Saturday, February 25, 2012

7.15 - One of a Kind

Teddy’s babies are growing up today. 

He can’t believe how big they are already. 

He just wishes their mother was here to see this.

Motherhood suits Paris well. She simply can’t get enough of her bouncing baby boy.

Of course she’s still Paris, so when she’s locked up in her laboratory grandpa Derrick dotes on his only grandchild with gusto.

Finally the family gathers for the triplets’ birthday.



Aaaand Aolani (Who I now want to call Tom Sawyer)

Oh, and little Briar ages as well, of course.

Despite the initial disappointment of not having a fourth child, Teddy has gotten over it well. So what if Briar isn’t his biological child? Honestly that would have complicated things between him and Paris even more, so its better this way. 

Although he does wish Paris would come clean about where the baby came from. She didn’t mention any boys from her trip, and even Neptune is keeping mum about the whole thing. Friggin fae never tell him anything.

Still, Briar is the only born virtuoso in the house, and as a master of the guitar Teddy takes it upon himself to train the boy’s musical bones. After all, none of Teddy’s biological kids took after him in regards to musical talent. 

No, two of his children are more artistic than musical.

And the last one is more into developing her writing than any other kind of skill or art form. 

Aurora really is Teddy’s pride and joy though. She’s brilliant, kind, and looks so much like her mother that it hurts. 

Not to say Teddy doesn’t love the other triplets as well. They each have their own... uniqueness. 

And Aviva just isn’t the best people person.

No, Aurora’s the only one who makes an effort to hang out with baby Briar.

Briar REALLY sucks at peek-a-boo. He’s too impatient and always peeks early.

But Aurora takes her time to teach him the game, and eventually he gets it. 
And just like that, they’re best friends. 

Paris meanwhile has already finished and patented her real cure to vampirism. And since, she’s gone back to stargazing. It calms her, and gets her away from the havoc of having such a full house. 

Many have already taken her cure, and she’s a household name in most big cities. However only one vial of her original cure remains. The one that doesn’t reset your age, and this is the cure that Teddy asks for when he finally decides to become human. 

One last sexy vampire pose for the ladies.

Ugh its gross. Couldn’t Paris have at least flavoured it or something?

With that, Theodore Starr is no longer immortal. And he couldn’t be happier about it.


<3 Human Teddy is just as hot as vampire Teddy to be perfectly honest.

I swear the boys in this house as SO freaking CUTE! Both Aolani and Briar are just... <3 I can't get enough of them. 


  1. Birthdays everywhere!! All the children grew up beautifully as usually. I can't wait to see them as teens! Thanks for that last pose of vampire Teddy. He is just as hot as a human but him being a vampire just gave him something extra. I'm going to miss that. =/

  2. Human Teddy IS hotter then Vampire Teddy!!!

  3. All the children are just so cute! Have you decided who will be the heir?

    I'm trying to decide whether Teddy looks better as a human or a vampire, and I'm leaning towards the human version

  4. I dare say Teddy is even hotter now :D Aurora is so cute!! :D but I already mentioned that :D I love her playing with Briar :D