Thursday, February 9, 2012

7.3 - Won't You Stay?

In the wee hours of the morning Paris hears someone rummaging downstairs and gets out of bed to investigate. It’s probably just one of her parents back to grab something they forgot. 
... Or its a filthy thief. 

Before she can even think of calling for Teddy the thief is on her. She doesn’t even get the chance to put up a fight. 

He escapes while she’s picking herself up from the floor. He takes the TV, but nothing else. 

Whatever, it was an old TV anyway.

Teddy wakes up around noon, feeling like crap. He hasn’t really slept around as much as he did as a teen, and lately he just feels like his body weighs a hundred pounds. He really doesn’t want to take the hour long walk up to his parents’ house in the mountains, and unlike last night he doubts his mom will be in the mood to teleport his lazy ass to where he needs to be. 
Maybe he’ll ask Paris if he can stay a few more nights. 

“There was a thief in the house this morning!” She tells him as soon as he asks for permission to stay a couple more nights. “He knew grandpa was gone and tried to take advantage of my lack of upper body strength!”

“If you leave me alone he’ll come back and kill me! Or... or worse!”
“So... you want me to move in permanently.”
Paris looks around worriedly, as if to check for spies. “Shh. Not so loud. They’ll hear you.”
“... Did you hit your head? I think we need to go see you dad.”
“You may have a good idea there. I’m seeing floating lights everywhere and I don’t think thats healthy.”

Once Derrick’s confirmed that Paris has only a minor concussion Teddy takes her back home, and she repeats her request. 
“But seriously... if you wanted to stay here I’d really appreciate it. I don’t like being in this rickety old thing all by myself, and it’ll be easier to test the trial cures if you’re within grabbing distance.”

“Do I get my own room?”
“You get your own goddam floor. You snore like a monster.”
Heh... his mom used to say that. “Then sure. I’d love to be your new roommate.”

And just like that, the house gets a couple renovations. 
Kenzie’s old room becomes Paris’ new study and lab. 

Paris’ room gets a bit of colour. 

And finally, Madrid and Dublin’s old room becomes Teddy’s chrome inspired bachelor pad. 

Jacob and Sabina’s old room is left as is. For now they just use a tiny piece of it as a gym (just in case that thief does come back). 

Lol. Fail. 

Now that Teddy doesn’t have to worry about his father flirting up any girls he brings home, he’s back on the prowl. Crystal’s hot... but also insane (Oh and married).

Sasha has a bit more promise. Attractive, young, single... she doesn’t follow Teddy home, but he knows he’s got her hooked.

No. Instead he invites Emilie over for dinner. For once she puts on real clothes, not that he minds. She’ll probably be out of them soon.After all... no one can resist his purple eyes. 

Screw her (now ex) boyfriend. 

And once he’s got her in bed he realizes something very odd. With every brush of his bare skin against hers, every kiss, and every moment of passion... he feels better. Stronger and more energetic, similar to how he feels when night has fallen, but so much more potent.
He likes this.


So I honestly don't know when the next update will be. Sort of got caught up with other things, as well as health problems and studying for exams. Luckily the weekend is here, and spring break is only a week away, so I should be back to normal soon.

Lifetime wish tallies:
Teddy: 4/10 girlfriends
Paris: 0/3 skills. But she's getting her logic capped pretty soon honestly. She's already at 8, halfway to 9 and she's only been a YA for a few days.

The Parrot nose comes from my Mossier family tree, specifically Sielienna Mossier. The nose looked good on her and her sons... but apparently not so much on anyone else. I apologize to all my sims for that *Shudder*. 


  1. Lol at paris and the conspiracy theories :D Though I believe it's a good sign she let her dad look at her! (let me believe please!!)

    Honestly, you threaten to kill me if I keep you waiting again :P But then you go and make me wait!! Oh, the punishment is hard!

    Good look with your exams!

  2. Lol at Paris and the thief. It almost looked like he was trying to give her a hug!

    Oh Teddy.....does he draw in power from sex? Very interesting....

    I'm glad Paris and Teddy are living together.(Even if it's not how I wanted it.)

  3. I wish you the best of luck with your tests - and also hope that your health issues aren't too severe?! D:

    Paris, you silly girl. I love how straight forward she can be.

    And Teddy - you sly man, you!

  4. The new room decors all look great. Paris' room is especially nice.
    The thief fight scene was hilarious.