Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7.1 - A Really Bad Idea

Sharla and Robin are the identical twins of Catherine and Dedric Sabo-Crist. Biologically they’re Derrick’s nieces and Kenzie’s cousins. During a routine experiment at work they get melded together and visit Derrick’s free clinic to get separated. 
Easy peasy.

Brandon Sperie ended up going pro and works as the local llama’s starter. He’s been having some back pain lately during practice and wants Derrick’s opinion. Derrick tells him that its about time he retires, but Brandon will have none of that so Derrick just gives him some painkillers and hopes he chokes on them. 

Kenzie’s already in her second trimester but is barely showing. She’s more than a little nervous that the baby is too small. But even more worrying is how quiet Paris has been lately. 

“Oh I’m FINE mom.” Paris assures her. “It’s just final exams. Y’know, been studying hard and all that. Just focus on staying healthy, okay? I’m totally alright and you shouldn’t worry about me at all.”

In truth, Paris is friggin terrified. She’s sure her parents won’t want her around once the new baby is here, and Grandpa won’t be lasting much longer. Her only option is to move out asap, and hope she can find a job that pays enough to cover the bills. Maybe she’ll move in with Teddy and his totally weird parents. They probably won’t mind... right?

Paris and Teddy’s birthdays fall on a Friday. Instead of heading home for the party her parents are planning Paris convinces Teddy to go out with her. 

They get as far as The Grind on the far side of town. 

Teddy really wishes they’d gone home for the party. Aging up outside a grungy club isn’t his idea of a good time. 

Although really, he should stop whining. He grows up HOT.

And so does Paris, thank you very much. 

“So I’ve goatta know something.” Teddy interrupts while they’re tearing up the dance floor. “How come you’ve never had a boyfriend? I mean, Danny asked you to dance at prom and you totally blew him off.”
“I blew him off cause he looks like a horse. Besides... he’s not really my type.”

“So what’s your type?”
She shrugs. “Confident... gorgeous...” 
“Size DD breasts?”

She stops dancing. “You’re an ass, Teddy. I’m not like that.”
Its his turn to shrug. “Whatever. I don’t judge. It doesn’t bother me if you like girls. I just wish you'd be okay with talking about it.”

“Yeah, well, it bothers me okay? And I can prove I’m straight.”

Teddy almost rolls his eyes. “Paris you don’t have to-”
... Oh.

She pulls back and finds herself staring into what can only be described as Teddy’s ‘danger face’. 
“You sure you want to be starting something you can’t finish?” 
She tries to look anywhere else, but his eyes have hers locked. “Um...” She always knew that he used some of the tricks from his mother's books to get the girls he wanted, but she never thoughts he'd dare use them on her.
He inches closer to her and she feels his arms slowly wrap around her waist. “You’re probably the only girl in school I haven’t slept with yet, y’know. You trying to tell me you want to change that?”

Before she can answer his arms pull her in tight, lips pressed to hers. 

After only a few kisses he breaks away. “You’re my friend, Paris, so I’m giving you a chance to back out. I’ll never bug you again if you say no. I know this is a really bad idea.”
“This is a terrible idea.” Paris agrees. “But I want it. Just... don’t let this affect our just-friends status, okay?"
“Okay.” He promises, and then leads her upstairs. 

Everything about what they’re doing is bad, Paris knows. But she can’t honestly say it feels bad... just not good. There’s something about the way he’s touching her and kissing her that makes her know she should be enjoying, but her body just isn’t responding the way it should. She doesn't see someone she's attracted to, just her best friend since childhood... and its kind of gross.

If Teddy notices her unease, he says nothing, but he does try to make her first experience as painless as possible. He doesn’t necessarily succeed, but Paris appreciate the effort. 
She just hopes he takes the hint when she never calls him again. Tonight isn’t something she’s ever going to want to remember. Screw her earlier request to him. 



Yeah I blame Jessica. For everything. 

So back in 6.12 Klevkin commented asking if Paris was, in fact, a lesbian. I was shocked because I'd been planning that but had intended for her to figure it out as life went on, I hadn't hinted at it at all! (Lucky guess, kid. *Glare*) Now I'm going to go with a more "When is she finally going to accept it" route. After all, not everyone accepts their sexuality as it is when they realize they swing a way that isn't "the norm". 

I'll be giving Teddy the Master of Seduction (or whatever its called) lifetime reward once he has the points for it. Which won't be long with the fulfilled gen goal. I'm trying to play it as him using the magic he inherited from his mom for very selfish means. Doesn't mean he's a bad guy, he just doesn't see anything wrong with what he does. I still love him.

SO. Gen 7 has begun. A reminder of the roll: 
- Single With Help
- 2 kids
- Primary Career: Freelance Scientist
- Secondary Career: Busker
- Gen Goal: Fulfilled
- Misc Fun: Live Your Trait 

I tried to shoot myself in the foot for this roll. Paris' lifetime wish is renaissance sim (Max 3 skills) and Teddy wants to be a Heartbreaker (Be the boyfriend of 10 different sims). For live your trait I have Paris as Perfectionist and Teddy as flirty/great kisser. 

That said when you upload Paris' she'll have "Commitment Issues" instead of Perfectionist (because perfectionist is a useless trait if the sim isn't in your active household) and a different lifetime wish cause I accidentally clicked the wrong one while I was saving her in CAS with the commitment issues trait.

This generation is one I've been really excited for for a long time. I just hope I can pull off the plot line I want and keep everything timed correctly so it'll work out. 


  1. WOAH WOAH, But go Paris the angry Lezbo :) actually that explains everything, she is frustrated that she has to hide it. I can't wait to find out how she prances out of the closet.

  2. Cece...WHY do you do this to me! It was what I wanted I just wished she would have enjoyed it more. I'm mean come on Paris...friends with benefits with Teddy! What is wrong with you girl? *le sigh* I can dream can't I?

  3. ROFL Jessica, you should know by now that cece will never fulfill your requests the way you think gnagna :D

    Oi! What do you mean lucky guess! I was just putting the facts together :P

    I still adore Teddy! (even though his ways are a bit ehm unethical) wouldn't mind being friends with benefits with him :P

    And you're doing great with the plot so far! :D

  4. Ahahaha, I bet Teddy has never been referred to as "gross" before. I actually kinda hoped she would blurt it out and wound his pride.

    I have a bad feeling about the little baby comment. Is there a problem that we don't know yet? :(

  5. Kayla: I... can't see Paris prancing. Like, at all. O_O I think it would scare everyone too much.

    Jessica: As Klevkin says... I never fully do what you want : P. But don't worry, there's probably going to be a lot of innocent things between them that you can twist into something romantic if you want.

    Klevkin: I looooove Teddy. I still wonder where the heck his purple eyes came from though (And yes. They're purple. I checked him through CAS. And yes. The eyes are important).

    Heaven: Ah shoot! I missed a great opportunity to give a character a complex! ... Note to self. Have someone refer to Teddy as gross. No comment on the little baby comment question : )

  6. It never occurred to me Paris might be a lesbian, somehow I always pictured her getting together with Teddy

    Would love to see Teddy's reaction to being referred to as gross though!

  7. FINALLY! Friends with Benefit! WOOHOO!

  8. Teddy's eyes are Teddy! It's a very very very big part of what makes him so awesome! Those eyes!! *drools*

    Cece, you should provide some buckets for us on your blog...