Sunday, February 19, 2012

7.11 - Troubled Thoughts

Life takes on a routine after Uvie’s death. The triplets all seem to get hungry at the same time, get stinky at the same time, and get cranky at the same time. 

Honestly, Teddy’s happy for the triplets’ constant needs. Keeping busy helps keep Uvie off of his mind. Her ashes are next to his bed, but he still won’t accept that she’s really gone. He can’t.

Derrick stays for the next night, and the night after that. Eventually he just doesn’t leave and no one asks him to. Even Paris is glad that her dad is around to help with the babies. No one would get any sleep without the retired surgeon around to take one of the nighttime shifts. 

Whenever Paris has even a moment of free time she’s out in the yard studying the stars. Her research tells her Marpium came from the stars, or at least another plane of existence ages ago. One piece fell in Sunset Valley generations ago, is it possible that more would have fallen somewhere else? Well... she knows one person who might know...

She doesn’t know why he’s naked... But she really, really wishes he’d put some pants on before someone else comes by and gets the wrong idea. 

He seems amused by her discomfort, but puts on clothes before approaching her. “I heard your call, but when I arrived at your home your father was there and he did not seem pleased to see me so I decided against aggravating him farther... what do you require of me?”

Paris ignores Neptune’s comment about her father as she’s still trying to convince herself that Derrick’s stay is just temporary. “Marpium. It’s a stone that came to our world from somewhere else. The scientists in my books say that it came from space but as it has the ability to lengthen life I’m not so convinced... do you know where I can find a sample?”

He seems hesitant at first, studying her face. Eventually it seems he finds what he was looking for and shrugs. “I know nothing of this stone you call “Marpium”, but I do recall stories of a... spring that grew from the earth not too long ago. Six or seven generations at the most. It was said that drinking from the spring grants youth to those who are worthy. Perhaps that is what you seek?”

“Great!” Paris smiles. “Where is it?”
He seems taken aback by her eagerness. “It is a town named the Hidden Spring, quite unimaginative truly, but a quaint young place. However many fae live there and guard the spring obsessively. I doubt they will simply hand over their most valuable secret to a child who only speaks with her fae ancestry when she needs something from them.” 
Paris knows thats his best attempt to guilt her, but its not working. 

With Paris out and Derrick having dinner with his twin brother and his wife, Teddy is left alone to watch the triplets. Today would have to be the one night they all decide to sleep on happily and don’t even make a peep. 
Without any distractions all Teddy can think about is the mother they’ll never know. 

But maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. As he heads downstairs for a drink she sees him before he sees her. Her translucent hands touch her heart, a smile on her lips much the way she used to when she was alive. 
My Theodore...” He hears her voice in his mind even though her lips don’t move, and instantly he knows this isn’t a trick of his depressed mind, its really her. 

He doesn’t want to touch her, in case she disappears. “I’ve missed you so much. Uvie, oh Watcher I can’t believe you’re really here. I love you.”

She touches him, wrapping her arms around him and he breathes a sigh of relief when he realizes he can actually feel her. She’s ice cold, and sends a chill through him but he knows he probably felt the same way to her back when she was alive. 
“I can’t stay long, Theodore.” She whispers, her soft voice echoing in his mind. “I wish I could return, stay with you forever and watch our children grow but the Reaper is strict on visitation rights. I should not be speaking with you, it is not allowed but I need you to know it is wrong to blame yourself. You did not know what would happen.”

“Uvie, what are you talking about?”
She steps back, not meeting his eyes. “You still do not know what would happen... Oh Theordore, I am so sorry.” 

He tries to reach out to her, to make her stay but she just disappears into the air, and he’s left wondering what the heck she was talking about. It was almost unheard of to die during childbirth these days, even if the baby was a vampire and the mother was a regular sim. But then again, his babies were the first set of vampire triplets who had ever been born. 
... Should he blame himself for her death? His dad had been a triplet...

The babies become toddlers. 
Aurora inherits her grandfather’s hair. And has the Friendly and Couch Potato traits.

Aviva gains dark hair that could have been from her mother’s side, as well as the Loner and Artistic traits. 

And the most attractive of the bunch, Uvie’s little boy Aolani, who also has his grandfather’s hair, his father’s eyes, and his mother’s insane trait (as well as Excitable). 

Paris isn’t there for the birthday party. She’s down the street, looking out onto the ocean. She’s always felt a pull to it, almost as strong as the pull towards her real grandfather’s garden. Ever since her mother had told her about Neptune and her heritage she’d tried to ignore it, to focus only on science and believing only in what she could prove through her own research and hard work. 
But as the days passed it was harder and harder to ignore everything. Her mother was in another realm, her little sister could teleport and call animals to her, and Paris herself could bring plants back to life if she really wanted to. Maybe... maybe she should be a little nicer to Neptune...

Or maybe this was all an attempt to convince herself that going to Hidden Springs would be a good idea, ignoring the obvious problems at home. Mainly the problem of the best friend with the broken heart who wouldn’t even speak to her about it. 

It took a while, but with every new skill the triplets learned, the more confident Paris was with her decision. It was the very last thing she’d wanted to do as a child, leaving everyone behind to follow a seflish wish for fame and fortune, but she couldn’t quite convince herself that it was a bad idea anymore. 

At least until her father cornered her in the living room the night before her trip. She’d bought the plane tickets the day prior and thought she had hidden them well... but apparently not as well as she’d thought. 
“Paris, we need to talk.”

“I don’t care if you’re going to try guilting me into staying or telling me you regretted giving up family for work. One, I’m not going to be a failure like you are, I’ve already found the cure for vampirism, and now I’m jut trying to perfect it. And secondly... the triplets aren’t my family. They’re Teddy’s. I’m letting him stay in my house free of costs and honestly thats all I have to do. So just step aside and let me go.”

Derrick’s eyes fall almost into a sad glaze, so similar to the night she came home late and he just told her he was disappointed in her. 
“I wasn’t going to guilt you.” He sighs. “I was just going to wish you good luck... I’ll stay with Teddy and the babies. Take your time and do what you think you need to. I won’t stand in your way.”
She’s never wanted to slap him so badly. “I hate you.”
He keeps on smiling. “I know. You’ve made that very clear.”


Hidden Springs next chapter! : D... And I haven't even started it so depending on glitches, hmwk, etc... it may be delayed. Just got a job writing for a new fashion blog and I sort of need to get started on my global style column so I may have to actually work on RL stuff...


I kind of wish I hadn't given Aolani the insane trait. He is HOT as a YA. Soooo not fair. 


  1. Hot and crazy, just the way we like them, if I recall his ancestors correctly...and I do, of course.

  2. Ugh. Uvie and Teddy depress me so much. I'm excited for Paris' trip to Hidden Springs and I hope you don't run into any glitches. I was excited to see Neptune again! Can't wait to see when Teddy finds out what the hell Uvie is talking about. =]

  3. I'm looking forward to Paris' trip to Hidden Springs and I'm very intrigued to find out what Uvie was talking about

  4. I LOVE aurora :D she is so pretty! :D and Aolani is even hot as a toddler!

    And I am intrigued as well, can't wait to figure out what Uvie was talking about, or what will happen in hidden springs!