Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7.2 - Don't Wanna Be Alone

It’s early morning by the time Paris gets home. She’s tired, cranky, and feels disgusting. Teddy was still asleep when she snuck out of bed and the last thing she wants to do is talk to or see anyone else. 
So she can barely hide her annoyance when Grandpa Jacob stops her in the foyer. 

“Do you have any idea what time it is?”
“Um... 4?”
“5:35! In the morning! Your mother made herself sick with worry! She went into labour around midnight and is still in the hospital. You know our family’s history on running away. You practically broke your mother’s heart when you didn’t show up for the party! Where were you?”

Instantly, Paris feels even worse than she ever has before. “I-is mom okay? How’s the baby?”
“You have a little sister, Vienna.” Is all Jacob says at first before composing himself. “She’s too small, has to stay in the hospital until they’re sure she’s strong enough to live. Your parents are staying with her for as long as they can. And for your sake I suggest you try to behave when they get home.”

Derrick gets home only a couple hours later and informs the family that Kenzie is staying with Vienna for a while longer. She’ll try to make it for Paris’ graduation but she can’t promise anything. 
Paris tries to hide her disappointment. Why can’t Derrick stay with Vienna and her mom come for her graduation? It’s not fair. 

The family ends up skipping graduation entirely when Vienna stops breathing and gets pulled into surgery. Derrick heads back to the hospital to be there with Kenzie. Paris considers going as well,  but decides against it. She hasn’t tried making some trial cures for a few days so its a better use of her time, really.

Vienna finally comes home. 

But she has to go back to the hospital in the morning, so Derrick starts working on looking for a new house closer to the hospital. So they can have Vienna at home nights, but close enough for an emergency run to the hospital in case anything happens. 
Its surprisingly hard to find a fair sized 3 bedroom house in the city proper. 

“So why do you need three bedrooms?” Paris asks during one of his searches. “I thought Grandpa said he was going to stay here. What’s the third room for?”
“Well Kenzie doesn’t think you’d want to share a room with a crying toddler, so the third room would be yours.”
Oh. “Well... what if I wanted to stay here with Grandpa? I mean, it would be easier for you guys to just buy a two bedroom house, and lets face it. Grandpa’s getting old and he really needs someone to be here with him.”
Derrick doesn’t even hesitate. “Awesome, that would be very helpful, Paris, thank you.”

Hunh. That was... painfully easy. 

“You know mom would’ve at least put up a bit of a fight to keep me close.”
Derrick doesn’t say anything, but as Paris gets up from the table she sees him close his eyes and shake his head. Good. She’s sick of him too. Whatever. She won’t miss him. And she'll just ignore the stabbing feeling she's getting in her heart right now.

And just like that, the large Sabo house feels almost entirely empty. Its just her and ancient grandpa Jacob now. 

And once Jacob dies, it’ll just be her. Alone in this giant house.

She doesn’t like the idea of being all alone. Not one bit.

Not that she’s ever really alone. Even when Jacob’s out around town or visiting his siblings’ graves (Catherine died the same day Paris became a YA) Teddy is always around. Despite Paris’ best attempts to not call him back, he manages to find his way into her house without her realizing it, and she doesn’t have the heart to ask him to leave.

Although she might if she knew just how (and with whom) he was spending his time with while she’s busy working on his cure and refusing to sleep with him a second time.

Emilie has a face like a parrot, but that’s not what Teddy’s eyes are locked on. The word around town is that he and Paris are dating, but whatever. It’ll all cool as long as she doesn’t find out.

Just past midnight on his 111th birthday, Jacob feels death finally take him.

He probably should’ve put a shirt on or something. 

Paris does not take it well.

Plus the reaper gives her the creeps. So there’s that.

Not that her fear stops her from giving him a piece of her mind once Jacob is gone.

If she had her way, she’d stop the reaper from ever taking her family away. Why do people have to die anyway? It’s not fair!

And its along that same train of thought that Paris realizes she’s now all alone. And she doesn’t like it. This house is huge and she can’t stand the idea of staying in it all alone. What if someone comes by in the night and tries to kill her?!

“T-Teddy? My Grandpa just died.”
He doesn’t need any more information than that. He's out the door immediately.

In only minutes he's there, and lets her cry on his shoulder until her eyes run dry. 

They fall asleep in Jacob’s bed together, but its nothing romantic, even when Paris pulls Teddy close and falls asleep snuggled up against him. She just needs to know someone is close. He gets that.


Teddy's a shitty boyfriend, but a great friend. And don't worry, this'll stop sounding like a couple + half-siblings roll by next chapter. Completely unrelated: Next chapter also marks the return of my asshole characters. I miss them <3. 

RIP Jacob. I REALLY can't believe how long he held on. Kenzie only had about 10 days left before turning Elder!

There aren't really a lot of single girls in Meadow Glenn... I probably should've thought Teddy's lifetime wish out more... Luckily he was at 2 from his teen years, and 1 more with Paris. So at least there's that. 


  1. Naw, their relationship is sweet I want one of those lol

  2. Vienna! What a pretty name for a little girl. Hope she will be okay. Also, Derrick is an ass.

  3. I love Paris and Teddy together....she said for the millionth time. =D And lol at Paris giving the Grim Reaper a piece of her it! That was very Paris. I hope Vienna will make a full recovery. Also, I kind of want to punch Derrick in the face. -_-

  4. Don't want to sound like a bitch, but I hope Vienna doesn't make it so Derrick will get a punch in the face. Take that for doting on one daughter and not the other!

    Enough with the evilness, you know the saying "All the good guys are either gay or taken"? It's like the opposite here. Teddy might not be a goody two shoes, but he's not taken and Paris doesn't like him! So many problems. Stupid non-couple roll :(

  5. CAUGHT UP!!!! I always feel like I'm falling behind on your legacy. You're too fast for me.

    Teddy certainly has his <3 moments. I do hope that Vienna makes it and is okay, but I also hope that Derrick realizes that his true chance lies in Paris. He can't just simply jump ship from one kid to the next thinking that it will suddenly fix everything!!! Poor Paris.

  6. So, has Derrick given up on Paris? Or has he never wanted to try it with her? I'm still going for giving up :P cause in my game he was a sweety :P And not this ass hihi.

    Poor paris though, staying behind on her own :( bitch or not, I do feel sorry for her, she has her own reasons for being bitchy, so I forgive her for that.

    Teddy :D *drools again*

  7. EDIT: and I should have know you'd keep him alive as I wished, and then turn him into an ass :P Like I said to jessica in the previous chapter hehe :P I blame his illness, it must have had some character altering side effects of sort :P

  8. Derrick really is behaving like an idiot, poor Paris *hugs her*