Thursday, February 23, 2012

7.14 - Thorned Roses

Derrick can’t say he isn't happy that his little girl is back home, but he just wishes she’d come home a lot earlier. Teddy’s been almost catatonic lately and its hard to take care of vampiric triplets all on his own, especially with his old bones aching as much as they do. 

Paris just feels as if she’s still in a haze, but now that she knows what Teddy is she can understand why he’s been so sick since she left. 

And of course there’s one very easy way to fix him. But he won’t like it, and neither will she.

So a disguise may be in order. The glamour isn’t perfect. Her face is still her own, but she’s sure Teddy will be too distracted to even notice. 

And she’s right. It’s been weeks since he last woo-hood with anyone and he’s too weak to even see straight right now. All he sees is his dead wife standing in front of him. 

Paris just really hopes Teddy will be able to forgive her once he’s regained his strength and realizes what she’s done. 

He falls asleep after their romp in the sheets and Paris tries to leave quietly. She gets as far as the living room before the headache hits. 

It feels as if her brain is exploding in her head and the pain is immense. Thankfully she’s unconscious before she even hits the ground.

Teddy was just about the last person she wanted to see when she woke up who knows how long later. But then again she’s thankful she woke up at all considering the pain she was in earlier. 

“I dunno if I should call you a moron for putting yourself at risk like that or thank you for saving my life.” He mutters, not looking at her. “Neptune came by after you fell unconscious. He uh... he told me everything. About what I am and what I can do to people if I'm not careful.”

“And how are you taking that?”
He shrugs. “I’d sort of put it together myself while you were gone. Uvie’s ghost came by one night, told me not to blame myself for what happened to her. I thought that it was just because my dad had been a triplet and we had triplets but then I started thinking about the way she’d been acting before she died, and how much stronger I felt during that entire time. I can’t say that I didn’t feel guilty when I finally understood everything, but Neptune’s promised to help me gain control, so that I don’t hurt anyone ever again. And that helps a little.”

“Why is Neptune helping you?” She asks after a moment, mind still a little fuzzy from being asleep for so long. “And how long was I out? I feel so weird.”
“Oh thats just from the pregnancy.” Teddy mutters. “I guess thats why Neptune’s helping me control myself.”

Wait. Pregnancy?

Well... she did want a child. Just not by her best friend. Why hadn’t she been smart enough to use a bit of protection when she’d seduced Teddy? Stupid!

Teddy is a lot more excited about the baby than she is. 

Whatever. At least her child will grow up in a happy family environment with so many siblings and play mates. She’s thankful for that much, and it does bring a little jolt of happiness to her, knowing that she’s actually going to be a mother after so long.

Oh right, the toddlers are still triplets, just so ya’ll know. And yes, they’re still adorable.

Its early morning only a few days later when Paris feels the first contractions beginning. Its bad, but its not as bad as she thought the pain would be. 

Thankfully she gets through the labour alive and well, and can’t stop smiling the moment she sees her new little boy, Briar. He isn’t a vampire, and judging by the little tufts of green hair on his head, he certainly isn’t Teddy’s child. Unfortunately Paris can't decide if things are better or worse this way.


Just HOW Ginger conceived Briar will be explained later but don't expect any sort of epic twist or anything. Basically it just boils down to one word: Magic. (Or chicks with *icks as I told Jessica but I honestly just said that to make her squirm xD)

I am SO disappointed Briar didn't come out green *pout*. I mean,  I REALLY wanted a green heir for my next roll. Meh, either way my story will work out. Its just a bit disappointing to me that I'll have to throw out all my "green giant" jokes. 

FYI: The pics of Paris seducing Teddy are just of her in Uvie's hair and a copy of her sleepwear. I never realized just how cute she is. Especially her nose. <3


  1. Lol. You have no idea how haunted I will be by those images you put into my head. God help me. >_<

    Although I must say that was extremely noble of Paris to risk her life to save her best friend...cousin...uncle... WTF ever. Ahaha. I hope Teddy isn't too heartbroken that the kid isn't his, though he does already have 3. That's more than enough.

  2. Yay! I'm happy it's Ginger's... and the more I think about it, the more strange her name is. She's green damn it!

    I feel bad for both Teddy and Paris. Paris for having to trick Teddy, and Teddy for having to believe Uvie was alive and well again. At least he'll be more careful this time around... I hope.

  3. A plot twist that I was actually (kinda, sorta) correct about? What is this sorcery??

    I'm so excited. SO.EXCITED.

  4. Yay :D Green hair :D Love the chapter :D Paris is finally gaining some adult thinking!
    I thought it was very unselfish for her to do for Teddy what she did. She's growing up! (finally)

  5. Though it was rather cruel of Paris, it was rather noble at the same time. I have to say I am glad it's not Teddy's baby. Would have been a little weird. At least everyone is working together to keep a semblance of normality. Even Neptune which is rather interesting in and of itself.

  6. I do feel dreadfully sorry for Teddy, finding out what he is like that. I love what Paris did for him, but I'm glad it was Ginger's baby.