Sunday, February 12, 2012

7.5 - Familia

With her research going nowhere fast, Paris turns her attention back to her grandfather’s garden. Teddy helps with the weeding when he can, but the sun always gets too hot for him and he retreats back inside long before Paris is done for the day.

When night falls and Paris retreats to her books, Teddy invites Sasha over. She’s the best kisser he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Unfortunately for him, she’s also a snob and always insists he spend the night at HER house instead of his. So he dumps her. 

And starts wooing Gracey Vasquez (Who is practically a clone of her mother Gabriella Vasquez).

Friday arrives and Paris and Teddy go to his parents’ house for tea. 

Teddy.... falls asleep on the couch. 

“I really am sorry about Teddy.” Paris smiles nervously. “He and his... new girlfriend were up all night again I think.”
“Thats alright.” Marie smiles, wincing at the mental image Paris accidentally gave her. “I invited you both over so I could speak to you, not him.”

Paris’ heart falls into the pit of her stomach. “Oh... uh... why is that?”
“I hear you’ve hit a slump on your attempt to develop a cure. Is that true?”
Paris shrugs. “I wouldn’t call it a slump... I’d call it a total and utter failure. I know what I’m supposed to do, I have everything set up, but the chemicals just aren’t combining the way they’re supposed to! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and its sort of driving me a little bit crazy.”

“I think it might be time they visited Vance.” Angel mutters from his place by the fire. 
“Vance?” Paris asks. “Who’s that?”
Marie smiles softly. “You may not have heard of him. He’s the most brilliant scientist on the face of the planet, but horribly shy. Rarely leaves Sunset Valley anymore but to visit us occasionally. If you’d like, we can set you both up on the next red eye to the valley. You’ll be there by morning.”

“That would be great, Mrs. Starr. But why do you think Vance will be able to help me when no one else has thought up a cure?”
“Well, Vance was the last keeper of the cure’s recipe. He no longer has it with him, but his notes are all still intact.”
“You’re pulling my leg.” Paris laughs. “The cure was lost generations ago! You’re the only one still alive from then!”
“Actually, there are a few of us left.” Marie insists. “Vance is Angel’s brother. He’s still alive, along with his wife Nadia and the final Starr triplet, Katrina. Vance was the first to create a potion that gave its drinker immortality, but don’t ask him of that. He destroyed his notes long ago and no longer wishes to dwell on chemistry. But once I tell him that you’re also a Starr descendant he’ll be happy to give you access to his library.”

If this is a dream Paris will kill whomever tries pinching her. She and Teddy are on the very next plane out of town.

They arrive in the morning after a way too long flight. Paris feels asleep on her feet but Teddy looks alright. He’s met uncle Vance a couple times.

Marie already called to fill Vance in on the purpose for the “kids” visit, and he tells them he’s thrilled to help. 

He shows Paris to his private library instantly, and then just leaves her there. The notes he took back in his youth are in here somewhere, but its so much funner to let her look for them herself (rather than taking the two seconds to tell her they’re on the second shelf from the bottom right next to the door). 

Teddy meanwhile heads upstairs to meet his newest adopted cousin. Ever since settling down in Sunset Valley for good (about four generations ago), Nadia and Vance have made a habit of adopting children who wouldn’t normally be picked for adoption and then raising them as their own for as long as it took, sometimes until their “children” were physically much older than them. 
Today they have only one child left in the house, a young woman named Uvie Avendale. 

Teddy has no idea where she’s from, what’s wrong with her (there’s always something wrong with his uncle’s kids), or what she’s like... but he knows he’s going to tap that. Even if it takes an entire day’s effort. 

She giggles politely at his advances but takes a step away from him rather than a step closer as he’s so used to. “Mr Starr already warned me about you, Theodore.”
“Oh? What exactly did he tell you?”
“That you’re just like your father, and will try to sleep with anything that has legs.”

Teddy’s about to shoot back a rude retort about the size of his uncle’s nose (and where he should stick it) when Vance interrupts them. “Uvie, I said no such thing. I simply told you to be careful with-.”
“It’s not like I’m going to eat you.” Teddy insists, purposely cutting his uncle off. “Maybe a little bite every now and then, but some girls are into that.”
Uvie shrugs. “I don’t think I’d be. That sounds painful.”
“Sometimes pain is-”
Nadia sees her husband about to grab his nephew by the throat and comes to the rescue. 


While Paris fills them in on her family line and what they’ve been doing, Nadia and Vance return the favour by telling her bits and pieces of what they remember from their time in the labs (Nadia and Vance fell in love as teenagers and worked towards the secret of eternal life together through grants given to them by the local science community. Both were quite high up on the scientific ladder before the town was attacked).

But with the dining table being one seat short, Uvie and Teddy sit at the counter together. Uvie eats, Teddy just pushes his salad from one side of his plate to the other. 
“So Mr. Starr says your cousin is part magic.”
Teddy shrugs. “Yeah. Her great-something-grandpa was some sort of big wig in the fae world. He’s been staying with her mom lately and giving her line grief for not keeping in touch. It’s not big deal though, there’re lots of fae descendants here. I mean, dad always tells me that his grandfather was a gnome and mom claims she's on first name terms with the Reaper's wife.”
“Your family is so fascinating and magical." Uvie sighs. "Where I come from fairies are small enough to hold in my hands, and I was the only one who could see them. Things are so different here.”

Intrigued, Teddy asks: “So then where exactly are you from?”
He never paid attention much in school, but he was always interested in history. “Wasn’t Twinbrooke destroyed like... hundreds of years ago? When was it opened for rehabilitation?”
Uvie shrugs and goes back to her food. “In this world, it never was and never will be.”


Yeah as a teen, Angel Starr (Teddy's father) acted like he was god's gift to women, even after being constantly shut down by his girlfriend. Teddy really is his father's son. Let's see if he ever meets someone who can change that, eh? 

Uvie Avendale is a gen 3 spare from Heaven's Avendale Legacy. Quite a good read if I do say so myself so I highly recommend it to everyone (Plus if you think MY story gets depressing at parts... Hah. Heaven's got me beat 100%).


  1. Lol at Uvie's face when Teddy is hitting on her. She's like, "Don't even think about it buster!"

    I hope Paris succeeds in her quest to find the cure. She is trying to hard.

    Uvie is kind of weird......I love her!

  2. Uvie! <3 So, so glad to see her again.

    Teddy is hilarious and I'm glad to see Vance again as well!

  3. Yay :D UVIE!!! I love seeing everybody again :D And I love uvie!! :D

    And seriously, that conversation she had with Teddy :D marvelous, looks like Teddy's found his match :D

  4. Gosh, you wrote her so well! Maybe she will have her happy ending. Though with Teddy...probably not. I think it's rather amusing Vance let Paris look for the notes herself.

  5. Uvie is awesome, I love her reaction to Teddy!