Monday, February 6, 2012

6.17 - Should Have Been Me

It happens on a night no different from the ones before. Derrick is apologizing for some dumb over reaction he had to Paris pulling a prank at school.

And Paris is fighting the temptation to make some snide comment about her dad’s ever changing hair. 
In the background Sabina and Jacob are having another lovey dovey moment.

But this night isn’t really like all the others. After all, tonight happens to be the day Derrick was supposed to die, and the night the Reaper finally decides to collect Sabina’s soul.

Poor Jacob feels as if his heart was just ripped out and stabbed.

Although he isn’t the only one taking it badly.

Kenzie turns to her husband’s arms as the reaper stops for a moment to watch them. The fates had him marked for two souls in this house tonight, but someone intervened. Derrick will live... for now.

“It should have been me.” Derrick mutters, almost too quietly for Kenzie to hear him. “I don’t understand it... I should have died by now but I feel so much better than before. Did you... do something?”

“I didn’t make a deal with the devil if thats what you’re implying.” 
He almost rolls his eyes. “I know that, Kenzie. But does it have anything to do with that strange blue haired man you were out with yesterday? Ryan saw you guys at the graveyard yesterday and called to see if I’d died or something.”
“His name is Neptune.” Kenzie answers after a moment. “He’s... well he’s my great great grandfather. He’s immortal, and he helped me save your life.”

“Kenzie do you really expect me to believe that you’ve got an immortal grandfather? That’s absurd.”

“He’s fae. I mean, he’s not really a sim like you or me. The fates don’t control him so he’s outside of time and lifespan. At least thats how he explained it to me.” 
“And I’m a monkey’s uncle.”
“Well, you’re still alive, aren’t you? I wouldn’t be so skeptical, Derrick. Believe it or not, there’s more to this world than what you can explain through science.”

He smiles and pulls her in close. “If you say that there’s more to this world than just science then I believe you. After all, you've saved me life in more ways than one.”

Now that he knows he won’t be dying overly prematurely, Derrick gets a job at the hospital as a surgeon. It’s nothing huge, but it helps pay the bills, and he’s finally doing what he loves. Helping people.

Teddy and Paris go to prom as friends. 
He looks sexy and wins prom king.

Kenzie is not amused when he tells people that they’re dating. That is just WRONG. 

While her youngest is at prom, Kenzie’s recent nausea hits her unexpectedly hard. With her face in the toilet she begins to wonder what could be causing it. 

Wait... she’s felt this before. The nausea, the back aches... fuuuuuuu-

Yep. She’s pregnant. 

Fortunately Derrick seems thrilled by the prospect of another child in their family.

“This is my second chance.” He tells her, rubbing her belly. “I won’t leave your side, and I’ll be the best father in the world. I promise. No running off to Egypt or anything. This is where I belong.” 

Paris just wishes he’d realized all that when she was a baby. Of course she faked a smile and a thumbs up when Kenzie told her about the pregnancy, but truth be told she’s pissed as heck, and her dad’s reaction makes everything all the worse. She isn’t sure if she’s jealous, or angry, or both. All she knows is the baby her mom is expecting should have been her. 
She wishes she’d never been born.


RIP Sabina : (

It took me a while to convince myself to finally go through with this storyline. I mean, I've been contemplating it for a while (ever since seeing Paris as a toddler) but I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do this to a character I loved so much (Again, Paris. Although I love Kenzie too). Hopefully she'll forgive me one day. Doubt it though. That girl can hold a grudge.

Oh and Teddy and Paris actually went to Prom separately, yet ended up as romantic interests anyway. I considered MCing them back to just friends... but actually this works well. And tomorrow's chapter will be dedicated to Jessica 100%.  (Oh and yes, tomorrow is 7.1)


  1. RIP Sabina. So sad!

    I'm glad Derrick is going to step up this time and be a good father but I feel so bad for Paris. I'd be jealous too if I heard my Dad say that after he completely neglected me. =[

    YYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! FINALLY! What I've been waiting for comes tomorrow! Whoo hooo! Thank you!

  2. oh! you've got me curious!

    Poor paris, but it does explain her character! And seriously, Derrick should at least have a proper talk with Paris! Or at least try to, cause I don't think the girl will want to.

    Poor Sabina :(

  3. Another baby? Poor Paris. Honestly, I have sympathy for her but I have a bad feeling. I actually rather loathe Derrick.

  4. Oh poor Paris, she must feel so unloved *hugs her*

  5. Oh gosh not a baby, its the end of the world. *throws hands into the air and runs around screaming*