Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7.13 - Wanderlust

Waking up in a strange bed wasn’t what worried her. It was waking up in a strange bed with obvious proof that someone had spent the night next to her that was worrying. Especially considering whose house this was.

Ginger doesn’t make much of a reaction when she sees Paris leave the bedroom. Just shoots her a quick smile and motions to the table behind her. “Hey there sleepy head. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes if you’re hungry. I’m making pancakes.” 

They eat in an awkward silence before Paris finally can’t stand it anymore. “What happened last night means nothing, okay? I was just weak after my fight with Neptune and I-”
“What do you think happened last night?”
Paris falters, unsure when she realizes she has no actual memories of the prior night. “I don’t uh... didn’t we um... I mean you’re a-”
“You were practically hysterical when you came to me last night." Ginger mutters. "I was worried you’d hurt yourself so I put you under a spell to help you sleep. I didn’t touch you at all after helping you get ready for bed. I’m not the kind of creature who takes advantage of the weak.”

Paris feels absolutely awful after that guilt trip. “I-I’m so sorry! I just thought... I mean I know almost nothing about succubi and I just assumed...” She stops herself mid sentence. “I really am sorry for accusing you of taking advantage of me.”

Ginger just shrugs again. “I won’t hold anything against you. After the way his majesty reacted I’m sure he told you all sorts of horrible things about me and my kind. We don’t mean to hurt those we love, and I would never leach from someone who wasn’t aware. Its... its horrible.” 

Paris decides to change the topic. “So why do you call Neptune ‘His Mejesty’? He’s old but he isn’t anything special, is he?”
Ginger smiles, giving Paris a strange look. “Are... are you joking? I mean, he’s the father of the Oceans, above the Fates themselves, most fae refer to him as their king as he’s one of the oldest out there. One of Mother Gaia’s own children if there’s any truth to the stories that is. How do you not know any of this? I’d be thrilled to have him for a father! I mean, its obvious he cares about you a lot.”

Paris almost points out that her father is very much human but decides against it. Ginger wasn’t referring to an immediate father. Neptune was her family’s father image and maybe that was sort of cool... if he wasn’t such an ass. 

As Paris is washing the plates she feels Ginger come up behind her and turns around at the last second. “... Ginger?”
The tiny green girl blushes, lower lip shaking nervously. “If I do something I said I wouldn’t can you promise not to be mad? I just... I really really want to kiss you, and I figure its fair to give you warning before I just do it. It won’t take power from you, I swear, I just really really can’t stop thinking of your lips and its driving me a little mad.”

Paris shrugs as Ginger wraps her arms around her bare waist. “Neptune said that kissing a succubus puts you under their spell, is that true?”
Ginger almost laughs. “There is no spell. It’s an allure, and it comes from physical attraction, not any kind of magic. When you sleep with one of my kind its like an addiction, you can’t get enough. But I won’t kiss you if you don’t want me to.”

Instead Paris initiates the kiss, and for the first time really feels something. It feels like her body is on fire and she just wants more. She wants to feel every part of her new friend, but when she tries to push things further Ginger is quick to pull away.

They go out in public and Ginger shows her around town. The side of town that appeals to the younger generation, the clubs and lounges where everyone seems to know Ginger and the couple is let in without any fuss or wait.

Ginger even introduces Paris to some of the more “natural” looking residents. The younger generation, less superstitious and protective of their city’s secrets. 

Whats his name here even tells her that the only sim who knows the location of the fountain of youth of the town’s oldest relative. But when she asks for a name he just laughs and trots off to meet back up with his friends. 

City census show that Granny Shue is the city’s oldest living local but she just laughs at Paris’ questions and tells her she’s barking up the wrong tree... and then makes both girls babysit while she goes grocery shopping. 

Ginger hangs back while Paris plays with the babies. “I can’t believe how good you are with these rugrats. I swear they try to kill me when I visit Granny.”
Paris just laughs at Ginger’s awestruck expression. “My friend Teddy, the incubus I told you about has triplets. I sort of have to be good with babies, otherwise the three of them would have taken control of the house immediately.”
“Your friend managed to conceive? It’s... rare for my kind. I tried to have a child when I was younger with no luck. He should consider himself lucky.”
“He does.” Paris says with a smile. Thinking of how happy the triplets always make her cousin. Maybe one day she’ll have a child... adopted of course. And only after her work has been completed.

But after a private screening at the movie cinema Paris realizes that the fountain of youth and the possibility of a Marpium just isn’t as interesting as it was when she first got to Hidden Springs. Right now all she can think of is having another taste of Ginger’s lips. 

When they get back to Ginger’s home Paris pulls her into her arms. “I want to... be with you.”
“Be with me? What do you mean?”
Paris blushes, feeling like a love sick teenager. “I mean I want to sleep with you. I have fae blood, one time won’t kill me. A few times might not even hurt. I just... I’ve never admitted to anyone even myself that I like girls and I really don’t want to lie to myself anymore. I don’t care what you are.”

Ginger gives her one last chance to say no before their lips make contact on the bed, but they both know its pointless. The last chance to say no passed the first time Ginger asked for permission to kiss her. After that Paris was hooked, and so was Ginger. 

Days pass and finally Neptune has had enough. 

Ginger greets him at the door, obviously nervous as he crosses into the house behind her. She fully expects to feel herself killed at any moment but he does nothing. 
“I want to see her.” He growls instead, obviously trying very hard to control his temper. 

When Paris emerges from one of the side rooms Neptune feels as if he was just punched in the chest. She’s different. Not the Paris he remembers at all, and she has the stench of the succubus all over her. It’s obvious both have been busy, but it isn’t until he looks closer that he realizes her slight change in appearance. Her hair has grown, but it hasn’t really. She’s using a glamour, when not even her mother had the power to cast one. 

“I know why you’re here.” She says after a moment of his shocked silence. “And I’m fine, I promise you. Ginger’s been training me to use fae magic, and its just so fascinating. I’ve learned so much and I feel so alive for the first time ever! I didn’t know it was possible to be this happy.”

He smiles, hiding his true thoughts well. “Well if you’re so sure you’re happy here should I call Teddy and ask him to move here with the triplets? He called asking about you yesterday. He’s worried.”
“Teddy?” Paris asks, eyes faint for a moment before the recollection hits. “Oh! Right. Uh... nah, just tell him he can have the house. He’ll be fine.”
Ah. So then there is something wrong.

He turns to Ginger and realizes she has the same cloudy expression on her face. “Your Majesty please, don’t take her. She’s happy here and so am I. She’s so strong and I can help her with her magics. She can live forever if we take things slow and we can be happy for just as long.”
He sighs, realizing for the first time just how low Ginger’s power level really is. She can’t even fight against her own allure, a true slave to her own nature.

“Listen to yourself, child. I agree that Paris has potential, but she is more human than fae, she will never last as long as you want her to. Her will is strong now because she is happy, but no one can last forever. All it will take is one argument with a friend or one insult from an old fashioned tourist while the two of you are out on a date and her heart will break. She’ll die from just a touch of the hand. Don’t do this to her. Release her before its too late.”

“I’ve tried!” Ginger admits after a moment. “But do you have any idea how hard it is to say no to a half naked girl when she’s underneath you, whispering sexy things in your ear and begging you to take her? It’s hard!”
Neptune closes his eyes, trying his hardest to not imagine the scene she just described. “Alright, I can understand your predicament here, but you must be strong, Ginger. Give her something that will snap her from the allure and it will be easier to let her go.”
“But I just...” Ginger lets herself fall silent.

With a sigh she makes her decision. “If it will please you, sir... take us to the mountains, at the base of the falls there is a small clearing that can be accessed through teleportation alone.”


Although both Neptune and Ginger are there with her, Paris full attention falls to the small spring and the odd rocks that encompass it. Instantly she knows she’s found what she’s looking for. 

Ginger feels their connection waver and weaken as Paris’ logical mind fights for control and knows that this is the best chance she’ll ever have at letting the little human go.

“So I guess this means you’ll be heading home now, eh? Good riddance. I wasn’t really looking forward to burying another body and you’re already getting pretty weak.”

Paris can’t believe her words. “Ginger please, you don’t mean that. You said everything would be fine. That you loved-”

“I was lying, stupid. Now just... just go before I change my mind.”

As Paris leaves Ginger walks up to Neptune, fighting back to urge to slap him. “There, she’s free... I hope you’re happy now. And I hope you protect her well, she’s too innocent for her own good.”

Neptune hopes the same thing, but he knows Paris is strong. She’ll recover from a broken heart... eventually.


Back to Meadow Glenn! 

I think that for a while at least, I'll be updating only every other day. I'm writing for a fashion blog now as well as entertaining a new love interest and you know how much attention boys require. 

I'm really trying hard to not make Ginger and Neptune into bad guys.  They just each have a lot to learn about mortal emotions. 

Now if you'll all pardon me I'm going to scroll back up and just enjoy the Paris/Ginger photos a bit. I'm actually quite proud of my pictures this time around.


  1. </3 Poor Ginger, having to lie to Paris about not wanting to be with her. I'd have smacked her if I was Paris! Ah well, she can't control herself and I don't want Paris to be another Uvie. Small green children, yes?

  2. Lol at Paris being innocent. Ahaha. Ginger doesn't know her at all. Also..this entire time I wanted Paris and Teddy together but I just find out they are cousins? O_O Ewww. How did I miss that before? I feel sorry for Paris, but it's for the best....we don't want to go and die on us.

  3. Shoot. I liked Ginger and Paris together, but I can obviously see why that wouldn't have worked out (although I'm waiting for some type of twist; perhaps Paris is able to get preggo by Ginger somehow). Drat - now I'm getting myself too excited over a possible plot twist that I'm probably wrong about. :/

  4. *sigh*

    all that hard work payed off, great chapter cece! And how can you be mad at Neptune and Ginger, they both try to do the best for Paris, even though their methods might be a bit harsh...

    I feel for Paris, poor girl has no chance at happiness what so ever :(

  5. I feel sorry for Ginger, it must be so hard to know that your love will end up killing your lover and to try and find the strength to let them go even when they don't want to.