Saturday, February 11, 2012

7.4 - Necessary Changes

Teddy and Emilie are apparently dating now. At least thats what Emilie said at breakfast, fully nude. Paris is just relieved that the rumours of Teddy’s love interest no longer have her name in them.

She’’s created so many test trials since she first promised to find Teddy a cure... but none of them are anything close to what she wants. 

She can’t figure it out! Somehow she walked herself straight into a corner and nothing is working!

Needing a break, she heads to the park where she finds her mother and younger sister talking to a strange man with blue hair. 

Vienna is doing much better than before, and seems to be growing well. She’s been to the hospital less and less than before, but judging by the tired look on Kenzie’s face, nights still aren’t easy. Paris is so happy she decided to stay with her grandfather. 

The blue haired man stops Paris before she can head back home. He introduces himself as Neptune and tells her she’s got the potential for magic.

Paris asks if he’s escaped for a mental asylum or something. 

“Your mother said you would be a hard one to convince.” He laments, confusing her further. “She asked me to help you find your friend’s cure, before it consumes you entirely as it did your father, but I am beginning to wonder if you’re even worth the effort. You’re too much like your father to ever take to my lessons.” 

“I-I’m not like him!” Paris insists. “He’s selfish and a horrible person! I’m actually trying to help people. And I’m not going to make his mistake of hurting the people I love.”

The blue haired man shrugs before looking back at the park where Kenzie and Vienna are playing together on the grass. “Are you sure about that? Your sister is not sick, Paris. I made the mistake of giving your mother too much of my power while she was pregnant, and as a result Vienna is no normal human child. The air here hurts her, but your mother refuses to go to the fae realm without you, and you are far too human to survive the trip.”

Back home, Teddy is entertaining his girlfriend. 

If she looks different than Emilie its because she isn’t Emilie, she's Sasha. He dumped Emilie last night. 

Plus Sasha is a WAY better kisser than Emilie ever was. 

Paris is not amused when she sees her old high school friend leaving Teddy’s room walking in a matter than can only be referred to as the “Stride of Pride”. 

And roughly an hour later, Teddy emerges. 
“So what happened to Emilie?”
Teddy shrugs as he walks over, not bothering with pants. “She was getting all weird on me. Made me do all the work in bed, didn’t like going out on dates anymore, and kept complaining about a headache. I mean, I knew it would suck to date an older woman but I didn’t realize it would be THAT annoying. So I dumped her and started dating Sasha instead. She’s cute, eh?”
Paris just shrugs. “Yeah, whatever.”

“Oh by the way, mom invited us over for tea on Friday. Apparently she wants to talk or something. Which means one of us has been misbehaving and I know it hasn’t been me, so you’re screwed.” 

“Oh right, cause I’m totally the one whose been screwing half the girls in town, right?” 
He just rolls his eyes and gives her the middle finger. Paris is not amused.

Sexy guitar face for Zoku. 

Kenzie can’t get Neptune’s words out of her head. Sure she isn’t the most stable girl in the world, but she’s tried to keep her distance from her parents after they moved out. It was for their own good- oh crap. Thats exactly what her dad was doing by staying in Egypt! What if she is just like him?

Playing with dangerous chemicals while distracted = Not a good idea.

Teddy rushes into the room just as she’s straightening back up. 
“Paris! Are you okay? I heard an explosion!”

Before he can say anything else she’s in his arms, just crying. The explosion didn’t actually hurt her, but just knowing that there was someone here who cared enough to run to her aid... its too much on top of everything else thats going on right now.

Unfortunately the explosion ended up harming more than just her ego after all.

“I look like a dyke.” She growls, just daring him to say something. 
For once Teddy doesn’t take the bait and tease her. Instead he just grabs a brush from the counter. “Short hair doesn’t have to be masculine, y’know. Just give me a minute.”

Dammit, she still looks super cute. Even with short hair. Looks like she can’t really whine about it anymore... and maybe it was for the best. She’s had the exact same hair style since she was just a baby. Maybe... maybe a change would be a good idea. After all, dwelling on the past is never healthy. Its about bloody time she became her own person. 


What? There's a method to my madness. Sometimes a change in hairstyle is all you need to get you out of a rut, and my has Paris fallen into quite the rut. 

Yes Neptune feels guilty over Vienna being sick. Worse things are to come for him. (He shoulda stayed in Egypt)


  1. I liked how you thought of a plot to go along with her hairstyle changing. Poor Paris, trying so hard to help her horndog friend. =]

    Oh Teddy....It's okay, I really didn't like Emilie anyways.

    So that's why Vienna is sick! Awe, I bet Neptune DOES feel bad.

  2. I feel weird saying this - but I like the way you wrote Vienna's "illness." Kenzie is going to have to make a choice and soon, eh?

    I love Paris' new hair. <3 She's right - she still looks cute.

  3. I love the explanation for Vienna's illness, poor Neptune making that mistake, he must feel so bad about it! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for him

  4. oh I love man whore friends they are my favorite lol. and I agree with everyone else ;)

  5. I think her new cut is lovely in that last picture. Makes her look more grown up. And Teddy kinda steals my heart. Even though he is out man-whoring, he is always there when she needs him.

  6. Oeh, the new hair looks good, I agree with heaven, it makes her look more grown up indeed :D And very cool you gave Paris an epifany on why Derrick never contacted them (even though still very very very wrong!)

    Poor Vienna, and poor kenzie btw, having to make a decision like that, it think it shows how much she loves paris by risking Vienna.

    Teddy *drool* and Neptune *drool*

  7. Catching up on stories and meOW, sexy guitar face.