Monday, February 20, 2012

7.12 - The Hidden Springs

Well, the house’s decor isn’t anything Paris would have chosen herself but it was the only place who needed a renter, although the owner of the house seemed to be very mysterious and quiet. The realtor who showed Paris the house had never even seen the owner, but apparently he was coming by today to meet his new renter. 

... Oh you have got to be kidding.

“You’re nuts, you know that? Like... seriously just batshit crazy. How exactly did you swing it so I ended up renting the house you own?”
“I own half the city.” Neptune explains with a shrug. “When you’re immortal it is very hard not to become wealthy.”
Paris feels herself deflate. “Any chance that you’ll just let me be? I want to do this on my own.”

“I was never planning on intruding.” He promises. “Hidden Springs is in the domain of the dryads. They... do not like me very much. You will have a higher chance of finding the spring if they do not learn that I am close to you. I am simply here to ensure your safety as a favor to your mother.” 

And with that Paris is off around town... it really is a beautiful place. She understands why its such a huge tourist destination. 

Unfortunately she’s not here for the scenery. She’s on a mission to find that stupid fountain and to do that she’ll need to talk to the real locals, not the celebrity has-beens and other tourists.

Will wonders never cease? The locals are actually green. How messed up is that?

Unfortunately Paris is about as charismatic as a plank of wood, and apparently smells like a sprite. So it doesn’t take long for the locals to grow tight lipped and short with her. This trip is going to suck.

When she gets back “home”:
“I blame you for this, you know.”
Neptune raises an eyebrow. “Your day was that bad?”

“Oh my day was great up until they smelled you on me. Then they got fed up and asked me to leave. What exactly did you do to piss them off so much?”
“Nothing!” He swears. “Its just... history. Dryads are creatures of the land while sprites are of the sea. We need each other to survive and keep a balance, but our territory limits each others’.”
“The Fae are messed up.”

As she gets up to head to bed he considers saying something but holds his tongue. The real reason he came was because he stopped by the town before she did and sensed a leacher, a creature whose own survival requires leaching off of the souls of those around them. Paris is smart, but she’s never faced a creature of raw emotion and charisma. Even if its putting her research in jeopardy he’ll stay for as long as she does. Just in case.

Paris doesn’t know anything about Neptune’s worries, and so doesn’t realize she should be on her guard. 

Not that she would have recognized the danger anyway. 
“The gardens, have you become so accustomed to them already, sister? I could not imagine reading with such beauty around us.”

Feeling oddly guilty Paris puts her book away as the strange girl takes a seat next to her. “Um... I’m sorry? I agree that the gardens here are beautiful, I was just-”
The girl hasn’t said anything but suddenly Paris can’t quite remember what she was talking about. There’s something strangely familiar about the girl’s eyes but she can’t quite put her finger on it. “Uh...”

“My name is Ginger.” The green skinned girl offers with a soft smile. “I apologize if I dazzled you, I can’t always help it when I meet someone as lovely as yourself. My body just does what it wants to.”
Paris feels a light blush colour her cheeks and a strange leap somewhere in her chest. “Oh uh... I don’t mind- I mean um.” She stops and takes a breath to steady herself. “I mean, my name is Paris. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh! Paris! I’ve never been there before. Is it nice?”
Paris shrugs. “I dunno. I haven’t been there either. My mom was just sort of weird. She was one of those neurotic artists.”
“Who was she?”
“Mackenzie Sabo.”
Ginger’s face breaks out into a smile. “Oh my gosh I love her! Is it true she’s a fae? My mother lives by Neptune’s palace and sees her sometimes. It must’ve been so cool to grow up with her! I used to paint a little but I’m crap at it so now I just write trashy novels. It’s a hobby but it sure pays well!”
Paris decides she likes Ginger a little. She’s funny.

Ginger decides she likes Paris a lot, but that much was obvious to her from the moment she saw her. “I know its getting late, but I’d love to see you again. Are you busy tomorrow?”

Paris promises to meet her at the local bistro tomorrow for dinner and with a slight blush realizes that she just agreed to a date with a girl. Hunh... that was a lot easier than she thought it would be.

Unfortunately she may not be making that date after all.

“Cursed creature!” Neptune spits, pushing Paris out of the way. “I know what you and what you do. Don’t you ever come near my child again or I will end your pathetic existence in a heartbeat.”

Ginger looks as if she were just slapped. “I never meant to... I’m so sorry your majesty. I had no idea she was under your protection.” She wavers, hands shaking but not meeting his eyes. “But please sir, she’s fae. It... it wouldn’t have harmed her.”

He growls, taking a step towards her and with a squeak of fear Ginger disappears in a flash.
With a sideways glance at Paris he motions towards the house. “Come.”

As soon as they’re through the door he releases her arm and she on him immediately. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you? Ginger was just being nice to me! She’s the first sim in this entire town who hasn’t glared daggers at me as soon as they spent more than a moment with me! What did she ever do to you?”

“Paris she is a succubus! I know you’re weak but even you should have been able to sense it! You’ve been living with one of her kind for ages! I’d assumed you were immune to their charms somehow! What a fool I am.”

Wait... what?

“Theodore Starr.” He finally answers. “He’s an incubus. I only realized it after you’d already slept together, but you never fell under the addiction their victims usually get. I assumed you were immune as some fae are, I see now that it was only because you were not attracted to his gender.”
Shee takes a breath, shaking hher head as she absorbs what he said. So he continues. “Paris, I’m not trying to scare you, but succubi are dangerous once you’ve fallen under their charm. All it takes is a kiss and you’re theirs for as long as your soul can take it.”
“As long as my soul can take it?”
“The stronger your will, the longer you can last. I’d be eternal, but for humans such as your friend Uvie... much less.”

Paris almost feels like her heart just stopped. “You’re... you’re joking. She died in childbirth, it isn’t Teddy’s fault that she...” Her words trail off as she thinks of Uvie’s last few days. Her insanity spells had been coming more frequently, she was always tired and only ate when reminded to. Paris had chalked it all up to her pregnancy but what if...

Neptune nods as he reads her mind. “Theodore can’t really be blamed though, he doesn’t know what he is. Unlike your green skinned friend. She’s known for longer than you’ve been alive. I could smell the deaths she’s caused.”

“Forget Ginger!” Paris yells, her temper back with a vengence now that the shock has worn off. “How long have you known about Theodore?”
“Child, this is hardly the appropriate-”
He takes a breath knowing he’s lost the fight. “Before your trip to the Sunset Valley.”

Neptune seems confused. “Why would I have done that? Neither of them are of my blood. Once I was sure you were safe from his allure it mattered not to me wether he knew what he was.”
“Well it should have mattered.” She spits back. “Because he’s MY blood.”

And with that she’s gone. 

He lets her go. She just needs time to cool down... she’ll forgive him eventually.

Then again, maybe he should have paid more attention to just how hard headed Paris is. He might not get her back this time. 


I was actually very happy with this chapter. Everything I wanted happened and all the characters did what I wanted them to! FIRST TIME! 

Next chapter might not be up til Wednesday though because I haven't even started it xD. And it'll probably be a long one again. 

Some of you may recognize Ginger from my Evans Family Legacy which is update 2 or 3 times a week. She was the founder for the legacy even though she was originally created for this legacy xD. I just sort of fell in love with her. 

Poor Neptune just doesn't understand the concept of "Friendship".


  1. Oh, man, she looks a full age stage younger with short hair. That's just weird.

    I'm partial to your blue-haired boys, but Neptune is no Aquarius. That jerk.

  2. Wow. That completely blindsided me. Poor Uvie... I wonder how Teddy will take the news :/

    I hope the same doesn't happen to Paris eventually, that would break my heart </3

  3. OOH! I love ginger :D and she is doing great!

    And Teddy a succubine? oh god...poor boy, he can't have anything going right can he?

    And poor strongheaded Paris...I hope she get's through this without a scratch :( (thought I doubt it)

  4. are horrid. Teddy loved her and he killed her! /me wails

    So, if that is the case, what about all the other girls? He hasn't killed anyone else. Am I missing something...again?

  5. Well he'll be asking your question himself when Paris tries explaining everything to him, Heaven. But basically, he only slept with those girls for a couple days. When they started showing symptoms of the weakness (Lazy, not wanting to go out, making HIM do all the work, etc.) he'd get bored and dump them. But all his previous girlfriends were also of fae blood. Uvie was pure human. Not a drop of fae in her.

  6. Oh Jesus! I can't imagine how Teddy is going to feel about this when he finds out. Uggghh...</3 My poor Teddy. And is Paris brave or stupid? Neptune tells her about the succubus and yet she goes right back to her. Lol. She is so hard headed, let's hope it doesn't get her killed. O_O

  7. Oh poor Teddy! How on earth is he going to cope when he finds out?

    I do hope Paris isn't going to get hurt too badly though