Friday, February 17, 2012

7.9 - A Good Daughter

A few days after the party, Paris gets a call from her father. During the night Vienna stopped breathing and Neptune took her to the fae realm immediately. She’s doing fine now but the fae man doesn’t believe returning her to the mortal world would be a good idea, so early in the morning Kenzie left as well. 
Paris is out the door to visit her father as soon as Teddy’s awake enough to kick her ass out of the house and lock the door behind her. 

“So... uh... how are you holding up?”

“Good, good. Kenzie and I discussed everything when Vienna was still just a baby. I knew they would go sometime, and I’ve accepted it.”
“Well as long as you’re sure I guess I’ll just be go-”

... Oh great.

Guess the only thing to do now is be a ‘good’ daughter. “Uh listen... Uvie’s been going through a cooking phase lately. How about you come over for dinner tomorrow after work? It will be... nice... to see you again.” Those last words actually physically hurt her to say out loud.

Yes Uvie, we know you’re a happy newlywed. 

Despite her cooking fix, nothing has been staying down lately. Uvie’s beginning to worry, but she doesn’t tell anyone about it. Her dad was a doctor and he brought his work home a lot. She used to read his notes when no one was looking. No reason to worry anyone if it turns out to be what she thinks it is.

Turns out she was right. She and Teddy are expecting a baby!

When she tells Teddy, he acts like a kid finding out he got the newest game station for Christmas. 
“We’re really have a baby? Really? I can’t believe it!”

Teddy wants a little girl, Uvie wants a little boy. Watcher forsees absolutely no problems with this. 

As soon as Uvie found out about Derrick coming over for dinner she decreed they all dress up nice for the occasion. Teddy forsees multiple vow renewals in their future as an excuse for her to wear more dresses. He likes it.

Derrick makes it for dinner. Paris hopes someone gets into a car crash so he’ll leave early. 

Of course all he does is talk about work. 

At least until noticing that Uvie isn’t eating anything. “Sweetie, your spaghetti is delicious, won’t you be joining us?”

“No.” She answers with a smile. “My baby is a vampire, I know it, so if I eat normal food he’ll come out sick.” 
“The baby is a girl.” Teddy shoots back. “And I ate normal sim food up until my young adult birthday. Uvie you do need to eat something.”
Derrick decides against getting involved, figuring its just a petty domestic dispute. No one’s insane enough to think not eating while pregnant is a good idea.

Still, after dinner while Teddy is cleaning up and Paris is off to her labs to check on the progress of her cure Derrick takes Uvie to the side to give her a check up. 
She just wants to know if she’ll be having a girl or a boy. 
Derrick informs her it’ll be a girl.

“Oh... is there any way to have a boy instead?”
Derrick sees his chance to do some good. “Well... there’s an old wives’ tale about apples. It’s not guaranteed but if you eat apples like a good girl then maybe it’ll turn out I was wrong and you’ll have a girl.”
Uvie likes that.

And spends the next while gorging herself on apples. She wants that boy, dammit.

Teddy still wants a little girl, but he’s learned to let Uvie have her moments. At least she’s given up on the stupid idea of starving herself. 

Both are still happily in the newlywed stage, and brining a baby into the world makes it so they have eyes for nothing but each other... and the bed. 


D'aaaw. Aren't they adorable?


  1. Sickeningly, yes, but I think we can all forgive it if it means we get to see Teddy's spawn. Or Paris's spawn. Either or. I just like pretty babies.

    1. Well the good news is that there will be babies this generation... more than my rolled 2.

  2. D'awwww! I can't wait to see their baby. I'm Teddy on this one, I want it to be a girl. (Sorry Uvie!) I'm glad Paris invited her father over for dinner...even if she didn't seem excited about it, it was nice to see them together.

  3. I sooooo wanted to say, twins! When you said watcher sees no problems with wanting a boy and a girl.

    Teddy and uvie are very very cute! I'm going to miss her.

    I love the very first picture with Derick and Paris!

  4. Somehow....
    Somehow, I don't really like Uvie. She's some kinda.....stupid? If that's the right word.. ?_?

  5. I'm doing a double d'aww after catching up from last chapter. I'm glad Teddy found someone to settle down with and I'm excited to see their kid(s?). So, so excited.

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  7. I swear I already commented on this. Anywho...

    Babies! The idea makes me so happy. My Uvie is all grown up and having babies of her own. And I love that Teddy wants to renew their vows just so he can see her dressed up. So adorable and gushy.

    Also, good for Paris for making an effort with her dad. We'll see if they can get past all of her childhood that he missed (which I am not sure of) but at least it's a start. Maybe it can at least lead to them being civil, if not truly bonding.

  8. Aww, they're so sweet! I just hope nothing happens to Uvie *worries*