Monday, February 13, 2012

7.6 - Let Me Love You

Teddy thanks his lucky stars that his uncle’s family has the same tradition of walking around in their underwear on Sundays. Uvie’s got a great body and he really doesn’t mind letting his mind wander as she shares a lazy breakfast with Paris. Eventually though Paris heads back into Vance’s library and Teddy decides to make his move.

“So uh... the last time I was here I was just a kid, and honestly Sunset Valley is like three times the size of the town I come from and I can’t remember where anything is. I wanted to ask you out to lunch but I don’t even know where anything is. Can you recommend anywhere for taking a pretty girl on a date?”

She smiles at him. “Well the Bistro is really nice, but its overly expensive and the waiters are so snooty. But I know they’re also the only place in town that caters to vampires as well. And that is what you are, right?”
“Of course I’m a vampire.” He chuckles. “I think the Bistro sounds great. Meet you back here in ten for our date?”
She smiles, but then decides to just go with it. "Um... sure. Sounds like fun." What's the harm in one date? 

Shortly, he learns why Uvie was considered an un-adoptable. She’s batshit crazy!
As soon as he heads back down to meet her for their date she begins bombarding him with questions, asking him what its like being a bat, if he’s ever sucked off a hobo, and if kissing him after eating garlic would turn him off. 

He answers all her questions as honestly as he can. He’s never heard of any vampires being able to turn into a bat but he agrees that it would be AWESOME, one time, and yes but not for the reason she thinks. 
“You’ve actually sucked off a hobo?”
“It was a dare!” He insists. “And all Paris’ fault. And I only took one sip before throwing it all back up. Please don’t tell anyone.”
“That’s so gross!”
Okay THAT hurt. “You... you think I’m gross?”

Uvie shrugs and looks down, smiling softly. “I dunno. Not really. I mean, drinking from someone sounds really gross, but if you have to do it than I guess its alright. You’re not that gross.” 
He’ll take what he can get.

Also: flowers. If anything the sudden appearance of the bouquet shocks her back onto the same plane of existence as him. 

“How did you do that!”
Teddy laughs at her awestruck expression, and something leaps inside of him. Similar to how he feels during woo-hoo but altogether new. “I dunno how I do it, I just do. Do you like them?”

“Yes.” She smiles, breathing in their sweet scent. “Purple is my favourite colour. I love them. They’re just so beautiful”
SCORE! He smiles to himself. “Not nearly as beautiful as you are.”

In the background Vance is trying very hard to remember if he gave Uvie the woo-hoo talk or if just slipped his mind during her older adoptive brother’s graduation. 

At the last minute Uvie decides her jogging suit is more appropriate for their fancy dinner. 

She’s quite happy when Teddy compliments her on her cute overalls instead of insisting she changes clothes like Mr. Starr always does. 

Teddy just loves how free spirited and innocent she is. 

Taking her to the pool after the bistro was in no way, shape, or form a subtle way to get her into a cute bathing suit. 
(Please, Teddy is just as far from subtle as you can get.)

She traces her hand along the muscles of his chest as they stand on the cold deck awkwardly. Sunset Valley is in a state of eternal summer (like the rest of Sim Nation), but there’s always something about the coming darkness that scares her. Ever since the night she was taken from her family and while running away she fell through a dark hole and landed here. Teddy knows all this just from the soft tap of his mind against hers... but he doesn’t press her to talk about something even his clear mind can't understand. For all he knows her past is just another made up story in her head. 

So instead: “You really do have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.”

She almost smiles. “And you’re not nearly the womanizing jerk your uncle set you out to be.” 
“Oh I’m still a womanizer.” Teddy chuckles. “But I resent being called a jerk. I’m the nicest guy in the world!”

"Oh really?"

Her lips pull up and he takes it one step further, puffing out his chest. “Please Uvie, I’m the Watcher’s gift to women.”

She bursts out laughing and he can’t help but smile as well, at least until her hands reach out to brush along his and he gets that nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach again. “I just wish I could trust you, Theodore.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I don’t want to be just another notch in your bed post.”

“You wouldn’t be.” He insists, surprised when he realizes he finally means it. 
“You said it yourself, you’re a womanizer.”
He shrugs, swallowing around the sudden lump in his throat. “Well... I’m only a womanizer cause I haven’t met the right girl yet.”
“And you believe I am the right girl?”
“You could be.”

She kisses him before he can say anything else. 

“You don’t really think I’m the right girl.” She smiles as he pulls her in close, trapping her in his arms. 
“I don’t?”
“You don’t. You just see me as a number on your list. I bet you don’t even remember my full name”

“Your name is Uvie Avendale and you will never be just a number on my list.” He insists. “I don’t think I could live with myself if thats what you became.”
“Do you promise that?”

“I promise. And I never break my promises.”

After their date comes to an end, Uvie walks Teddy back to the room he’s sharing with Paris and kisses him goodnight. Paris feels suitably awkward and has no idea if she should leave the room or just pretend like she can’t see anything. 

Once Uvie’s gone back to her own room, Paris takes a seat on the couch to wait for all of the juicy details Teddy always insists on sharing after his successful dates. 
“Sooooo?” She leads once minutes have passed without him saying anything. “How was the date?”

“Spectacular!” Teddy gushes, falling back into his seat with a satisfied and goofy grin on his face. “Uvie has got to be the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. She’s so sweet, so funny, so good... I just can’t believe how much fun I had tonight! I mean you have not had a good time until you spend an hour with someone arguing over the images in the stars. She’s just... I dunno. Perfect, I guess.”
“So how was the woo-hoo?”
“The woo-hoo?” He shrugs. “We didn’t have any. It didn’t feel necessary.”

Paris is honestly surprised. “Wow. You must really like this chick.” 
“You’re telling me. I think I might actually be falling for her.”
“You sound like you’ve already fallen hard... what’re you going to do when we have to head back home?”
He falls silent. He hadn’t even thought about that. 

“I dunno.” He answers at last. “But I’ll think of something.”
“You always do.”


I thought this chapter was going to have half as much in it as it currently has, and suck. Instead Jessica sent me a love song and you get this. 

Uvie + Teddy bear = <3

My midterm is tomorrow so I'm studying tonight instead of playing (Yeah right Cece). Either way, there will most likely not be an update tomorrow. Sorries!


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