hesitates before continuing. “I don’t mean to be rude but... who are you? You never told me your name.”

“Some call me Osiris, others Poseidon. I am all that is life, and the creator of the first oceans and seas when the mortal realm was just a thought in the minds of the fates... you can call me dad.”
Kenzie almost rolls her eyes. “That’s not happening.”
“Then call me Neptune. Only your great grandfather and his sister ever called me Neptune. I miss the name.”

“Alright then, uh, Neptune... why exactly are you here? I mean, I can’t thank you enough for helping me save Derrick, but I’m too diluted as a mortal to have any real connection to you.”

“You’re correct in assuming your blood is too diluted to mean anything to me, and if you were anyone else’s child perhaps I wouldn’t have saved your husband. But to be truthful... I can’t bear to accept my son is truly gone, and I'm unsure if visiting his grave would be a smart thing to do. I wish to ask for your... assistance in the matter."
“So you’re scared to visit his grave alone?”
“That is absurd and not at all what I meant.”

Kenzie smiles to herself. She may be too far related to have any physical resemblance to Neptune, but she certainly recognizes his personality in her family members. “Would you like me to go with you?”
Neptune looks at her oddly. “You would do that?”
“Why not? I was meaning to stop by and drop off some flowers for uncle Clark anyway. Shall I get the car?”
“No. I have a faster way.”

"What-" Before Kenzie can ask what he means she feels the room pulse again. Her stomach lurches and when her eyes open again she’s outside. 


“It was just a quick teleportation.” Neptune tells her. “It’s perfectly safe.”
Never do that to me again.” She orders. “I feel like I’m going to hurl.”
Neptune takes a step towards her before thinking better of it and turning to look at the graves around him. 

It takes only a moment for him to spot his son’s resting place.

“He lived a good life.” Kenzie tells him once she's recovered. “My grandfather was a pain in the ass, but at least Aquarius had my great-grandma. She was a famous musician, you know. Very rich and very beautiful. I never got to meet them but I’ve seen photos of them in newspapers and magazines. He never looked like he regretted his decision.” 

“I’ve had over two thousand children in my lifetime.” Neptune tells her suddenly. “If you asked I wouldn’t be able to recall all their names, or even what some of them look like.” 
“Then what made Aquarius so special?”
“Love does... strange things to people.” He tries to explain. 

“Aquarius and Mist’ mother was a Woodland Dryad I met long ago, a mortal generation or so before the portals re-opened. Normally fae rarely intermarry or mix as it increases the chance for soul corruption, but we didn’t care. She gave birth to my youngest children the same night she died, and they were all I had to remember her by. For the first time in existence, I raised my children myself, and tried to set them on the right course, but...”
“But then they both came to the mortal world when the portals re-opened.” Kenzie finishes for him. 
Neptune nods. “It was my fault. They were so young and foolish but I could never say no to them, and I had hope they would grow bored and return to me. As soon as I felt their energies weakening I tried to order them to return and it pushed them from me. Mist ignored my calls and Aquarius simply disappeared without a trace.” 

“That was generations ago, Neptune. How have you not moved on yet?”
“Humans have many lovers, and such short life spans. With fae, the opposite is true. Few loves, and thousands of years to mourn their passing. It has been a lonely existence, and I cannot bare to return to the fae realm alone.” 
“I wish I could do something to help.” Kenzie sighs, not thinking.

They both fall silent and it takes Kenzie only a moment to realize what he’s thinking. “No.”
“No what?”
“No I won’t go with you.” 
He smiles, obviously amused by something. “I never even asked you to.”
“I can feel your thoughts.” She tells him, confused by the sudden jump in her abilities. “I have a life here, with children and a husband. I’m sure you understand, considering what you’ve been through.”

“Well I can do nothing for your husband, but the curse put his body through quite the trial. He will die long before you do regardless of your hard work. And your children are my kin, my home is large enough for them all if you wish. It will be no trouble.”
“Can mortals even travel to the fae world?”
Neptune shakes his head. “Normally, no, but I can feed you energy as I have been doing throughout our conversation. As you are, you are already strong enough for the journey. At the very least tell me you will consider my offer.”

At last, Kenzie smiles, and then pulls him in for a hug. “Alright, I promise I’ll consider it.”

He freezes up as she hugs him, but then smiles and wraps his own arms around her. It was been generations since he’s felt the touch of another creature. This... is nice. He might just have to stay close while Mackenzie makes her final decision.


Yeah I found a couple ways to get Neptune back into the story every so often. Spoiler: Paris really hates him (but then again, Paris hates everybody).

I already know what Kenzie's answer to his request will be, but that won't be important again for a while. Also: Her hair. When Serenity had it (in the Starr legacy final chapter) the clipping drove me nuts but I'll get over it now. I LOVE how she looks with that style! Plus its not affected by my CC hair curse so I think I'll just be leaving her like that.

Oh and just because someone obviously didn't listen the FIRST six times I said this... I play sims 3 on my mac laptop and there's an issue on macs where CC hair will randomly disappear and make your sim look bald. I have no idea what causes it and google has failed me in the search for a fix. Toggling advanced rendering and/or restarting my computer and opening up a new game tends to help, but its not foolproof.

So in other words: There are moments where my sims' hair will be styled different. Its not a continuity issue or me being a moron. It's my game being a bitch.


  1. Awe! I liked the conversation with Kenzie and Neptune. Hopefully Kenzie will agree and pack up everyone to live with Neptune so he won't be so lonely.

    My husband wants to buy a Mac but I refuse. You just gave me another reason why. Lol. I'll stick with my iPhone!

  2. “'I’ve had over two thousand children in my lifetime.” Aquarius tells her suddenly. “If you asked I wouldn’t be able to recall all their names, or even what some of them look like.'” I think that is supposed to be Neptune talking, not Aquarius. :P

    Neptune <3 He's so cute in this chapter.

  3. ROFL cece, I know about the hair problems :P I just wanted to make fun of it :D don't bite me :P

    I love Kenzie's new hair! it looks great on her!

    And I like Neptune coming back :D I'm so excited to see how neptune will go about with this "staying close"

  4. Yes, I do love her hair. I don't notice the clipping at all. *pokes Neptune with a stick. Stop being so selfish!!!

  5. I love her knew hair style. Where did you get it?

    Love the story too, although I'm not sure what I want to see happen between Kenzie and Neptune.

  6. The hair is so pretty, I don't blame you for wanting to keep Kenzie in it

    I love Neptune's story & I hope Kenzie gives his request serious attention so that whatever decision she makes is the right one if that makes sense