Saturday, February 18, 2012

7.10 - Life or Death

Derrick becomes an elder and invites himself over for dinner again. Teddy asks him to stay the night much to Paris’ annoyance. 

While she’s finishing off her potion, Derrick watches from the couch. She really wishes he would just go downstairs or something. 

This cheers her up: The potion is a complete success. 

She tells Teddy instantly. 

He reacts about as well as she expected he would now that Uvie is in his life. “Paris I’m not trying to sound ungrateful or anything but-”
“I know, I know, you like being able to help Uvie regain control.” She tries to keep from showing just how hurt she really is, faking a smile.

“Just remember that she dealt just fine on her own before you came, and what about the next time you get her pregnant? What if she doesn’t care about the gender this time? She could starve herself to death!”

Teddy doesn’t want to think about that, so he doesn’t. Instead focusing on spending every moment with Uvie, waiting for the baby to come. 

Looks like they won’t have to wait any longer. 

Uvie read up on births and what she should expect. She thought she knew what contractions felt like... instead she feels like she’s being pulled apart from the inside. 

Teddy understandably freaks out and is no help at all. Luckily Derrick is woken up by all the commotion and takes control of the situation. 

Uvie’s just glad that at least someone is keeping their head cool during this entire event. 

Paris is also woken up when Uvie goes into labour but she doesn’t follow everyone to the hospital. What would be the point? She just stands in her laboratory, studying the empty table. All her notes are here, the potion is finally completed and patented, but only born vampires can take it. The potion only strips the drinker of un-death... it doesn’t return their youth. She started this venture as a way to help her best friend, but maybe... maybe now she can find a way to help everyone. There has to be marpium somewhere in the world...

Teddy gets his wish for a girl. Two, actually. Aviva and Aurora. 

Uvie also gets her wish for a healthy baby boy... unfortunately for little Aolani, he never will get to meet his mother. She passed on before he’d even made it into the world and was only saved through an emergency c-section. Uvie’s body just wasn’t strong enough to handle giving birth to vampire triplets. 

And Teddy... isn’t sure if he’s strong enough for it either.


Yes... triplets... goddam stupid triplets. I did consider killing one or two of them, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Teddy needs something to remember his Uvie by, and whats better than three annoying bags of diaper rash and tears? 

Spoiler alert: They ALL take after Uvie. 

I guess I still have to force Paris into mothering a child, but I'll post the next rolls anyway. 

Gen Eight: 
- Second Chance
- 5 Kids (May re-roll) 
- Primary Career: Music (Rockstar)
- Secondary Career: Movies (Film) and then Journalism
- Gen Goal: 5 Star Celebrity
- Misc Fun: Partier

So I hate the fact that this is the second time I've rolled 5 children in Gen 8. Last time I had to re-roll for game issue reasons but I sort of don't want to because.... JUST LOOK AT THAT ROLL AS A WHOLE! Hoooow did I manage THAT? I don't even want to touch anything about this roll through fear of angering the Random Legacy Gods. 


  1. Awe, poor Teddy, though I am very sorry to see Uvie die at least we don't have to watch him be a tramp. There are worse things than death.....I've been wondering when Paris is going to get around to mother hood, she certainly hasn't had any time to start a relationship since she has been working on Teddy's cure.


    Seriously, the triplets are what made you cry, right? Triplets would make me cry. And then throw the computer. And then cry some more.

  3. First baby born: Aaaaw~ a litle girl. Yay!

    Second baby born: ... Another girl? Wtf? I thought I'd stuffed her full of apples...


    Still, they're all cute. So I guess I need to just suck it up and deal with it now that I've introduced all three... *Goes to cry*

  4. ROFL!! :D I nearly rolled of my chair when I read about the third kiddo! :D three little Uvies running around! But seriously, I knew it was coming, but did you really have to kill her off?? Could't you just let the fairies and gnomes take her away again?

  5. Oh. Oh...I was so happy and excited yesterday. Now I am all sad and depressed. I guess a part of me was hoping you would ignore the roll and let them be happy. Also, I hate you for choosing Aurora. That was going to be my A name when I finally arrived there. Damn you for everything this chapter. Damn you!!!

  6. I totally did not expect triplets. Please allow me to laugh a little. XD

  7. I love the triplets but *cry* poor Uvie & poor Teddy

  8. Ugh! So sad. =[ HOLY COW, triplets! Eh...good luck with that. I hope Teddy can cope with this. I don't know how in the world he is going to be able handle 3 babies without his wife. Hopefully Paris will step up and help him.

  9. At least Teddy got to meet her and love her and be with her, right? RIGHT? I need *some* optimism after reading this chapter. Poor Uvie.

    And good gawd - triplets?! Good luck, Teddy. You're going to need it.