Thursday, February 16, 2012

7.8 - Yours Forever

Uvie adjusts well to life in Meadow Glenn. The town is lovely and quaint... and she falls in love with Paris’ brand new giant screen TV. 

All these two talk about is the upcoming wedding, and it drives Paris up the wall just a little.

So she turns to her work.

In the presence of tiberium and cut plutonium the chemicals are finally reacting the way they should. It’ll take a few days to make sure everything is going smoothly, but Paris might have a cure for Teddy as a late wedding present. He’ll like that. 

Paris goes to visit her mom and tell her about Teddy’s wedding. 

Kenzie has news as well. And its not good. 

“So... you’re sure this is what you want to do, mom? Going to live in the fae realm is a huge deal.”

Kenzie nods, holding Vienna a little closer. “I’m going to try and stay as long as I can. Vienna’s birthday is tomorrow and I want her to have as many memories of her- ... of your father as she can. I just want to give her the best life I can, and now that I see how far you’ve come without me... I can leave knowing you’ll be just fine, which to be honest was my biggest fear.”

Paris can’t say she isn’t sad over the idea of losing her mom... but she can’t say she doesn’t agree with her decision. “I wish you the best. And I hope you’ll still make it for the wedding.” 

Speaking of the wedding...

“So you ready for this?” Teddy asks as the guests slowly begin to mill into the venue. “No second thoughts, right?”

“No second thoughts.” She promises. “You?”
“Up until I came here and saw you in your dress. Now I just can’t wait to make you mine forever.”

Teddy’s parents both arrive early for the wedding. 
Watcher forgot how hot Marie is when her hair isn’t over her face. 

Angel’s just thrilled to see his son settling down so quickly. He knew Marie was the one for him the moment he met her, he’s glad their son never inherited his mother’s commitment issues.

Oh Vienna is here with her parents as well. She’s a friggin CLONE of her mother, I swear.

At last the wedding officially begins, and the happy couple makes their way to the wedding arch to make it official. 

The vows are said.

The rings are exchanged.

And the whole deal is sealed with a kiss.

Paris has no words during the celebration, but she’s happy to see her best friend happily married. 

Oh also in attendance: The Xun-Crist twins, Ryan and Derrick. After their father’s death Ryan began sporting Boy's hair style for sentimental reasons. Watcher didn’t have the heart to change it back. 

The cake is cut and the party guests become more interested in the sugary treat than they are with the newly weds.

So while no one’s looking they sneak outside and Teddy serenades his new bride with his guitar. 

Uvie loves it.

And she loves him. 

They move things home while Paris handles the party guests. 

The wedding party gets an epic score, but neither of them care. They’re a little too busy with their own private party. 



Now lets go break everyones' heart, shall we? : D


  1. Wait, hold on.


    I don't count ten exes. D: TEDDY DON'T YOU DARE.

  2. Oh my. She looks so lovely. Please, please don't break anyone's heart, especially mine. Don't do it to me!!!

  3. Aaawww! Lovely wedding. Geez, no wonder Teddy is so hot, I forgot how hot his parents were too. I'm glad Paris finally figured out the cure and I hope Kenzie will be happy in the fae realm. Vienna is so pretty! She is definitely a clone of her mother.

  4. I Love the wedding!!! :D Though seriously, I read through it all with the tune of Jaws in the back of my mind "tundundundundundundundundun".

    Poor Kenzie, going to have to do without her mom :( but I can understand why Kenzie would take that decision! And you're rigth! Vienna is the spotting image of her mom!

    and RYAN!!! What did you do to Maddie though?? Ehm, I can explain the supporting of Boy's haircut :P but I won't :P I love it :D

  5. Awesome. Chain Teddy to the wall. lol

  6. I love how everyone's so sure he's going to cheat. Give him SOME credit, people! I already had one filthy cheater in my legacy and I do try to keep everyone individual.

    Klevkin: Maddie's fine. She was invited to the wedding too but she never showed up, neither did any of her and Ryan's kids. *Shrug* She's fine though. Just became an Elder and still adorable.

  7. Awwww, so cute...

    I'm dreading what's round the corner for them though...

  8. :( *heart already breaking* I don't even want to know what's going to happen between Teddy and Uvie. They are way... WAY to perfect.

  9. Oh, Cece, I guess you're just getting predictable in your (sims') old age. ;D